Damien: hungryMature

It was dark. It didn't just look dark, it felt dark. Like someone had put a blindfold over all my senses and I was just left there suspended in nothingness. If there was anyone else there with me, I'd never know about it.

I didn't like it. I'd trekked all the way from the bar to the diner, half asleep, just so I didn't have to be alone, and now here I was, completely isolated even from the feel of the couch underneath me and the sounds and smells of the diner, with Kyle nowhere to be found.

I twisted around, hoping that somehow moving might lift the stifling loneliness. Nothing. I don't know how long I waited like that.

When the darkness finally lifted, I expected to see Kyle with a smile on his lips, announcing it was time to go. But instead, I was woken up by a different voice. My eyes flickered open and a grin flooded my features - it was Phil standing over me. He smiles back at me, picking me up and carrying me out to a cab. I wrapped my arms around him, cuddling up to him as he takes me home, laying me down on the bed. We snuggled there until he began to morph into Kyle.

It's at that point I kind of begin to realise I wasn't at home with Phil at all, and that in fact, Phil's still in another state somewhere. I let out one of those quiet ‘I-just-woke-up' moans and look at Kyle. He opens his eyes.

"Hey," he says, kinda sleepily. I just sort of hum in response, my mouth too dry to speak. "Sleep okay?" I put my head on his shoulder, feeling myself fall back to sleep as he plays with my hair.


I wake up way before Kyle does, but I don't move. I lie there thinking about that dream until it's time for Kyle to go to school.

"Do I have to go?" he whines when I wake him up.

"No, but you probably should," I murmur. I run a hand through his hair when he doesn't move. We smile and I snuggle up to him, knowing full well I'm not gonna persuade him to move any time soon.

He snuggles into me, "Call in sick for me?"

He hums once I've hung up and I kiss him. He kisses back and I smile. "Well then, since sick boys have to stay in bed and get special treatment, what d'you want for breakfast?" I ask, giggling a little. He lets out a small laugh.

"Lucky Charms with chocolate milk?" he asks, breaking out the puppy eyes. Holding back a chuckle, I go get them for him, and some for myself. He flashes me a huge grin

"What other special treatment do I get?" he giggles.

"Whatever treatment you require," I tell him, attempting to keep a straight face. He gives me this innocent face and I can't help but laugh at that. "You tell me, gorgeous."

"You're the one looking after me."

"Ah, but how am I to know what needs treating, if you don't tell me?"

"What if I'm so ill I can't speak?"

"Then that would be a shame, because I wouldn't know what you needed from me."

"Guess you'd just have to investigate, huh?" I nod, putting on my thoughtful face, pretending to wonder what to do for him, and he looks at me all innocently again.

"How's about a nice massage?" I ask in my own innocent voice. He nods, his eyes still all wide and child-like. I roll him over onto his belly, kneading at his muscles. I get down to his ass and move back up, wondering how long I can tease him for. He giggles and I do it a couple of times before tutting. "Your boxers are just getting in the way."

"Perhaps you should get rid of them," he suggests, holding back a giggle. I smile and strip him of them, going back to the massage, ensuring I ‘slip' just a little bit when I reach his ass. He lets out a tiny moan and I make sure I do it a few more times. He moans each time, and after a while, I give in and just finger fuck him, bending down to kiss his neck as his moaning gets louder.

"You tease," he chuckles. I giggle, making him shiver as I plant tiny little kisses all down his spine. Sitting back, I giggle again.

"I'm hungry," I announce, getting up. 


The End

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