Kyle: Tomorrow NightMature

I knew I’d be late for my shift at the grocery store if I fucked Damien but it seemed like it’d been months since we slept together and I missed him. I missed the feel of his body. Fuck it, I missed everything about him. Because the Damien in hospital... That wasn’t the Damien I knew, and I wanted my Damien back. Not to mention I was horny as fuck. I mean, c’mon, I got a boner yesterday over Rayn on his knees. If that doesn’t scream desperate I don’t know what does.


“You have til tomorrow night, Kyle”

I bit my lip. What fucking choice did I have? Even if I did bring the cops down on his ass for pimping, it’s not like I had any proof. The only way I could prove anything was by getting one of the waitresses to testify and since the only girl who actually liked me was giving me the silent treatment, I kind of got the feeling that wasn’t gonna happen.

“Give me more time” I tried pleading but Graham shook his head.

“You have til tomorrow or I’m suing your psycho little boyfriend for everything he owns. If he gets locked in the loony bin, I’ll look after you, beautiful”

I shivered as he ran his thumb across my cheek. I was powerless against him. He’d cornered me against the lockers in the back room and an arm had wound around my waist. He leant down, stealing a kiss before letting me go. I stumbled out of the back room and met the gaze of Rayn and Damien. I went over to them, hoping Graham had the sense to stay hidden. Or at least wait til one of the girls went out there.

“Waffles for the both of us” Rayn smiled and I nodded, getting them two plates of waffles.

“He should be in bed” I said when I saw Damien looking all sleepy faced.

"The chick he works with just sent him home, but apparently he doesn't wanna be alone"

“Fair enough”

Rayn dug in while Damien just picked at his waffles. Graham walked out of the back room, a smirk pressed on his face and Damien looked up. Thankfully he behaved himself but I bit my lip, trying to guess what he was thinking. He seemed to be instantly more awake, drumming his fingers on the table. I arched an eyebrow at him because let’s face it, that couldn’t be good. He kind of stabbed at his waffles with his fork.

“You okay, babe?”

“We all know how I feel about a certain ‘customer’”

I put a hand on his shoulder, squeezing slightly as he nibbled sulkily at his waffles. He pulled me down onto the seat with him, wrapping me in a kind of possessive cuddle. I buried my head in his neck, humming as he cuddled me more once he’d passed the rest of his waffles to Rayn. Graham was too busy on the phone to notice us and Damien let out a yawn.

“You should be in bed” I said, giving him a small kiss which he returned.

“Another night on my own? Maybe not”

“I’ll be home before you know it”

That wasn’t enough for him, apparently. He shook his head, cuddling me tighter. I hummed though I really did wish he’d get some sleep. I kissed his forehead when he fell silent, mirroring the smile he gave me. I glanced over at Rayn, seeing him happily chowing down on his waffles and kissed Damien’s forehead again.

“I need to get back to work, gorgeous”

He reluctantly let go of me and I got back to work. Graham was still deep in conversation and I started wondering who he was talking to. I didn’t have much time to wonder, though, as I saw Damien fall asleep over the table. Rayn played with his hair and I made my way over once I’d finished wiping down one of the tables.

“There’s a couch out back he can sleep on”

Rayn prodded him awake and he groaned. I held out my arms and he gave a kind of ‘what’s going on?’ look.

"You can't sleep out here, babe"

"Why not?"

"Because there's a much comfier couch back there" I said, gesturing at the back room.

Rayn pulled him up and I took his hand, smiling as he squeezed mine a little.  Led him to the couch out back, running a hand through his hair when he flopped down on it.

"I'll come snuggle when I'm on my break"

"M'kay" he mumbled sleepily, humming as I kissed the top of his head.

"Go to sleep” I said quietly.

He gave me a baby of a kiss and fell asleep. I slumped in his seat back in the diner and Rayn looked up.

"Why did you tell him I was still working here?"

"You didn't tell me you'd said you'd quit"

I sighed and he shrugged.


"No, I'm being an asshole. Just ignore me" It wasn’t his fault, after all.

"Why tell him you quit anyway?"

I wanted him to stop worrying about it"

"Then actually quit. I never gave you that money, did I" he said, handing me a wad of cash.

I saw Graham arch an eyebrow and knew exactly what he’d be thinking. I shoved the money in my pocket, eager to get it out of sight before anyone else noticed.

"They pay well, though. Sort of"

Rayn sighed slightly. "I'm not gonna convince you to look for another job, am I?”

I smiled a little. "I can deal with him" I said, nodding at Graham.

"Well I gave you enough to last you guys a couple weeks. At least try to find somewhere else, yeah?" Rayn said, getting up.

I nodded.

"See you later" he said as he walked out.

I sighed and went back to work. What was I gonna do about Graham?

The End

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