Damien: 'happy' to be home.Mature

Fuck this shit. All I'm doing sat here is replaying that dream over and over in my head and convincing myself that Phil now hates me.

Just as I get out of bed to go discharge myself, who should walk in, but Rayn. How did he know I was here? I never told him. At least, I don't think I did.

"Hey," he smiles, sitting on the bed and pulling me back down for a hug. "How're you doing?"

"Uh... okay. How'd you know I was here?"

"I got sexy out of his shift at the diner last night. He looked all miserable being there, so we went and played baseball-"

"The diner?" I cut him off, frowning. He told me he quit there...



Rayn drives me back to the apartment in near silence. Seems like he's noticed something's wrong for the first time in his life. He drops me off and mumbles something about leaving me to it and maybe seeing me later. Kyle's still asleep when I get in, so I dump my bag on the floor and lie down on the sofa to wait for him to wake up.

After a while, I hear him waking up and rushing around to get dressed. I stay where I am.

"Morning," I say quietly as he dashes past me for his shoes, apparently not noticing me there. He walks over to me and I look up at him, wondering if I should bring up the diner thing now or later.

He smiles, "S'good to have you back, gorgeous." I sit up, lifting my arms for a hug. Kissing me on the cheek, he cuddles me and I rest my head on his shoulder. "You okay?" I give him a little nod and he just cuddles me more. I want to be mad at him for lying, but I just don't seem to have the will power to be. "Want me to ditch school today?" he asks, kissing the top of my head.

"No, it's okay," I mutter, "I don't wanna make you any more behind than you already are."

"I'm already late, I don't mind."

"It's up to you." I'll probably end up finding myself irritated that you lied to me. He sits down next to me and instead of leaning on him like I usually would, I shut my eyes, trying to block out the fact that staying in the psych ward makes me an emotionless shell after a while. It wasn't so bad when Kyle was there, but when I was on my own and even my mom and dad didn't visit me... Just lying there listening to other people crying or screaming about something or other on your own, knowing that it's not a case of your parents being too busy, but because they just don't want to see you anymore.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I nod "You don't seem it," he says, sounding kinda worried.

"I'm just tired."

"Get some sleep."

"I guess I'll see you when you get back from the diner, then," I mumble.


"You didn't quit your job, did you?"

"What makes you say that?"

"Rayn said he met you while you were working at the diner last night. Guess you didn't tell him to keep it a secret that you were still working there," I sigh.

"Well, they wanted me to stick around for the rest of the week while they find someone new." I hope that's true, Kyle.

"I need to sleep."

He lets out a sigh, "I'll see you after school, then." He gives me a little kiss and I somehow persuade my lips to work with me even though I feel half dead, kissing him back. I slope off to bed and close my eyes, barely noticing the sound of the door closing.


At some point, I wake up to go pee, and notice Kyle's sat doing homework or something. I shuffle in, feeling all sleepy as I mumble a "Hey". He looks up at me.

"Hey," he replies as I sit with him. Even half asleep, I can already see a few wrong answers.

"I thought I said I'd do your homework," I yawn.

"I understood this earlier," he says, frowning at the work in front of him.

"Stop rushing and maybe it'll make sense again." I slouch back into the sofa, insanely tempted to go back to sleep. I hadn't really been planning on staying awake after going to the loo, so staying away has me all out of sorts now. He starts again, taking his time with it for once, but somehow manages to still get it wrong. I mumble something about doing it for him later. As soon as I wake up.

He sighs, and then apparently notices I'm still half asleep. "Go back to bed, gorgeous."

"Can't, I have work later."

"Call in sick."

"I'll be fine. I just need some caffeine or something." He doesn't seem too pleased by that, but I've got like six hours in which to have a shower and wake up. I'm sure I'll manage it. But I'm not gonna complain about it earning me a cuddle.

"Don't overwork yourself, babe."

"Could say the same to you. I've spent the last few days doing nothing anyways. I'd rather be working than lying in bed again." And let's face it, even with my sex drive plummeting thanks to the lowering of my methadone dosage, I'm so sexually starved, I'd probably end up just lying in bed and jerking off or something. We share a little kiss, wondering if Kyle has time before work to try and sort out this problem.

I kiss his neck, hoping that he does. Humming, he tilts his head and I kiss the exposed skin some more, making him chuckle when I give him a tiny hickey. He tilts his head a little more, and I kiss up to his lips, increasing the pressure when he kisses back. He matches it, humming again as I slip my hands up under his shirt, palming me a little.

I let out a moan, but he stifles it with a hard kiss. I bite down on his lip a little, making him give a small moan of his own. He plants a tiny kiss on my lips as I lie down so he's above me and I kiss back, pushing my hips up into his. Let's just say he wastes no time in stripping us both down and getting on with it. 


The End

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