Kyle: Lucky CharmsMature

"Where d'you wanna go?" he asked, fiddling with the radio.

"I don't mind"

He settled on some rock station, humming and I smiled at him.

 “D'you play anything?” he asked once he started driving.

"Nope. I was always more of a sports kid"

"What sports?"

"Baseball, mainly"

"We could've gone to the park and played that for a while if one of us had a bat and ball"

I hummed. "I might have one back at Mom and Dad's"

"Wanna go get it?"


"Where d'you live?"

He drove to my house and I snuck in, not wanting to deal with my parents. The house was quiet save for the quiet mumblings of the TV so I guessed Mom was out and Dad had fallen asleep in front of the TV with a beer. I snuck up to my room, staying as silent as possible as I looked for my bat. I found it after a while, sneaking back out.

I threw Rayn the ball once we got to the park and he caught it, jogging back a bit before throwing it for me. I was a little rusty but I managed to hit it a decent length. Rayn ran after it but wasn’t fast enough to catch it. I hit it a few more times before switching positions with Rayn. He squealed and ran away when I threw the ball for him.

"You girl" I laughed.

He threw it back to me, determination on his face. I threw it again and he whacked it, amost hitting it as far as me.

"Not bad, sunshine" I smiled and he grinned back at me.

I threw it for him a couple more times, trying not to laugh each time he missed. Which was every time, I might add. After one more miss he dropped the bat.

"Fuck you then. I'm throwing again" he said, picking up the ball.

I smirked a little at the fact he hadn’t seemed to notice his skinnies were falling down. I grabbed the bat and easily hit the ball as far as before even though Rayn threw it harder. He ran after the ball, tripping over when his pants fell down. He kicked his pants off in a bit of a hissy fit.

"Fuck you too" he said, running after the ball in his boxers.

I laughed even more and he skipped back with the ball in his mouth.

"What are you doing?" I asked, still laughing.

He spat it out into his hand, shrugging, and threw it for me. I didn’t hit it as far and for once Rayn caught it. I smiled as he celebrated, giggling as he practically danced over it with me.

“Run, horsie, run!" he ordered, jumping on my back.

I ran around, pretending to be his pony and he giggled.

"Oh no, you're too heavy" I said, pretending to fall and making him squeak.

I sat on the grass, looking at him as he clung to my ankle. He broke out the puppy eyes for some reason.


"How should I know? I want my pants back"

"Go get em then"

"You get them"

"Nope" I giggled and he pouted.

"I'm paying you to baby sit me, not make me do stuff myself"

I sighed dramatically, going and getting his pants for him. He grinned, staying exactly where he was. I waved them at him and he lay down, waving his around. I rolled my eyes and put them on him. He giggled, wrapping his legs around my waist.

"You're good. I might keep you"

"I think Damien might have something to say about that"

There was something he wanted to say but he kept his mouth shut. So I prodded his leg.


"Dunno" I prodded him again.

He giggled, making me smile.

"What now?" he asked, holding my waist tighter.

I thought about it and grinned. "No idea"

"I think you should learn guitar" he smiled and I laughed.

"How come?"

"So you and baby can play together and be all cute"

I blushed a teeny bit and he grinned. So I prodded him again. He lifted his arms up and broke out the puppy eyes.

"Carry me back to the car"

I rolled my eyes slightly but carried him anyway, humming as he got comfy. He drove to the motel on the way back to the apartment to grab his guitar and got Damien’s guitar out when we got home. He handed it to me and started trying to teach me guitar. I wasn’t very good. But he persisted, telling me to practice some chords while he rolled a joint.

"You don't mind, right?"

I shook my head, too busy concentrating to really notice. He lit up, suddenly being all encouraging and enthusiastic about me learning. I poked my tongue out slightly as I concentrated, fucking up. Rayn corrected me and I kept trying, fucking up every now and then.

"I can't do it" I whined.

"You can. It just takes practice"

I whined again and he prodded me.


I pouted and he stared at me.

"Whut" I said sulkily.

"I'm gonna stare at you til you practice"

I pouted more, shutting my eyes. I felt him lean his chin on my shoulder and I hummed. He positioned my hands properly and helped me out and I managed to get it right for possibly the first time. He made me do it on my own and I got it pretty much right and he grinned at me. I smiled back.

"Keep doing that, I need a piss" he said and wandered off.

I kept practicing, my tongue poking out again. It took a while but eventually I got it right all by myself. I’m fucking awesome. I jumped when I heard a faint giggling and saw Rayn sat where he’d been before. How long had he been there? He giggled more and I pouted.

"What? Your concentration face is funny" he giggled and I pouted more.

He ruffled my hair and I blushed slightly.

"What you blushing for now?"

"How should I know?"

He giggled. "Because you're the one blushing?"

"Doesn't mean I know why"

He hummed and started playing his guitar. I stopped practicing and listened as he played a couple songs, singing along. He looked up and saw me looking at him.

"You alright there?”

I nodded and he leant on his guitar.

"What happened to practicing?" he chuckled.

"I got bored" I said, blushing a little.

He laughed. "Maybe guitar isn't your instrument"

I hummed.

"I'd say try bass, but I don't have one, and Damien gave his to Phil"

I flinched a teeny bit at the mention of Phil. Kyle, we’ve already been through this. You’re being paranoid. Rayn arched an eyebrow slightly.


I shook my head. "Nothing. Want anything to eat?"

"What've you got?"


He giggled. "What food?"

"I dunno. Come look, lazy"

He looked at what we had to offer while I got myself some cereal. Lucky Charms to be precise. I was just about to eat some when a certain someone stole it.


He just kept chewing. I guarded my bowl and he stole some more, giggling as I whined.

"Stop stealing my cereal" I pouted.

"But I want to" he said, climbing on my back.

"But I'm hungry"

"Feed meeeee"

He opened his mouth and I shoved my finger in there, giggling as he bit down on it. He let go and I claimed back my finger.

"Gonna stop eating my cereal now?"


He opened his mouth again and I sighed, feeding him some more.


He opened his mouth again and I tutted. He just kept his mouth open, waiting for more cereal.

"I'll put something else in there in a second if you're not careful"

He giggled. "Now, now. Just 'cause you haven't had any"

"On your knees, bitch" I laughed.

I felt the heat rush to my cheeks as Rayn got on his knees and he giggled.

"Shudup" I said sulkily, trying to ignore what was going on in my pants.

Rayn got up and got his own cereal, sitting on the counter. My blush didn’t fade as the problem in my pants got worse and I put down my cereal, mumbling something about needing to pee. Rayn looked at me and giggled. Oh, so he noticed, then. I ignored him and shuffled off to the bathroom to deal with my little problem.


"Good wank?" he asked when I came back into the kitchen, instantly setting me off blushing again.

"Shudup" I mumbled.

He giggled. "I wouldn't've minded, y'know"


"I wouldn't've minded giving you a blow job, stupid" He laughed and I blushed even more.

He shrugged and the two of us went back to our cereal. Rayn went back to playing guitar once he was finished eating and I watched him for a while, yawning every now and then. I shut my eyes and ultimately started falling asleep.

"Come snuggle" I mumbled sleepily when Rayn made me go to bed.

"Snuggle a pillow or something"

I whined slightly. I snuggled a pillow last night, sunshine, it’s not the same as snuggling a person. He sighed, stripping down to his boxers and slipping into bed with me. I snuggled up to him, too sleepy to care that he didn’t really snuggle back.

The End

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