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Why was it getting to me so much that Damien was mumbling about Phil in his sleep instead of me? I mean, they were never together in the sense that we were, were they? And so what if they were? They were friends as well, he probably just missed him or something. much did he miss him? Was I just something to pass the time til he could get back to Phil? Did I even mean anything? What about his bad dreams? Was he just saying that he was having nightmares about me being dead to make me think he cared? What if he was having nightmares about never seeing Phil again? What if Rayn being around had triggered all this? What if he’d been managing to forget Phil and then Rayn showing up made him think of Phil? Okay, Kyle, just calm down. You’re being paranoid, just calm the fuck down.

I kissed Damien goodbye when it was time to leave, promising him I’d come back as soon as I could. I’d been able to see him properly today since I had the afternoon off. I still had a shift at the diner, though. Cindy had tried to get me to take a couple days off but I said it was fine and that I could do with the extra money, which wasn’t entirely a lie. I just didn’t want to be home on my own. I almost wanted Rayn to come in again so I could ask him to stay over or something. Would the hospital let me stay with Damien? I doubted it. They wouldn’t actually want something that could help him get better around, would they?

“I heard Graham wants to sue” was what greeted me into the diner.

I looked up from my feet, which I’d been staring at since leaving the hospital, and was met by the typically expressionless eyes of Cindy. She never seemed to show what she was feeling through her eyes. She was emotionally loud and it was easy to tell how she was feeling, yeah, but her eyes were always blank. Was that a prostitute thing?

“I don’t blame him, to be honest. No offence, Kyle, but your boyfriend... He’s nuts”

“No he’s not” I mumbled.

“Babe, he attacked him. That’s crazy in my books”

“Cindy, I like you, so shut up before you say something to make me hate you” I snapped, storming off into the back room.

She blanked me when I re-emerged and the other waitresses glanced at me a little coldly. I ignored them and got on with my job, a fake smile stuck to my face as I greeted each customer. I almost got my hopes up when there was no sign of Graham but soon enough, there he was. He rushed in looking a little flustered and snuck up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Sorry I’m late” he mumbled, kissing my neck.

“Get off” I said harshly and thankfully he did, sloping off to his usual table.

I didn’t waste time asking for his order, getting him a coffee and practically throwing it down on the table as I wandered off to go clean up the mess of sauce and soda that some little kid had left behind. Graham either sensed my icy mood or I was moving too quickly for him to really get in any molesting and he certainly didn’t get an opportunity to pull me onto his lap.

I almost heaved a sigh of relief when Rayn walked in, sitting at the same table as before. I started making my way over to him but Graham grabbed my hand. I scowled at him, knowing Rayn was watching, but it didn’t deter him.

“I wasn’t joking about suing your boyfriend” he whispered, “You have til the end of the week to fuck me”

“You can fucking sue him all you like. What you’re doing’s illegal” I grumbled and yanked my hand free, heading over to Rayn’s table. "Hey, sunshine"

He smiled. "Same as yesterday"

I went and got it for him, watching as he drew patterns on the table with the salt on the table while he ate.

I was just about to ask what he was doing when Graham whistled. "Can I get some service over here, beautiful?"

I scowled as I went over to him and Rayn watched us again. Graham tried to pull me onto his lap but I didn’t let him, wriggling out of his grip and going back over to Rayn. I sat down opposite him, scowling.

"Who's he?" Rayn asked.

"He owns the place"

"And that gives him the right to treat his staff like that?"

I shrugged and he poked the salt patterns around. I watched him absently, not really wanting to go back to work.

"How's baby?"


He arched an eyebrow at me and I smiled slightly.

"He's doing okay, we'll leave it at that"

He rolled his eyes a little. "He's in hospital again, isn't he?"

I nodded and he pouted.

"Why does no one tell me these things?"

"It's a long story, sunshine"

"Yeah, but... I could've gone and visited or something"

"You still can" I shrugged.

"I dunno if they'll let me in this late" he chuckled and I laughed a little.

"I meant in the morning, silly"

He pouted.

"Um... Rayn?"


I opened my mouth to say something but changed my mind. He prodded me and I blushed slightly.



"Tell me" he said, breaking out those adorable little kid puppy eyes.

I gave a small smile. "What are you up to tonight? Aside from stalking me at work, anyway"

He kept up the puppy eyes and I giggled.

"That's not an answer, sunshine"

"But you didn't tell me what you were going to say"

"How do you know I didn't?"

"Not many people blush when they ask me what I'm doing tonight" he said, prodding the salt around some more.

"Well I do"

He leant his elbow on the table and his chin on his hand. "I don't know yet"


"Nothing to do if baby's in hospital"

I hummed.

"Looks like I'm stuck stalking you at work all night" he grinned and I smiled.

A look of jealousy flashed across Graham’s face.

"Unless you feel like taking the rest of the night off and babysitting me" Rayn giggled.

"It's tempting"

"I'm sure the pay'll be better than a night or two here" he smiled and I smiled back. "You sound like you could do with a few hundred extra bucks"

He prodded the salt some more and I sighed. "Yeah"

"So what d'you say? Gonna entertain me?"

"Only if you stay the night"

"Sure" he chuckled, "no funny stuff"

I held my hands up in defence. I think I’d feel like a paedo if I tried anything with Rayn, to be honest.

"Can't imagine you've been getting much with baby all laid up"

I glanced at Graham, clearing my throat when I saw Rayn glance at him as well.

"Right, I'll go let them know I'm calling it quits for tonight"

He smiled, giving me the money for his coffee and waffles and I went over to one of the waitresses, letting them know I was done. I didn’t really care if it got me sacked.

"Let's go" I said, smiling as Rayn got up.

He smiled back, taking my hand and skipping outside. I laughed, skipping with him til we reached his car.

The End

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