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I’d be lying if I said Damien being quiet wasn’t worrying me. Granted there wasn’t always something wrong when he was quiet but the fact that he was still having nightmares was what made me suspect something. I mean, since seeing Campbell and not having to deal with the stress from work and school, I’d been feeling a lot better. I didn’t want to end it all anymore. I’d made sure Damien knew that so it shouldn’t still be bothering him, should it?

A couple days went by and I was still worried about Damien when over wandered Campbell saying something along the lines of “"you made a good recovery, off you go, young man”. I didn’t want to leave Damien and came back up to sit with him once I’d been discharged. I wouldn’t feel right leaving him there on his own but I guess I had to.


I held my breath as I walked into the diner. I hadn’t had time to quit what with curling up and wanting to die getting in the way. I walked in there intending on quitting, even though I’d gone in in time for my shift. It’d be easy enough to find another job, right? Then again, we’d be getting bills soon and what with the extra hospital costs, I didn’t know if we’d be able to pull through without the extra money. Cindy’s jaw practically hit the floor as I walked in.

“I thought you’d quit” she said, rushing over to hug me.

“No, I’ve, uh, I’ve been in hospital” I mumbled.

She nodded and didn’t ask about it. “What happened with your crazy boyfriend?”

“He... He’s in hospital too. He held it together better than me, though”

She nodded again, patted me on the back and got back to work. As did I. And soon enough, in walked Graham. You couldn’t even tell Damien had beaten him up. He sat at his usual table, smiling as soon as he saw me. He waved me over and I did so reluctantly.

“You’re back” he smiled.

“So I am” I said, my face blank.

“Didn’t think I’d see you again”

I shrugged. “Need the money. And I’m just here to wait tables, before you get your hopes up”

“Shame. I’ll have a coffee”

The second I gave him his coffee, we slipped back into our usual routine. He’d pulled me onto his lap when Rayn walked in. He sat down at a table, waiting and Graham bit my ear slightly.

“Fuck me again and I won’t sue your boyfriend” he whispered in my ear.

Rayn looked over, seeing how Graham was acting and frowned slightly. I wriggled free, ignoring what he’d said and went over to Rayn.


He still had that slight frown on his face. "Black coffee"

I nodded, going and getting him some and doing my best to ignore Graham as he squeezed my ass on my way back over to Rayn.

"How've you been?" I asked, handing Rayn his coffee.

"Good thanks" he smiled, "you?"


He drank some of his coffee and I took it as a chance to change the subject.

"Where are you staying?"

"A motel nearby. You dodged my question - what's up?"

"Nothing. He's just getting on my nerves again" I said, nodding at Graham, who sat watching me.

"Why don't you get a job somewhere else?"

"Haven't had time to look around"

"You can't be finding his attention all that bad then. Most people would make time if it bothered them so much" he smiled.

"I have like half an hour free each day, and I use that to fail homework and assignments" I sighed.

He giggled. "If you're failing, don't bother with it, and look for a new job"

"What if I can't find anything else? What if I find something but it pays less? We're barely gonna get by this month"

"Make Damien get a new job"

"That's not fair to him"

"He does less than you as it is - isn't that unfair to you?"

I shrugged, wiping down the table so it looked like I was working.

"Can you get me some waffles?"


Graham molested me like usual on my journey from and to Rayn’s table. I was getting annoyed by it all over again now that I knew who he really was. Rayn dug into his waffles and I tutted as he made a mess. Really, Rayn? I cleaned up after him as he giggled.

"You're as bad a little kid" I smiled.

He grinned at me.

"Do I need to get you a bib?" I giggled and he laughed.

"If you want. You can be my babysitter"

"Am I getting paid?"

"Only if you promise to quit tonight and look for a new job" he glanced over at Graham. "I can't imagine Damien would be too happy about you and him"

"Rayn, I don't have the time to look for anything else"

"How much money would you need to make up the difference?"

I shrugged and he ate some more of his waffles.

"Just let me know. I might not seem like it, but I do care about Damien. I don't really wanna have to try and persuade him not to walk out in front of a train or something because that guy won't keep his hands to himself"

I smiled and he finished his waffles. He looked up at me with those huge adorable puppy eyes that only kids are capable of.

"I can has more waffles?"

"Sure you can, sunshine" I laughed, earning a grin.

I went and got them and thankfully Graham kept to himself, busy talking on the phone.

"Anything else?" I asked, ruffling Rayn’s hair.

He ate some of his waffles, thinking about it. He prodded a waffle on his plate. "Chocolate sauce"

I got him the sauce and watched as he practically drowned his waffles in it, chowing down once he was done.

"How can you eat that?" I asked with a laugh.

He shrugged, still eating and I shook my head. I went off and served some other people, trying to ignore Graham and his molesting. I went back over to Rayn once he finished eating and tutted when I saw the sauce on his face.


I pointed at the sauce and he wiped it off, giggling. He handed me a $100 bill as he got up. "Keep the change" was all he said before he was gone.

The End

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