Kyle: YetMature

I was only half lying when I said I felt sick from eating too much. I guess I still hadn’t forgiven myself for letting Graham fuck me when I was s’posed to be in love with Damien. I mean, what if he thought I’d done it because he didn’t satisfy me in bed or something? Because that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Damien was the best I’d ever had. Though I suppose that doesn’t really count for much when you’ve only slept with three people, does it?

I made my way back to bed once I was done being sick. Thankfully I hadn’t puked up that much so Damien was still all happy about me actually eating something. He cuddled up to me once we were back on the bed and I leant my head on his shoulder. I hummed as his fingers tangled in my hair, seemingly in a better mood.

"How long d'you reckon your mom'll take?"

"Dunno. Not too long, I guess"

I kissed his neck. "Reckon we've got time for a quickie?" I giggled, earning a laugh from him.

"If there weren't nurses all over the place"

"Y'never know, they might enjoy it"

He giggled slightly and I snuggled up to him. He buried his head in my neck and soon enough his mom showed up, duffel bag in tow.

"I got you both some clean clothes and some more food" she smiled.

"Thanks" I said, trying my best not to pull a ‘oh God, I ate too much, I don’t ever want to see food again’ face.

"Just don't push it so much this time. And Damien, I found something I don't think you were supposed to have" she shot him a pointed look. "I flushed it away. We'll have no more of that thank you."

Damien’s eyes widened and I tried not to laugh a little. At least it was out of the apartment at last. The wide-eyed look didn’t fade from Damien’s face and I giggled.

"That was worth $18000" he said, his eyes still wide.


He nodded slightly and his mom tutted.

"Normal people get jobs, y'know"

"We do have jobs" I said, trying to stick up for Damien.

"Then why bother risking everything for it?"

I looked at Damien.

"Because that was gonna pay the hospital bills" he said and I bit my lip.

His mom shrugged it off. "Use the money from your jobs then"

"I still have... Well, you know what money I mean" I looked down as I spoke to Damien.

"Yeah, not sure that'll cover the bill though babe"

"I know but it'll help, at least. I don't want it in the apartment anymore"

He let out a frustrated sigh and I cuddled him some more. His mom still looked all disapproving.

"I'll try and find somewhere that pays better" I said, wanting to get as far away from the diner.

"I’ll use my savings*

"As long as you let me pay you back"

He shook his head.

"I want to"

He leant his head on my shoulder and I kissed the top of it. His mom seemed to switch into momsy mode and I smiled. I giggled at Damien’s kind of grumpy reaction as he waited for her to leave. I was quite happy to have her there, to be honest. I guess maybe it was from getting used to Damien being in hospital so much but she hadn’t asked a million and one questions. She hadn’t demanded to know “what did you think you were doing?” like I knew my mom would have. She generally fussed over us and while I didn’t mind it, Damien pretended to fall asleep. I played with his hair while he pretended to sleep. His mom just seemed happy to finally fuss over someone that didn’t mind it. I kept playing with Damien’s hair once she left and he sighed slightly, snuggling up to me again.

I kissed his forehead as he mumbled "Least my dad didn't find it"


"We'll just have to hope that $6000 will cover everything"

"It should do, right?"

"Well it should do for this, but I'd been planning to pay off my methadone treatment with what I was gonna get from that crack"

I sighed.

"I'll just have to try and find another job somewhere" he said and I had to hide my disappointment.

If he got another job, that’d mean we’d no doubt see even less of each other. It was a stupid thing to even consider but if we needed the money, I could always... I mean, Graham probably overpaid me but...

I cuddled up to him and he cuddled back. We weren’t that desperate. Yet.

The End

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