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I woke up before Kyle the next morning. I stayed where I was, considering making breakfast or something, but to be honest, I wasn't sure if he would want to eat if he still felt ill.

When he wakes up, I kiss his forehead and he smiles. "How're you feeling?" I ask.

"A little queasy, still."

"Want a coffee?" he nods and I slip out of bed, making us both a coffee. The poor guy looks like he wants to puke even that up, though he manages to keep it down. For now at least. We snuggle up in bed together, and I kind of enjoy that Kyle's more snuggley than usual, to be honest. I've not seen enough of him recently. We might be away from the ‘rents, but I think we've seen less of each other than before.

I enjoy it right up til Kyle runs off to the bathroom to throw up again. I follow him in, kneeling next to him and rubbing his back. He groans.

"You gonna call in sick today?"

He shakes his head, "We need the money."

"Dude, you're working with food. You can't go in like this."

"I'll come home if I get worse."

I sigh, wishing he'd just take a day off. "I s'pose at least the pervy guy might not be so gropey if he thinks he might catch something off you." He gives me a sort of half chuckle and I peck him on the cheek. "Let me know if you need a lift, yeah? I've got another night off."

He lets out a hum. "I think I can manage walking."

"I'd rather you called me if you had to leave early," I sigh again.

"Okay," he says, kissing my cheek.

I cuddle him a little bit, "I need to go to the clinic. Want me to pick up anything for the sickness?"

"No, I'll be fine. Thanks for asking, though," he says, snuggling me.

"You'll be okay on your own for half an hour, right?" He nods. "I can go later if you want me to stay." I kinda feel like I'm worrying too much, but better safe than sorry, right? I hardly wanna walk back in and find him lying on the floor drowning in his own puke. Though I guess that's more likely in someone that isn't sober enough to sit up...

"Babe, I'll be fine." I nod, telling myself I'm not gonna come back and find him dying, and plant a little kiss on his lips. He kisses back, and I go get dressed in whatever I threw on the floor last night. Skinnies ripped at the knees and a white shirt, apparently. Kyle crawls back into bed and I kiss his forehead again.

"See you in a bit." He hums.


Don't ask me how Rayn ended up coming with me. I'm not entirely sure how it happened either, but one minute I'm driving to the hospital to go get my methadone, and the next, Rayn's sat next to me, babbling on about a coke deal tonight. Apparently one of the suppliers has found out the police are gonna be on his ass in the next couple days, so he's shifting all his gear. When they find him, someone else will have all his drugs, and all he'll have is a nice clean apartment and a lot of money hidden away somewhere. Either that or he'll make himself scarce.

"I know you're tight on cash, so I figured you could use some of your savings and sell it on for a decent profit. Y'know how dumb school kids are."

"I'm not sure about this, Rayn," I mutter, finding myself taking the long way to the hospital, almost as if I'm giving myself time to be persuaded.

By the time we get there, I'm sold. So I guess that's how I'm gonna spend tonight. Not on my own with my drums or guitar, but buying coke off some dodgy bloke that probably spends a lot of time in the bar I work at.

And then trying to figure out where the fuck I'm gonna keep it.

I pull up in the parking lot and stare at the hospital doors for a moment. Rayn looks at me kinda curiously.

"You have no idea how hard it is to stop myself punching whoever's giving me my dose and make them give me more," I mumble under my breath.

"Take a gun in with you. They work pretty well when it comes to persuading people to do things for you." I look at him sideways and shake my head.

"I've not sunk that low yet." He shoots me a kind of piercing glare. It only lasts a fraction of a second, but somehow I get the feeling that Rayn's on the move because of some kind of trouble he's got himself into and less to do with looking for work like he said. It's only been like nine months since the band split and we've all changed so much already.

Can't say I like the direction any of us are going in, either.


When I get back to the car, Rayn's gone. I shake my head, figuring he had somewhere else to be - or whoever he was in trouble with were catching up with him. I guess I'll find him at the deal tonight if he's still in town. Glancing at the clock, I realise I've been longer than half an hour. Let's just say I break a couple speed limits to get back home. 


The End

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