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By maybe four in the morning, I'd come down from the coke. I ended up falling asleep in a tiny little gap behind the couch, where I'd squeezed myself during my fit of paranoia, convinced that behind the couch was the only safe place in the apartment to be.

I can sort of smell something being cooked, but to be honest, I'm quite happy where I am right now. It's not comfy, but I'm safe from whoever had their eyes on me last night, right? Someone prods me and I groan, not really wanting to wake up.

"Wake up, I made breakfast." I open an eye at Kyle's voice, wondering if whatever he was making is really worth moving for. ‘Cause you just know that sleeping pressed up between a couch and a wall isn't gonna make me feel too hot when I move. Apparently Kyle notices exactly how tired I feel right now, and gives me a coffee with a huge grin on his face. I shuffle out and take it from him, mumbling a ‘thank you'. "What were you doing down there anyways?" he asks, eating his waffles.

"Umm..." I start trying to think of a reason that doesn't involve me admitting I was high, when I notice that there's a hickey on his neck. A hickey that I didn't give him.

"What?" he queries when I frown.

"Where'd that come from?" I kind of demand, prodding it and feeling just a little bit possessive. I know, I know, I'm a total hypocrite, but I was high - Kyle wasn't.

"The creep at the diner," he tells me, blushing a little bit. Yeah. Not so calm about that. "Don't get worked up about it, doll. I just ignore it."

"How am I supposed to just ignore some random pervert harassing my boyfriend?"

"The same way I do?" How can you just ignore being harassed at work? I might be a total sub in bed, but if someone was doing that to me at the bar, relative of the boss or not, they'd be out of there so fast they wouldn't have time to blink. "Please, just leave it. I can't risk getting fired over something stupid like that."

"Why would you get fired for something someone else does?"

"Like I said before, he's related to the boss and the few people that've complained about him all got fired for it."

"Yeah, but you're not the one kicking his ass."

"Damien, just leave it." To be honest, I'm tempted to get him fired so he can go get another job somewhere that there isn't some creepy guy molesting him all night, but a small part of me convinces me that's a real bad idea.

"Can't you look for another job?"

"I guess." C'mon, Kyle, it's not like you have the same problem as I do. You're the good kid compared to me - employable and trustworthy. Unlike me - unreliable and weak-willed. "I'll see what I can find," he says with a tiny smile. I kind of grumble, not really satisfied with his answer. But I'm guessing that I should probably drop the subject. So I leave my waffles untouched on the table and go have a shower instead.

I step under the water, hoping that it might make me feel less dead, and less pissed at the perv, but all it does is leave me in silence, thinking about it even more.

Arms slip around my waist from behind and I jump, making him giggle. He kisses my neck, littering it with more kisses as I tilt my head, but to be honest, it's more out of habit this time. My mind's still on the perv and how fucking blasé Kyle's being about it.

"You okay, gorgeous?" he asks in between kisses. I nod, not trusting my voice, though I think that as I scrub at my skin hard enough to make myself start bleeding again, I might've given that away anyways. I sort of half notice him frowning a little, but don't really pay much attention to it, more interested in watching the water washing away the little trickles of blood. He puts his chin on my shoulder and I turn a little, giving him a small kiss.

He returns the kiss and I go back to washing. And bleeding, apparently. He trails a finger down my stomach and I stop, just watching as he brings it back up again. I kind of lean my head on his and wish just a little bit that I'd been left behind the sofa.

Kyle goes back to just hugging me. "You sure you're okay?"

"Y'mean apart from knowing that my boyfriend gets molested every night at work?"

He plants a little kiss on my lips. "Don't let it get to you. I'll look around for another job whenever I have a free minute." I'd be happier if he just quit and then looked. A couple of days won't make much difference and with Rayn around, it wouldn't be too hard to make up the loss by selling on drugs or something like that. I could probably steal them from him and sell them back to him and he wouldn't pick up on it.

Kyle runs a hand through my hair, having a quick wash of his own before we get out. I wrap a towel around myself and dry him off, more planning to just lounge around and drip dry, but once I'm done, he steals my towel, drying me off kinda carefully. I flash him a little smile, getting dressed.

Now... where did those waffles get to?

He sits and watches me eating. Which is kinda weird. He has a sort of smile on his face and I glance up at him, shooting him a questioning look. He just smiles more, watching me til I'm done eating. He takes my hand as I put my plate on the floor and I give it a small squeeze, wondering what he's thinking about.

He squeezes back, "When are you working today?"

"This afternoon, some time." It's the weekend - I figure they're probably not on as tight a schedule as normal. Kyle hums. "What about you?"

"The usual." I nod to myself. We huggle on the sofa for a while before Kyle lets out a tiny sigh. "It feels like I hardly ever see you." That would be because you don't, babe.

"Yeah, well you're always at school or work and whenever you get in from the diner, I'm usually still at the bar." He nuzzles me and I cuddle him a little closer. "So I suggest we make the most of this morning. Any ideas how?"


The End

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