Kyle: I'll Pay YouMature

Pervy guy had apparently waged all out war against Damien and was molesting me with a passion. Whenever I had a spare moment, he’d pull me down onto his lap and try and jerk me off. At the start of the evening it was annoying as fuck but after a few hours, I didn’t really care anymore. He pulled me onto his lap yet again, whispering huskily in my ear while he palmed me a little more forcefully than usual. He hummed as my pants started getting a little tight and gave my crotch a good old squeeze for good measure. He kissed my neck seductively, spanking me like usual as I stood up to go serve someone else. They averted their gaze from my obvious boner as I took their order.

“Something got you a little excited?” Cindy giggled as she walked past me.

I chuckled but otherwise got on with my job. Pervy guy’s constant molestation wasn’t exactly helping my boner go down. He paid for his food at closing time, slipping me a ten dollar tip and a wink before sloping off outside. Cindy tossed me her car keys.

“Go let yourself in, I’ve just got a couple things to do”

I nodded and made my way out to her car. I was just about to unlock it when I felt a pair of strong arms slide around my waist. I didn’t need to be told it was the pervy guy. He shuffled us back a little so he was leaning on the wall of the diner. He planted another seductive kiss on my neck, a hand slowly trailing down into my boxers. My dick leapt to action and he nibbled at my neck.

“I have a boyfriend” I said before he got the wrong idea.

“I’ll pay you” he bit my neck slightly, no doubt leaving a mark.

“Maybe some other time” I said, not entirely meaning it.

His arms unwound themselves from around me and he slipped out from behind me, walking off to his car and driving away.


Damien was nowhere to be found when I got home. I waited like half an hour, figuring he was probably still at work but then I got kind of paranoid. I know he’s asexual but I couldn’t help but think back to that picture of Rayn and Damien. I trusted the two of them but what that bully had said about Damien being a good liar stuck in my head.

"Hey, you still at the bar?" I texted him, hoping I got the reply I was after.

"Not on shift tonight"


"Just hanging out with Rayn where he's staying. Want me to come home?"

"No, it's fine. I was just wondering where you were"

"K. Let me know if you want me home"

"Come home whenever you want, babe"

"I'm horny :( come entertain me :P"


"Wanna pick up from where we left off earlier?"

"Maybe. If you're lucky ;)"

"If I'm lucky? :L"

"I'm kinda worn out"

"Better get home then eh ;)"

"Already there, gorgeous"

"I meant me :)"

"That just proves I'm worn out, haha"

"Poor baby. I'll be home soon ;D"

"I'll try not to fall asleep ;)"

"I'll jerk off on your face if you do"


"Jizz is good for the skin babe ;)"

"You're gross"

"So I've been told"

"Get your ass home, I'm falling asleep :P"

"I'm walking as fast as I can. Don't get your knickers in a twist about it"

I was half asleep when he got back. The first I knew about it was when someone kissed me hard. My eyes shot open in shock but I kissed back anyway, not quite matching it. Damien straddled me and I looked up at him. Why was his hair all messed up? He planted more kisses on my lips and I returned them all. He shifted his hips a little and I struggled to keep my eyes open.

"Babe, I'm tired"

He let out a tiny whine.


He pouted, getting off me when I yawned. I apologised again.

"S'okay" he said, disappearing into the bathroom.

I snuggled the comforter, pulling it up to my nose and nuzzling it a little. It’s okay, baby, the nasty interrupting guy’s gone now. We can get back to snuggling now. I was half asleep again by the time he came back. He lay down next to me and I started drifting off but then he started fidgeting.

"What're you doing?" I asked, a tiny bit grumpy at the fact that I was being kept awake.

"M'not tired"

"Go do something, then"

He went into the living room and I snuggled the comforter again. I have no idea what he did to occupy himself, I was dead to the world within seconds.

The End

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