Kyle: Chasing SquirrelsMature

I looked at him, not entirely sure if I’d heard him right. “Of course we are. Why wouldn’t we be?”

He shrugged. I forgot how helpful you can be sometimes, Damien.

“You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m just being a paranoid idiot”

I cuddled him a little more, and he buried his head in my neck again. I played with his hair a little and the guy whose name I still didn’t know poked his head through the door.

“Are you done being mushy yet? The kitchen’s boring”

I giggled and he skipped out, ruffling Damien’s hair. “Told you you were worrying for no reason”

“So how do you guys know each other?” I asked, wondering if I could maybe get his name dropped into the conversation.

“He was the guitarist in the band” Damien said and the guy grinned.


Interest flickered across the guy’s face. “How did you two get together?” he asked, hugging Damien from behind.

I looked at Damien, not really sure what to say. I’m sure “I bullied him for most of his life” is a really nice way of hooking up with someone. Luckily Damien had it covered, though.

“We’ve... known each other longer than you and me, Rayn. It’s a long story, and you have the attention span of a flea”

“You’re so mean to me” the guy pouted.

“Yeah, but it’s true”

The guy turned his head away from Damien a little huffily. “Fine”

He shuffled over and hugged me from behind instead. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little surprised by it. Well c’mon, a guy I don’t even know is hugging me like we’ve known each other for ages.

“Sexy’s much nicer than you” he said, nuzzling my back”

I giggled. “That tickles”

He nuzzled my back even more and I let out even more giggles. He wrapped his legs around my waist and leant his chin on my shoulder. “I have a new friend now. Go be emo somewhere”

I laughed. “If we’re gonna be friends I should probably know your name”

He tutted. “Did failbook not tell you? I’m Rayn” he grinned.

I smiled back at him and Damien matched my expression, slipping his shirt back on. His phone rang just after he’d pulled his shirt on and he answered it, talking to someone for a couple minutes. Turns out it was one of the studios that took his number and he had another job. I grinned at him  and he kissed me. I kissed back and felt Rayn cuddle me more, a jealous look on his face.

“He’s my sexy now” he pouted and I tried not to laugh.

“At least someone remembered who I am. How many jobs have you been offered, honey?” Damien asked.

I giggled.

“Yeah, well you’re a session musician and a barmaid. I don’t see you exactly living the dream” he said sulkily.

“I don’t think I wanna be in a band anymore. I couldn’t deal with being away from home”

Rayn pretended to puke and I prodded him.

“Oh, c’mon. You can’t tell me that doesn’t make you wanna chunder? He’s gone all sappy since I last saw him”

“I think you have me to blame for that” I said, internally smiling.

He tutted. “He was never like this around Phil”

Damien scowled. “Why does it matter what I was like around Phil? We were too high to be a normal couple”

“Whatever man” Rayn said, nuzzling my back some more.

I giggled a little and Damien rolled his eyes.

“Whaaat? It tickles” I said, giggling.

“I was rolling my eyes at Rayn” he said with a small smile, “but he’s already stopped paying attention”

I glanced at him and saw he was staring at all of Damien’s studio stuff. “You guys need a bigger place”

“You say that like we could afford a bigger place”

Yeah, he wasn’t listening. He wandered over to the stuff Damien had put by the window and glanced outside. His face lit up and he almost squealed a little. “A squirrel!”

He ran outside and I stared at him.

“How is he like that?”

Damien shook his head. “I have no idea” he laughed slightly.

We headed over to the window, watching as Rayn ran around chasing the terrified little squirrel. I shook my head a little and he kind of smiled. I took his hand, glancing at him suggestively when he squeezed it a little. He leant over, kissing me and I kissed back. He put his hands on my hips. I smiled, pressing my hips to his. He hummed, kissing me harder and I didn’t quite match it. His hands moved to my ass and I hummed.

“How long before he loses interest in the squirrel?” I asked.

He chuckled. “He’ll find something else to do if he gets bored of that”

I smiled, leading Damien to the bedroom  and planting three small kisses on his lips. He returned them all and soon enough we were in the bed.


I planted a small kiss on his lips once we were done. He kissed back and I couldn’t help but wonder where Rayn was and what he was getting up to. I kind of got the feeling Damien was more interested in cuddles, to be honest. I snuggled up to him, making him hum.

“Love you” I mumbled.

He kissed me. “Love you too”

I hummed and felt my bladder start having a bitch fit. Bladder, you have wonderful timing. “I have to pee”

Damien let go of me a little reluctantly and I wiggled my hips just for him as I walked to the bathroom. I didn’t mind if he perved on me.

“Are you guys done yet?” I heard Rayn ask from outside.

“Weren’t we loud enough?” I giggled.

“I don’t mind you two having a quickie while I’m out, but I don’t appreciate being locked out. The corridor’s boring”

I laughed, letting him in once I was done peeing. He covered his eyes, shuffling into the living room and I made my way to the kitchen. I’d just peed and I was already thirsty. Because that makes sense... Somewhere between the kitchen and the living room, I remembered that I was still naked. That must’ve been why Rayn was covering his eyes then. Jeez, you’d think he’d never seen a cock before. He whined whenever he was unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse and I reluctantly put on some boxers. He uncovered his eyes, returning to his usual smiley self once Damien had some boxers on as well. I smiled at him.

“You guys are gross” he said, wrinkling his nose up.


“Sex is just... Eww”

Damien laughed and I arched an eyebrow. Damien wrapped me in a hug.

“He’s asexual. He thinks anyone who has sex is kinda gross”

“He’s missing out” I chuckled and Damien hummed.

“I’d rather be attacked by a rabid squirrel” Rayn smiled.

“Whatever floats your boat” I winked.

Damien giggled and Rayn pouted at me. I blew a kiss at him and he pretended to fight it off. I faked a hurt look and Damien kissed my cheek.

“I know I’m irresistible and all, but less of the blow kisses, yeah?”

I laughed. “If you insist”

He grinned and I snuggled up to Damien. He cuddled me back and I glanced at Rayn. He kind of looked like he wanted to join in but he stayed put, getting Damien’s guitar out and starting to play. I listened to him, trying to see if it was anything I’d recognise and Damien kept cuddling me.

“You’re pretty good” I smiled.

“Thanks” he grinned.

He kept playing and I shut my eyes, tilting my head as Damien kissed my neck. He kissed my neck some more and  let out a baby of a moan. Forgive me for still being kind of horny, okay? He kept kissing my neck and I let out a louder moan.

“Shall I go chase another squirrel?” Rayn asked, no longer playing Damien’s guitar.

I giggled. I’d love for you to go chase another squirrel, Rayn, but I have a job to get to. “Up to you, sunshine. I’ve gotta get ready for work soon anyways”

I pouted when Damien gave me a hickey. I should’ve seen it coming really.

“What was that for?”

“Just another litte reminder for the diner creep that you’re taken”

I chuckled, wandering off to go get ready. It didn’t take me long to get ready but I stayed kind of out of sight of Damien and Rayn. They were both playing and I wanted to listen without interrupting them. Listening to them play kind of reminded me of Danny and how he used to play for me. I’d never asked Damien to and I kind of missed it. I stood listening for as long as I could but eventually it was time to leave. They were still playing when I wandered past, putting my shoes on. Damien looked up at me, smiling. I shuffled over, kissing his forehead.

“Don’t wait up for me if you’re home before I am” I said with a slight smile.

“Kay” he said, hugging me.

“See you later, Rayn” I smiled again.

He waved at me and I set off on the walk to the grocery store. Alright, pervy guy, give me your best shot.

The End

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