Kyle: A Good LiarMature


Lunch at school was terrible without Damien. The people I’d once called my friends now hated my guts and everyone else was too scared of getting their asses kicked to speak to me. So I was on my own. I guess I deserved it really for putting Damien through this for years  but I just wanted someone else with me. I’d be happy to hang out with the fat kid that nobody likes for fuck’s sake. I sat in the corner of the canteen, trying my best to be invisible. It hadn’t worked so far. I sat eating my lunch, rushing through a piece of homework. I figured if I did it at lunch, I could relax for a bit before work. One of the bully types walked past, ‘accidentally’ spilling their drink all over me and my work. I felt my jaw drop a little and I tried to get some of the liquid off the paper. Pointless, I know. They walked off, giggling and I frowned slightly, nibbling at my food.

"Hey, fag. Where's your whore gone? Did he leave you?" one of the bully types laughed.

"He's not a whore"

They laughed some more. "You're right. He's not just a whore. He's an emo, faggot whore"

"Shut up"

"Did I hit a nerve?" they giggled and I glared at them.

He grinned and I went back to my lunch. I tried to ignore it as they gossiped about Damien and how they saw him with some other, rather friendly guy. But I have to admit, I was kind of curious as well. I looked up after a while and the bully types looked over, gossiping even more. I frowned and one of the girls giggled.

"What a manwhore"

"Shut your mouth, he's not a whore" I snapped.

"Then why'd we see him hanging out with some other guy, getting all friendly with him?"

"He does have friends, y'know?"

One of the others snickered. "Yeah, right. He's not into anyone that isn't a junkie whore"

"They looked like more than friends to me" the girl who spoke before said.

I clenched my jaw and she shrugged. "Just saying what I saw" And why exactly would I believe what you have to say?

I sort of rolled my eyes at her and she got her phone out.

"I think I got a picture of them"

Okay, so I was kind of curious at that. She sent me the picture. I guess none of them deleted my number. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. I looked at the picture; it was of Damien and some other guy holding hands. My face went blank and the bully types went back to gossiping about any old shit. Is it bad that I didn’t even feel anything? I wasn’t angry or upset. I wasn’t even irrational, I was just... I don’t know, empty? I looked at the picture again and, as if on a cue, got a text from Damien.

"Hey babe :) how's school going?"

I sent him the picture, sighing when I got nothing in return. I picked absently at my lunch til my phone went off again.

"I'm outside school, if you wanna talk"

I headed outside, my arms folded over my chest making it look like I wasn’t amused with the whole situation. But that was a lie. I still didn’t feel anything. Damien and the guy from the picture were both stood there and Damien looked up as I walked over to them.

"So this is the sexy new boyfriend?" the guy said, looking at me. "I approve" he grinned.

Damien rolled his eyes. "Sexy isn't too impressed with that picture"

The guy pulled a face that sort of said ‘oh yeah’. He giggled. "You don't need to worry about me"

I kept up my not amused look and it seemed to be fooling the both of them well enough.

"I told you you shouldn't have walked up here with me" Damien grumbled.

The guy pouted. "But I wanted to see sexy"

"You've seen sexy. Now fuck off before you make things even worse"

He pouted even more.

"Are you two done now?" I asked, faking annoyance.

Damien was sort of glaring at the guy and he finally seemed to get the hint that he should go. He pecked the both of us on the cheek before skipping away. Right...

"I fucking hate that guy sometimes" Damien said, kind of scowling at him.

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t like pretending to be angry at him but how am I supposed to explain the fact that seeing that picture didn’t even bother me?

He sighed, looking at me. "Sorry about him. And the picture. As cliche as it sounds, it's not what it looks like"

I gave up with the face I was putting on, letting my expression fall blank.

"He's like it with everyone... If he hadn't figured out you were pissed off, he'd have jump hugged you the moment he saw you"

"Great. Well, I have to get back"

He sighed a little.

"See you later" I said and headed back to the canteen.

I sat back down where I’d been and all of a sudden Damien was sitting with me. All the bully types stared at him but he ignored it.

"Please, Kyle"

"Babe, it's fine. I get it, it was just a misunderstanding"

He hooked a finger under my chin, looking me in the eye. I looked him in the eye as well but I didn’t quite meet his gaze.

"I love you" he said, still looking me in the eye. One of the bullies threw something at him but he ignored it.

"I love you too"

"Someone get the homos outta here" one of the bullies said.

Damien was quiet thought whether it was because of the bully types, I couldn’t tell. I honestly couldn’t care less about what they said now. He planted a baby of a kiss on my lips and I kissed back.

"I should go" he sighed slightly.

"I'll see you later"

He left with a nod, avoiding having stuff thrown at him as he left. My gaze drifted over to the bully types but I wasn’t looking at them, just absently staring.  

"Aww. He loves you" one of the bullies sneered.

My expression remained blank while they had a good old laugh about it.

"Oh man, that was such a good performance. Made waking up this morning worth it"

"Huh?" I said quietly.

He mimicked Damien. "'I love you'. Puhlease" he laughed and I arched an eyebrow a teeny bit. He giggled. "He's a good liar, I'll give him that"

And with that, the bully types got up and fucked off somewhere else, leaving me well and truly on my own. He wasn’t lying... Was he?

The End

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