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About half an hour later, I was serving an old lady when who should walk in but Damien. The pervy guy had given up on molesting me for a few minutes, choosing instead to molest one of the waitresses. She was so used to it it didn’t even bother her. Great, is that what I’m gonna end up like?

Damien sat at a table near the creep and I glanced at him. Damien smiled at me and I kind of smiled back, not wanting to give it away that we knew each other. I had to go past the pervy guy to gice the old woman’s order to the chef and just like always, he pinched my ass I walked past. I genuinely had a bruise from where he kept pinching me.

"You might wanna be careful who you molest, sunshine" Damien said to him with a warning tone.

"It's just a bit of fun" pervy guy said with a small smile.

Damien glared at him but he just went back to his coffee. I took the old woman’s food over to her once it was done and Damien waved me over to his table. I put on my best smile.

"Hi, welcome to Do Or Dine. What can I get you?"

I could tell the pervy guy was watching me out of the corner of his eye.

"A coffee. And maybe a kiss" Damien said, trying not to giggle.

"Depends how much you tip me" I winked and he giggled slightly.

"I'll give you your tip later"

I smirked, going and getting his coffee. I planted a small kiss on his lips as I set the coffee down on the table and he kissed back, making me hum. I scowled as the perv waved me over to his table.

"Wouldn't fancy getting me another omelette, would you?” he asked, spanking me a little.

Damien scowled, as did I. I got him his food and he smiled at me digging in. I went back over to Damien, almost enjoying the possessive look on his face. I leant on him as he cuddled me, ignoring the perv glancing at us. He raised an eyebrow slightly as Damien gave me a baby hickey. Damien drank some of his coffee and I went off to serve other people since there seemed to be a bit of a rush heading for the diner. And every time I had to go past the perv, I got my ass either pinched, squeezed or spanked.

"I already warned you, mate" Damien said to him.

"Go back to your coffee"

"Stop molesting him, and I will"

"I'm not molesting him, it's just a bit of fun"

"He's not finding it fun, so cut it out"

Pervy guy ignored him, going to pinch me yet again as I walked past him. Damien snapped, slamming the guy’s head on the table.

"I told you to cut it out"

"Get the fuck off me" pervy guy said grumpily.

Damien pulled the guy outside and I sort of followed in shock. Please don’t let the boss have seen that.

"Get the fuck out of here before I change my mind about not kicking the shit out of you"

Pervy guy shoved a thin wad of cash in my hand to pay for all the coffee and food he’d bought. "You need to stop being such a cocktease, kid"

Damien sent about fifty glares in his direction he glared straight back before fucking off. Damien was still kind of pissed off and I was still in shock. But then what the pervy guy said started forming into an idea in my head. Creeps like him would pay good money for sexual favours. Yes, I know I’m essentially thinking about becoming a whore but the pay would be better. And there’s a chance I wouldn’t be quite as exhausted and could maybe actually focus on school a little more. Damien put an arm around me and I leant my head on his shoulder, still mulling over the idea. It’s not like I wouldn’t get any enjoyment out of it, especially when things in the bedroom between me and Damien were kind of non-existent. He kissed the top of my head and I smiled a little.

"I better get back to work"

He nodded. "Yeah, me too" he said, planting a kiss on my lips.

I kissed back. "See you later, gorgeous"

He smiled slightly, walking off and I headed back into the diner.

“Props to the hottie for getting rid of the perv” Cindy mumbled in my ear as she walked past me.

I smiled a little to myself. That was my hottie, babe.

The End

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