Kyle: Can I Punch Him?Mature

Working at the grocery store was more fun than I’d expected. Since it was a small family owned store, it had a nice laid back feel to it and everyone was willing to slack off and joke around a little if there weren’t many customers. By the time I finished my shift, my happy mood vanished. What were the odds the pervy guy would be back again, though? Pretty small, right? Right?

I got off the bus at the stop outside the diner, smiling at Cindy as I walked into the back room and put on one of those weird apron things that only really cover your crotch that waitresses always seem to have. I took a few orders with a smile but the evening was going slow. In two hours we had maybe four customers. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and saw a message from Damien.

"Hey, gorgeous. How's work?"

"Slow. There's hardly anyone here" I texted back in between serving customers, if there were actually any in the place.

"Haha, maybe you can sneak off and help me find somewhere to put all my shit"

"Did your stuff have kids or something?"

"No I just stole all my studio stuff and forgot it takes up a ton of room"

"We can sort something out in the morning"

"Kay. I got it all stacked up in a corner in the front room. Hope that's okay"

"Yeah, as long as it's not somewhere I'll trip over it in the dark, haha"

"It's not. I think I might hide the cables from you though"

"That might be a good idea"

":) just think of the damage you could do with them ;)"

"And what's that s'posed to mean? :P"

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

I was just about to text him back when in walked Mr. Pervy himself. And just my luck, I was the only person who wasn’t doing anything. So I got the pleasure of serving him. I shuffled over, mumbling the usually greeting at him. He smiled.

“Well hello again. I’ll have the same as yesterday, thanks”

I nodded, scribbling it down and heading for the kitchen. I made sure I turned round fast but he still somehow managed to give my ass a quick squeeze. I frowned but no one really seemed to care. It was about ten or fifteen minutes before I could finally reply to Damien and I’d had my ass pinched at least five times. Dude, just fuck off.

"Ugh, what is with this creep?"

"What's up babe?"

"Someone needs to tell him my ass is not a fucking squeezy toy"

"D: I would if I could get away from work, gorgeous. Just kick him out if he pisses you off"

"Can't. Apparently he's some distant relation of the boss or something so kicking him out pretty much gets you fired"

"Report him for harassment? You can do that anon, right?"

"No idea. He keeps trying to talk to me as well" The fucking perv had tried to start up a conversation with me every time I walked past his table. And of course, when I insisted I should really be getting on with work, he’d just pat my ass and say “maybe next time”.

It took Damien a while to text back but I didn’t really notice, too busy with my “avoid the perv at all costs” mission.

"Sorry, I got yelled at haha Dx"

"Naughty boy ;)"

"You love it"


" it bad that I recognise loads of people in here?"

"Probably, haha"



"One of them remembers me. He's trying to get me to hang out with them after my shift"

"Tell him to fuck off"

"He's hardly gonna listen when he's already off his face. Tristan just kicked him out"

“Who’re you so busy texting?”

I jumped as I heard the pervy guy’s voice and looked up from my phone. I almost jumped again. The creep had table hopped so he was sat right where I stood when there was no one to serve.

“My boyfriend” I said kind of hostilely.

“So you do like guys” he said, more to himself than me, really.

“Yeah. Got a problem with that?”

He smiled that usual smile of his. “Nope”

I was kind of weirded out by that. I mumbled something about seeing if people wanted more coffee and took my sweet time checking up on everyone, wiping down tables as I went just to avoid going back over to the creep. But eventually I had to. Wish me luck.

“So, what kind of guy do you like?” he asked me, smiling.

“My boyfriend”

“And what kind of guy is he?”

I rolled my eyes. “None of your business”

He laughed. “You’re a feisty one. I like ‘em feisty”

With that, he pulled me onto his lap. I struggled against him but he pinned my arms by my side with his own. His hand slipped under my pointless apron and he started palming me through my pants. Dude, back the fuck up. I tried to twist out of his grasp but he was a lot stronger than me. I struggled again and he leant his chin on my shoulder, tickling my neck with his breath. Oh my God, why do I always end up round the fucking weirdos? My eyes widened when through all my struggling, I felt something start to stir in his pants. I tore my arms free and jumped up, getting as far away from his as possible.

I looked at my phone and saw another text from Damien. Oh yeah, I didn’t text him back, did I? "You alright there?"

"Not exactly"


"The creeper's getting on my nerves"

"What's going on/"

"He just pulled me onto his lap" Okay, so I may have skipped a few details.

"D: can I punch him?"

"By all means"

The End

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