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Y'know how you always think that school is the most boring place on earth? And then you have a day off with no one to talk to and nothing to do and suddenly realise that actually, no matter how shit school was, it was better than being lonely and bored all day. It wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't trying to get off drugs.

Seriously? This is what I'm gonna be doing with my days? After a while, my mind turns to what other jobs might take me. Other than dodgy bars that are used more for drug dealing than drinking. I s'pose that's where I fit in now, though.

The only other thing I've got going for me is music. And who's gonna want an unreliable ex band member who wants nothing more than enough money to pay for his methadone treatment?

With a sigh, I get up, figuring I might as well have a look around a few studios nearby anyways, just in case any of them are looking for a session musician.

A couple of them take my number and tell me they'll call if they ever need me. I get back to the apartment maybe half an hour after school finishes, and am greeted by the sight of Kyle rushing some homework in the living room.

He greets me with a sort of grunt as I sit down with him, hugging his waist. I watch over his shoulder as he rushes through his work, noticing that he's got quite a few of the answers wrong. I get the feeling he's well aware of it, but he keeps going anyways. I root around in his bag, digging out a spare pen and set about correcting as much of it as I can. Don't look so surprised. Just because I was failing everything and dropped out, doesn't mean I can't do the work.

After a while, Kyle throws his pen down on the table, "Fuck it, I'm failing anyway." I plant a kiss on his lips, and he kisses back.

"Give me a text book and the homework and I'll do it for you," I laugh slightly, "it's not like I've got anything much to do during the day."

He smiles, "thanks."

"S'okay," I hum, smiling back. "We can't both fail school." He chuckles a little, yawning. I cuddle him, wishing that all this living away from home shit wasn't wearing him out so bad.

He puts his head on my shoulder, "How'd job hunting go anyways?"

"Okay, I guess. A couple people took my number and said they'd let me know."

 "That's better than nothing, right?"

"I guess so." He kisses my cheek.

"Want to walk me to work in a bit?" I nod and he gets up, going off to get ready for work. I stay dressed as I am, in black skinny jeans and whatever shirt I put on this morning, figuring it's good enough for my bar job. At least tonight we both have work, instead of just Kyle going off and leaving me on my own.

I stand up as he comes back in wearing his black pants and shirt. He takes my hand and I give it a little squeeze as we walk outside. He swings our arms a bit.

"I'm not sure what time my shift at the diner ends tonight so Cindy's gonna give me a ride home again."

"'Kay. I dunno when I finish at the bar anyways."

"Later than me, most likely."

"Probably. It's gonna be weird to be the one kicking junkies out, rather than being the junkie getting kicked out for once," I laugh a little. He giggles a tiny bit and I smile. When we reach the store he works at, he squeezes my hand a little.

"I'll see you later," he says, giving me a little kiss. I return it and nod, watching as he smiles and wanders inside.

Now... what to do til I start work? I'm thinking stealing my music studio back. 


The End

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