Kyle: PervMature


I kept hold of Damien’s wrists, giggling as a submissive look flashed across his face.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing” I said, giggling a little.

He pouted at me.


“Don’t laugh at me” he whined.

“But it’s funny”

“What is?” he asked sulkily.

“That face you keep pulling”

He pulled a grumpy expression and I giggled again, holding his wrists a little tighter. He bit his lip a little and I half smirked.

“Whatever. I won’t scratch anymore” he said, trying to make me let go.

He pouted when I kept up my grip and went back to trying to get to sleep. I ghosted kisses along his neck, smiling as he shivered a little. He whined when I kept doing it.

“What, gorgeous?” I asked, chuckling slightly.

“Tryina sleep” he grumbled.

“Sure you are”
He pouted and I gave him my best innocent face. He shut his eyes and I went back to ghosting kisses against his skin. He tilted his head and I nibbled at the skin a little, forcing him to hold back a moan. I shifted us so I had Damien pinned on his back underneath me, kissing him slowly. He kissed back just as slowly and I snaked a hand down to his hips. He bit his lip and I looked down at him.

“Can I help you?”

He shook his head a little and I leant forward, whispering in his ear.


He kind of nodded and I bit his ear gently, making him bite his lip harder. I smiled, biting his ear harder.

“Kyle...” he said quietly.


“I want to sleep” he spoke so quietly I barely heard it.

“Okay” I said, letting go of him, kind of upset.

He cuddled me embarrassedly and I cuddled back. I didn’t get it. I mean, all the signs had been there that he was ready and willing but then... It didn’t make sense.

“Everything okay?” I asked and he nodded. “How come I don’t believe you?”


“Tell me”

“There’s nothing to tell”

I didn’t believe him but I didn’t push it. He snuggled up to me, shutting his eyes and I played with his hair. He hummed and I kissed the top of his head, earning myself a kiss on the shoulder. I shut my eyes as well, trying to will myself to fall asleep despite everything that was going through my head.


The two of us skipped school the next day, setting out to find Damien a job. And maybe another one for myself. We wandered around a few bars and eventually Damien found a place that would hire him. It looked dodgy as fuck, if I’m honest. We wandered around for a little bit longer and I dashed into a cheap, shitty looking diner for the sheer fact that it had a “help wanted” sign in the window. I joined Damien again, feeling a little better about the whole money situation now that we had three jobs between us. We headed for the school, earning a few dirty looks for seemingly showing up late. I didn’t really want Damien to drop out but it was his choice. I was almost willing to drop out myself and get another job but Damien wouldn’t let me. We spent the rest of the day lazing around, not really doing much til I had to get ready for work. The shitty diner had insisted that I start that day and who was I to argue when they’d just offered me a job?

I kissed Damien good bye and made my way to the diner. It was kind of far to walk but I’d insisted on walking there. I didn’t tell him I’d be getting a cab back because I didn’t finish my shift til almost midnight but what he didn’t know wouldn’t kill him. He’d no doubt be asleep by then anyway. I turned up in a black shirt and some smart-ish pants and was given the nod of approval from the boss before someone shoved a notepad and pen in my hand and told me to learn as I went along. The evening was going pretty well and I’d even had enough time to get to know the girls I was working with, even if none of them were my age. A few hours into my shift, a tall guy in a black leather jacket strolled in and sat down. He smiled at the waitresses but none of them moved to go serve him. Lana, the head waitress, sort of shoved me in his direction and I arched an eyebrow at her before turning my attention to him.

“Hi, welcome to Do Or Dine. What can I get you?” I asked with a smile.

He smiled right back. It was an oddly welcoming smile. “You’re new. I’ll have a coffee and an omelette, thanks”

I nodded and turned round, not bothering to write it down since I could remember that easy enough. I was just about to tell the chef the guy’s order when I felt him pat me on the ass. I let out a tiny squeak and sped over to the other waitresses.

“Please tell me you guys saw that” I said, my eyes wide.

Cindy, the girl closest to my age and covered with makeup, nodded. “He’s such a perv. He’s the reason the last new girl left. He just treats us like a piece of tail and there’s not really anything we can do about it”

“Yeah, but I’m a dude”

She shrugged. “Obviously he doesn’t care”

I glanced over at him, not finding that smile quite so inviting anymore. I went back over with his food and coffee, making sure not to turn my back to him. He thanked me and started eating. I let out a sigh of relief as he kept his hands off my ass when I turned round and made my way out to the back room to try and piece my nerves back together. He patted me on the ass, so what? Seriously, Kyle, fucking man up already. I cleared my throat and made my way back out, getting on with my job and doing my best to ignore the creepy pervy guy. Which was kind of difficult seeing as he pinched my ass every time I walked past. By the time my shift was over, my ass was aching from all the pinching and spanking and general molestation. Cindy offered to drive me home and I thanked her with a smile, promising her I’d make it up to her.

The End

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