Kyle: Poor BabyMature

It was nice finally getting some time alone with just Damien but I didn’t see why we should have to scuttle off out of sight to be together. It made it seem like us being together was wrong which is just fucked up. Once we were hidden in a corridor and well out of sight, I stole a tiny kiss. I smiled as he kissed back, cuddling me.

"What've you got next?" I asked, cuddling back.

"Dunno. I wasn't planning on going to next lesson"

"I'll walk you home, if you want"

"Sure" he said with a slight smile.

I took his hand, smiling as he squeezed it a little. I was still smiling when we reached the gates, which was just where the bully types happened to be hanging out. Is it bad that I could remember hanging out with at least half of them? I resisted the urge to glare at them, seeing Damien walking beside me with his head down.

"Faggots" one of the bully types snapped.

I clenched my jaw at that. They just laughed and blocked the way out.

"Move" I glared.

He smirked. "Where ya off to, Kyle? Or should it be Kylie now?" he snickered and I chuckled.

"I'm off to bone your dad, bitch"

"He'd beat your faggoty little ass before you even so much as looked at him" he sneered.

"Whatever. Move"

"Dirty queer" he pat at me as he let me through.

Did I mention they didn’t let Damien through?

"Dude, don't be a dick" I said, trying not to glare and trying to keep a lid on my temper.

He didn’t listen to me, shoving Damien back before addressing him. "You're even worse. You turned Kyle into a fag"

"Leave him alone, asshole"

"D'you hear anything?" he asked the other bully types and they all shook their heads.

I slapped the back of his head. Hear anything now, bitch? Before I had time to prepare for it, he turned and punched me. Sure, I punched straight back but it was kind of shit. I was vaguely aware of Damien trying to stop us fighting but he got dragged back by the others. I stopped fighting after a while because seriously, there’s no fucking point. Beating the shit out of that asshole wouldn’t change his mind about anything.

I looked over towards Damien and felt myself get that little extra pissed off. Okay, understatement of the century. I was fucking furious. Obviously someone thought it’d be a great idea to smack Damien about while I was distracted. Damien got away from them and sort of dragged me away. I glared at them the entire time, giving them the finger when they shouted shit at us as we walked away. I took Damien’s hand, trying to calm down. Yeah, I was kind of failing. We walked into town and Damien went to find somewhere with a bathroom to clean himself up. We ended up at a café and Damien got us both a coffee, sitting outside and having a smoke. I sipped at my coffee grumpily. I wasn’t just grumpy, I was fucking horny. Great. Damien looked up at me, giving me a tiny half smile as I looked at him. I leant over, kissing him hard. He was kind of surprised at first but kissed back anyway.

"I wanna fuck you so hard right now" I said huskily, making him blush.

My pants were a little tight but Damien was too busy blushing to notice. I sipped at my coffee, trying to distract myself and he blushed a little more.

"I guess now's a good time to mention my studio's sound proofed then" he said, drinking some of his own coffee.

I smirked. "As long as your mom won't walk in"

He chuckled slightly and I kissed him again. I downed my coffee, feeling my pants get that little bit tighter, but Damien was taking things a little slower.

"Babe, I don't mean to rush you but I'm horny and grumpy. Anything with a pulse is good enough for me right now"

He blushed again, abandoning his coffee.


I all but molested him the second we got to his place. I didn’t even care if his folks were home or not. All I cared about was fucking the gorgeous boy in front of me. We headed for the couch in the studio and I stripped the both of us. Damien didn’t really seem like he was in the mood but he kissed me anyways. I kissed back kind of hard, palming him a little when he didn’t quite match the pressure. He jerked me off a little and I let out a quiet moan, shivering as he kissed my neck. He nibbled at the skin, giving me a baby of a hickey and I hummed. He started jerking himself off and I frowned a little. Was he really not in the mood? He kissed me and I kissed back. He went down on me and I couldn’t help but moan like a porn star. Can you blame me? Two weeks without sex after we were pretty much fucking every night is a lot to ask of a guy.  I tugged on his hair after a while, pulling him up for a kiss and then fucking his brains out.

Poor baby didn’t even come.

And for some reason, I moaned out Danny’s name as I came to a finish. Idiot.

The End

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