Damien: anywhere but hereMature

Aside from trips to see Campbell every few days, and being made to go back to school with a note from Campbell explaining why I was absent, I wasn't really given much time away from home. Dad's determined that I graduate this year and, even though we both know there's no real point, given that my college fund has been spent on my sessions with Campbell. ‘Cause it's not like I'm particularly employable with my criminal and medical records. Ho hum.

My dad's convinced that if I go to my room, I'm going to climb out of the window and try to escape. Which to be fair, I would if I had half a chance. Mom managed to persuade him to at least have some time to myself in my studio. When I'm alone, I play whatever I can be bothered to, and when Kyle manages to get over here, I feel maybe halfway normal again.

We hang out at lunch breaks, even though the both of us get shit for it from the homophobic kids. It's nothing new I guess, but I feel bad that I'm the reason Kyle's getting shit because of me.  

I wait for him at the back of the canteen, ignoring my stomach grumbling. I'm so busy concentrating on being invisible that I don't notice Kyle arrive until he wraps me in a hug. Usually this wouldn't bother me, but the homophobic kids seem to have caught on to me and Kyle meet up in here to eat. I hug back a little bit, eager to just go sit down and go back to being invisible.

Kyle doesn't seem to get the invisible thing, though. He shoots them a sort of glare while I keep my head down, finding us a table as far away from them as I can. He pulls me down onto his lap and I feel my cheeks heat up as I glance up at the others nervously, hoping they haven't noticed.

"Don't worry, gorgeous, I can take them out no problem," Kyle tries to reassure me, but honestly, I'd rather he didn't try.

"I just don't wanna start a fight," I tell him quietly and he nods a little. I lean into him slightly, making him hum. I watch as he eats, willing my stomach to stay quiet.

"Not having anything?" he asks, kinda concerned. I give a small shrug.

"My money got taken at break. I'll just have something later." Later meaning right after lunch, when I skip my last couple classes. He kisses my cheek.

"Have some of mine." I take the bag of chips on his tray, not wanting to make him go without too. He smiles, but I'm more aware of the evils we're getting from across the canteen. Kyle ignores them, but I slide off his lap, sitting next to him instead. I put my head on the table, trying not to feel guilty at the sort of upset look on Kyle's face. "You okay?" he asks, playing with my hair. I'm fine, honey, just brilliant. I love not being able to sit on your lap without feeling like I'm gonna be stabbed after school for it.

"Yeah," I sigh.

"You don't look it." Then why ask me if I'm okay?

"I'm fine," I insist, and he keeps playing with my hair. We stay like this until he's done eating, when I sit up.

"Wanna go somewhere else?" I nod, not really caring where. "Where to?" he questions, standing up. I shrug.

"Anywhere that isn't here."


The End

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