Kyle: I Missed YouMature


The second I got home, Mom wrapped me in a hug and smothered me in kisses. You know the ones. Those sloppy, noisy mom kisses. Yeah, lucky me. Dad glanced at me sympathetically before Mom dragged me inside. She headed straight for the kitchen, presenting me with a homemade chocolate cake before smothering me in even more mom kisses. Okay... I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction.

“Oh my God, my poor baby. Are you okay? I knew that Damien was no good” she said, almost on the verge of tears. Well, she was til she mentioned Damien.

“He had nothing to do with it, Mom” I said, trying to escape her grip.

“You don’t have to cover for him anymore, Kyle” she said, not letting go of me. “Now, how about we have a slice of this cake and forget all about him, hmm?”

“I’m not just gonna forget about him, Mom, he’s my boyfriend

“I’ve had enough of this, young man” she said sternly, looking me in the eye. “You and him were just a fling, do you hear me? It’s high time you went back to being the respectable young man I knew before all this”

Before I could protest, I was forcibly sat down and a slice of cake was shoved in front of me. Mom sat opposite me with her own slice and Dad just sort of hovered in the doorway. Mom smiled at me as she started eating, ignoring both my scowl and the fact that I wasn’t even touching the cake in front of me. Why the fuck should I be sitting here eating cake with you? I should be sat on a beach somewhere in an ugly flowery shirt with Damien next to me.

“Why do you think I ran away, Mom?” I asked after a while.

“Because that troublemaker Damien pushed you into it”

“No, Mom. I ran away because I needed a break. Ever since everything with Danny and... I just need some time to escape”

“That’s lovely, dear. More cake?”


Dad fucked off before I had a chance to ask why he didn’t cover for us. I would’ve been happy enough staying at home, even if I did miss Damien like crazy, but Mom was driving me insane. I had to get away.

"Can I come over?" I texted Damien after a while.

"If you can get past dad"

"I'll do my best"

I told Mom I was getting something from the store and made my way to Damien’s house. I climbed up to his window but I couldn’t see him in his room anywhere. I poked my head out of his bedroom door, hearing voices drifting up from downstairs.

"Where d'you think you're going?" I heard his dad ask.

"My room"

"You'll stay downstairs, Damien"

I tip toed over to the stairs, wondering if I could see them from where I was.

"Fuck you" I heard Damien say, feeling a familiar buzzing in my pocket.

I looked down at my phone and saw a message from Damien telling me to go to the garage. I climbed back down and headed for the garage. Damien let me in and I glanced around. It was a music studio. I didn’t spend all that long checking out my surroundings, though. I was too busy smothering Damien in a hug. He hugged back and I kissed him.

"I missed you"

"I missed you too" he said, kissing me back.

"What did your folks say?"

He chuckled slightly. "Where do I start?"

"That bad, huh?" I giggled.

"I'm basically not allowed to do anything on my own. Dad's cancelled a bunch of business things so he can stay here and make sure mom doesn't go all soft and let me do stuff"

I kissed his cheek and he sighed.

"They'll get over it eventually, doll" I said and he leant his head on my shoulder. "What did they have to say about me?"

"Dad blames you for the whole thing. Says you were taking advantage of me or something. Mom tried to defend you, but I'm not sure dad listened"

I sighed slightly and he planted a baby of a kiss on my lips. I kissed back and the two of us moved to the couch. I cuddled up to him, not really wanting to say what came next.

"I'm not allowed to see you anymore"

He cuddled me, matching my sad expression. "What did they say?"

"Dad didn't say anything. Mom just said it's time I forgot about you and that you're just a fling. She blames you entirely for running away, as well"

"I thought your dad wanted you to be happy"

"Yeah, so did I" I was maybe a teeny bit bitter about it.

His hand tangled in my hair and I buried my head in his neck. He cuddled me some more and I sighed.

"Can't they just fuck off?" I said in annoyance.

"If only"

"What're we gonna do?"

"I have no idea. I don't think dad's gonna let up on me til I'm off the methadone, and no one really knows how long that's gonna take" he let out a kind of irritated sigh. "I'm eighteen for fuck's sake. I shouldn't be getting treated like such a little kid"

"You could always move out" I suggested, only half joking.

"I would if my parents wouldn't flip, babe"

I chuckled a little and he gave a small smile.

"Your parents might not flip so much. Maybe /you/ should move out"

"Y'never know, if I get enough money" I smiled back.

He hummed and I leant my head on his shoulder. I felt him lean his head on top of mine and shut my eyes, humming a little. I stayed like that for longer than I should have but I didn’t want to disturb Damien. The little cutie had fallen asleep, bless him. Which, of course, would be the perfect time for Mom to call.

The End

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