Kyle: What's The Point?Mature

I went back to the motel after going to see Damien. As much as I love the guy, I wasn’t in the mood for him being all pissy. Cause to be honest, I just wanted to lay down and die. My head was pounding. I’d been having chills all day and I came close to throwing up a couple times. I love hangovers. Although, I did kind of wonder what had happened to make Damien even be in a situation where he’d get hit by a car. The entire night was a blur to me. I may have drunk a little too much...


I went to see him again the next day since he’d said the cops were dragging him back home. Let me guess, you were expecting me to just fuck off to Hawaii without a second thought, right? I’m not that much of a heartless bastard, y’know.

 "Hey" I said quietly from the end of his bed. He looked like shit.

He looked up and gave him a tiny smile, frowning slightly at how sick he looked.


"You okay?"

"No, not really. They're insisting on flying me home dopesick"

How come?"

"Some bullshit about not being able to transfer my prescription 'cause I need to see Campbell to change my dose" he said grumpily.


No wonder he looked so sick, then.

"Is.. Is there anything I can do or...?"

I watched as he shrugged, slouching a little. He glanced up at me and I opened my mouth to say something but changed my mind. There was no point.

"What?" he asked.


He arched an eyebrow and I let out a small sigh.

"I meant to bring your stuff over"

He shrugged, wincing slightly. "Doesn't matter"

The two of us were quiet for a while and it was me that spoke first.

"I should go"

Damien didn’t have time to say bye or give me a reason to stay. He was too busy throwing up. I let out a quiet “ew” as a nurse wandered over and cleaned him up. She looked at me as if she recognised me, frowning a little.


She glanced at Damien. "Nothing"

She scuttled off somewhere and I looked at Damien.

“Um... So llike I said..."

He groaned a little, curling up on his side.

“Y'know she probably went to go get the cops, right?" he said quietly when I stayed exactly where I was.

I nodded but he didn’t say anything else. I wanted to cuddle him. Would he even want to be around me? I mean, he seemed pretty pissed off at me yesterday so obviously I must’ve done something when I was drunk. Shit, what if he was pissed off at me showing up because we’d split up or something? I gave in and wrapped him in a hug, hiding my disappointment when he didn’t really cuddle back. I buried my head in his neck.

"What happened?" I mumbled against his skin.


"The other night. What happened?"

He sighed, cuddling back slightly. "It doesn't matter. I just discovered I don't like drunk Kyle"


"It's okay. I probably over reacted"

The two of us were quiet again. Neither of us said anything, though we were both aware of the fact that the cops would no doubt show up soon. I didn’t care. I just wanted things back to the way they were before so I kept cuddling him.

"You should get going before the cops find you here"

"What's the point?"

We were quiet yet again and I finally let go of Damien. So what if the cops show up? It’s not like I’d have anywhere to go without him.

The End

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