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I was lying on the bed when the blue flashing lights showed up outside my window. I got up and glanced out of the window, watching as a cop got out of the car and headed over to the reception building. Please don’t be anything to do with Damien. Please. I sat back on the bed, jumping slightly as someone knocked on the door. Shit, what if he fell asleep at the wheel or something? I couldn’t bring myself to answer the door, already expecting the worst. So the cop knocked harder.

"Mr. Chase Leahy?"

I had to answer the door. Chase Leahy and Gabriel Roberts were the names me and Damien were going by.

“Um.. yeah... Sorry, I was in the bathroom" I said shyly.

Damien was stood in handcuffs, a grumpy expression on his face.

"Your uh... partner, Gabriel Roberts, yes?" the cop said and I nodded. He let out a heavy sigh. "No more brawls, please, Mr. Roberts"

He uncuffed Damien, who sort of grunted in agreement. The cop looked at me a little funny, as if he was trying to put his finger on something. That can’t be good.

"Sorry, officer. I'll try and keep a better eye on him from now on" I said, giving him a ‘good bye’ smile.

He nodded, giving me one last look before leaving. I shut the door kind of quickly in case he decided to come back and Damien just stood there grumbling.

"What was that all about?"

He sighed a little. "I went to go buy some uppers so that I don't fall asleep at the wheel, the cops walk in just as I'm about to buy them and I have to cause a bar fight so I get done for fighting instead of buying drugs" he said grumpily.

I sighed. "What if they'd recognised you?"

"Well they didn't, so what's the problem?"

"Nothing, I'm just saying" I shrugged slightly.

Damien stayed grumpy for a couple hours and I kept quiet. I mean, what possessed him to go out and get... What if he had got caught? And I don’t mean for getting drugs. I mean what if he’d got caught out and the cop had recognised him? What if that cop recognised me? Shit, he probably had. Even with different colour hair I still looked like me.

"Anyways, I think I'm plenty awake now. Let's go" Damien said, collecting his stuff.

"Sure" I said quietly.

I could tell Damien was still angry from the way he was driving. I glanced over at him a couple times but he didn’t notice so I kept my mouth shut. I was hardly in any position to criticise him anyway.

"Want anything?" he asked, sounding a little calmer.

I looked up. "Huh?"

He jabbed his thumb towards a brightly painted McDonalds Drive Thru speaker. Since when were we at McDonalds? I shook my head and he ordered something for himself. I went back to being quiet and he parked somewhere, chowing down on whatever it was he’d ordered.

"You okay?" he asked, sounding even calmer.

I nodded. So what if I was lying?

"Sorry about earlier" he said, his hand in my hair.


"I'm sorry I nearly got us caught. Sorry I nearly ended up doing drugs again" he sighed.

"It's fine"
He pulled a slightly worried expression and I arched an eyebrow at him.

"In what way is it 'fine'?"

I let out a tiny sigh. "Look, it happened. It's not like either of us can go back in time and undo it, is it?"

The two of us were quiet after that. Damien finished eating and went back to driving while I just stared out the window. We stayed like that til we reached the next motel a few hours later. I headed straight for the bed, not bothering to strip down to my boxers. Can you blame me? It was like one in the morning and I was slowly getting more and more annoyed at what Damien had done. I didn’t wait for Damien to get into bed. And even if I had, I was hardly in the mood to snuggle up to him.

No matter how hard I tried, though, sleep wouldn’t come to me. I got maybe a couple hours but otherwise spent the night lying on my side, staring at the wall. I got up the second my alarm went off and got straight in the shower. Weird thing is, I didn’t even remember setting an alarm. I took my time in the shower, enjoying the space. I came back and put the TV on while I got dressed, not really paying that much attention to it. I had it on more for background noise, really. At least, with it on, I didn’t have to worry so much about either of us starting up a conversation. Not that Damien was really in any state to since he was on the verge of falling asleep.

"You gonna have a shower?" I asked quietly after a while.

“Yeah, sorry" he said quietly, heading for the shower.

I had my phone in my hands when he came back. I’d meant to send Mom a text letting her know I was okay and not to worry and I ended up texting one of the guys from the old days. One thing led to another and, in annoyance, I’d ended up saying some pretty mean shit about Damien. I glanced up at him when he wandered in in just a towel, going back to my phone as he got dressed. I didn’t look up as he had his methadone, replying to the worried text Mom had sent me. She wanted to know where I was and where I was going but I couldn’t tell her that. I put my phone down and Damien glanced up at me, all finished with his methadone.

"You okay?" he asked when I looked at him.

"I'm fine"

He looked down at the empty methadone bottle and I gave a tiny sigh. I glanced at him as he shut his eyes and curled up on the bed. I got up after a while and he opened one eye.

"I'm going out"

He nodded slightly and I grabbed my wallet, striding out of the room without so much as a good bye. There better be a fucking bar near here.

The End

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