Damien: speedMature

The next day, I wake up, about as exhausted as I was when I finally got more than ten minutes sleep. I don't think I'd moved all night and shift a little in Kyle's arms, groaning quietly as my overworked muscles protest. Kyle giggles a teeny bit.

"Have a good Christmas?" I ask, smiling. He hums.

"Best one so far, I think. You?"

I nod. "Even if my body is screaming at me today," I chuckle.

"That's your own fault," he tells me with a little giggle.

"How? I wasn't the one fucking me." Even if I'd given him 24 hours of my undivided attention for Christmas. He kisses me and I somehow manage to find the energy to kiss back.

"It's your own fault for being so fuckable," he grins.

"I'm hoping that's a compliment, and not a subtle hint that I look like a whore."

"A bit of both, maybe," he smirks, making me pout.

"Well, I know they were always very disappointed when I was only in prison for a couple days," I chuckle, "no one got the chance to try out my ass." And the one guy who did was rushed off to the meds room.

"Unlucky for them," he says, kissing my cheek. I hum in response, too tired to care about giving him a real response. He cuddles me a little more, kissing my head as I snuggle into him more. "Go to sleep, doll."


When I wake up again, a few hours later, I plant a tiny kiss on Kyle's half asleep lips.

"Didn't think you'd be awake yet," he says, kissing back.

"As much as I want to be asleep, I'm thinking we should probably have a shower and get moving." He nods. Needless to say, I don't move. I whine when he prods me.

"I promise I won't rape you in there," he grins.

"Babe, if you can even get it up today, I'll be impressed."

"A guy can dream, right?" he giggles. I smile and ruffle his hair, ignoring his pout as I push myself up and drag myself into the bathroom. Kyle joins me, hugging me from behind as I lean on the wall. I tilt my head when he kisses my neck, humming as I feel more ghost-like kisses brushed up my skin.

He washes me, and I giggle, enjoying it, and feeling kinda useless at the same time. I smile as he finishes, cuddling and trying to return the favour. Unfortunately, my arms kind of don't want to cooperate. He puts his head in the crook of my neck while I try to clean him up.

"Might have to get some uppers before I try to drive," I chuckle. He giggles and I rest my head on top of his. I hum quietly as he washes me some more before pulling away and washing himself properly. I lean on the wall, watching the soap bubbles slide over his skin.

"Go back to sleep if you're still tired, gorgeous," he says, glancing up at me.

I shake my head. "I'll get something to keep me awake." Maybe some speed or something. I don't remember speed ever making me turn into an asshole the way coke does. He nods, and I think he's probably assumed I mean coffee or an energy drink.


Since we've spent most of our time in bed today, I figure that my best bet of finding some speed in a bar or something. I tell Kyle I'm going to try and find something capable of keeping me awake for the night.

"Don't fall asleep while you're getting it," he chuckles and I roll my eyes. He sits down in front of the TV and I peck him on the cheek.

"I'll see you in a bit."

"Don't be too long," he smiles. I nod, picking up my wallet and letting myself out. I walk into town, hoping the cool evening air might wake me up a bit.

It doesn't really, but y'know, it's better than nothing. By the time I get to a likely looking bar, I'm so ready to take whatever they might have to offer that I barely even think about getting myself a drink so I don't look suspicious just walking into a bar only to walk right out again having not had a drink.

It doesn't take me too long to find someone dealing, and with drink in hand, I walk over to him, ignoring him giving me a once over.

"What d'you want, kid?" he grunts, almost dismissing me in those few short words.

"Speed," I whisper just as the cops walk in. Well isn't that convenient?


The End

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