Kyle: Merry ChristmasMature

Gotta say, Damien’s choice of present was fucking awesome. The two of us spent those 24 hours in a two person orgy, barely getting five minutes sleep between the pair of us. Boy, we’d pay for that tomorrow. Damien kissed me, apparently not noticing the 24 hours were up.

 “You can have your present now" I said, kissing him back.

He gave me a curious look and I got his present from where I’d left it, handing it to him. He opened it and kissed me.

"Thanks, gorgeous" he smiled.

"Sorry it kinda sucks" I chuckled slightly. Who gets someone two movies, popcorn and Christmas candy?

"It doesn't suck" he said, reading the back of the DVDs.

"Are they okay?" I asked, a teeny bit embarrassed. "I don't really know that much about you so I just had to guess"

He smiled. "Yeah" he held one up and said "one of my favourite movies, actually"

He pecked me on the cheek and I blushed a little.

"Guess this means I should go get your real present then" he giggled a little.


He slipped on a pair of boxers as he told me to wait there. Do I look like I’m going anywhere, doll? He came back with two presents and I arched an eyebrow at him, making him chuckle.

 "I was only joking when I said I couldn't find anything"

I couldn’t help but be curious as he handed them to me. I unwrapped them and blushed as soon as I saw what they were. Trust him to buy me sex toys. Especially ones that vibrate. Oh God. He giggled, blushing as well and I ended up blushing even more.

"We don't have to use them. Just a thought" he said, a tiny bit embarrassed.

I gave him a small kiss. "It's up to you"

"They've got wireless controls" he chuckled slightly.

"Why do I get the feeling you bought these more for your benefit than mine?" I giggled.

"I only went in to get the prostate one. Thought you could uh... use it when you're fucking me. The assistant woman seemed to think you'd enjoy teasing me with the other one"

I chuckled and he blushed again.

"Is that a hint?" I smirked and he blushed more.

I pulled and innocent and he buried his head in my neck. I leant my head on top of his and he let out a whine.

"How embarrassing. Even a total stranger seems to think I get a kick out of being teased" he mumbled, "only bought it to shut her up"

I giggled at the fact that he so obviously didn’t and he huffed.

I tried not to giggle as I said "You'll have to tell me what to do though, doll. I was an innocent little virgin til I met Danny, remember?"

He rolled his eyes. "Like you can't figure out how they work"

"Sure you don't want to show me?" I said a little huskily and he blushed again.

"Which one?"

I smirked a little. "Both"

He blushed even more and I giggled. I watched him, trying not to giggle as he got the prostate one out along with some batteries.

"Dunno why you're giggling, sunshine, this one's for you" he said, still kind of blushing as he lubed it up a bit.

I chuckled and he kissed me, sliding it into me. I let out a tiny little squeak of surprise and he giggled a little.

"That alright there?"

I nodded, giggling as he turned it on. He shuffled back and forth with the controls for a while and I bit my lip because fuck it felt good. I looked at him and it was like watching a kid with a shiny new toy.

"Having fun over there?" I asked a little breathlessly and he grinned at me. "I'll take that as a yes" I laughed.

He giggled, putting it on the highest setting. Fuck. I moaned and he switched it straight down to the lowest setting. He switched between each setting for a while, noticing my breathing start to get a little hard. I tried not to moan and he hummed, fucking off the pee. He kept playing with the settings and I couldn’t hold back my moans any longer. Fucker just giggled.

"You're mean" I said breathlessly.

"I'm sure you'll get me back later on"

I chuckled and he made out with me. I pulled back after a while and cleared my throat, nodding at the other thing he’d bought; a cock ring.

"Forgetting something?"

He chuckled. "But I'm having fun"

I gave him the puppy eyes and he pouted.

"You're the one who knows what you're doing, doll"

He pouted some more and left the vibrator on the highest setting, sitting on the controller. He got the cock ring out, along with some more batteries, and slipped it on. I smirked at him sitting on the controller for mine.

"Don't you trust me not to turn it off?"

"No, I'm just enjoying having some sort of control for a bit"

I hummed and he passed me the controllers to both. I put Damien’s straight on the highest setting and giggled as he let out a squeak and a moan at the same time. I turned mine down a little in an attempt to stop myself jazzing. Damien went to pull the cock ring off but I pinned his hands down with a smirk. He let out a gasp and kind of wriggled. So I kissed him. He bit his lip.

"I thought you liked being teased" I said, my voice a little husky.

He whined a little and I giggled. He closed his eyes, breathing hard and I pushed him back so he was lying on the bed. I knelt over him and he looked up at me. I kissed him kind of hard, groping him as he didn’t quite match the pressure. He moaned and I smirked, finger fucking him a little. It didn’t take him too long to jizz and I chuckled a little. And there I was thinking cock ring were s’posed to keep you hard for longer.

"C'mon, Damien, you can last longer than that"

He whined. "Not with it up so high"

He moaned some more and I let out a pretend tut, turning it down. I sneakily turned mine off and thankfully he was too busy being sort of relieved to notice. I started finger fucking him again, lubing up as he moaned. I kissed him softly before fucking him. Merry Christmas, sexy.

The End

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