Damien: presents.Mature

I sat at a coffee shop with a sheet of wrapping paper, some sticky tape, a pair of scissors and a cigarette hanging from between my lips as I tried to stop the paper from blowing away. I put the two presents I'd gotten for him in the middle of the paper to stop it being whipped away like a used newspaper and tried to figure out how the fuck to wrap them.

I got quite a few disapproving glances when people saw what they were, but I just grinned, blew smoke at them as they passed by and started wrapping. I'll tell you now, those tables they put outside of cafe's are so not big enough for this.


I meet him back at the car, smiling up at him from the driver's seat where I've been sitting for a few minutes already. He puts my present in the back, getting in. I resist the urge to glance at it and set off.

"Get what you were after?" he asks and I put on my sad face, knowing that my presents for him are hidden out of sight under the blanket moms feel the need to put in the trunks of cars. I never see the point, normally, but I guess maybe they're used for hiding presents?

"No," I tell him, kind of sighing.

"Oh well, you'll just have to make it up to me or something," he says with a baby of a smile. I nod, half smiling back at him. He puts the radio on, and I use changing gear as an excuse to reach over and put my hand on his thigh. I smile to myself as I feel him jump and his eyes turn to me. I shift my hand up a little, noticing him bite his lip out of the corner of my eye. Running my hand down and back up the inside of his thigh makes him bite his lip harder and squeak a little.

I hold back a little chuckle at that, brushing my hand against his crotch ‘accidentally' before moving my hand back down his leg. He watches me, with his teeth still clamped down over his lip. I pull my hand back up again, moving my hand up over his crotch without touching it. He gives me this suspicious face as I pretend to fumble with the button on his pants. I smile inwardly, getting it undone after a moment or two, pushing my hand down and palming him through his boxers. He lets out a tiny moan, whining as I insist on teasing him until we get back to the motel.

He bites his lip even more when he realises I'm already parking the car. I smile, getting out like nothing's happened. Kyle does his pants up, but nothing can hide the fact that they're a little tight. He gets out of the car, picking up my present from the back.

"Meanie." Really? Just you wait, honey. I hug him from behind, palming him some more, kissing his cheek when I'm done. I don't wait for him before I head back up to our room, but he keeps up anyways. "I'm not sure you deserve this now," he says, nodding at my present.

I chuckle, letting myself in and moving over to the bed.

"Who said that I'm not about to make up for not getting you anything?" I smile, lying down on the bed, face down. He smirks a little, lying down on top of me as I turn on the TV. I hum, wriggling my ass a little bit, wriggling even more when he prods me and tells me not to be mean. He prods me again and I giggle.

"Asshole," he says.

"I have an idea for a present for you. You can have it now, if you want." He gives me his curious face. "Well? D'you want it now, or shall I save it for tomorrow?"

"That depends."


He giggles, "On what it is"

"Tough shit. Now or tomorrow?"

"Don't I get a clue first?" he asks. I shake my head. "Meanie." I smile. "One little clue," he gives me the puppy eyes, and I tut.

"Fine. It involves more than one thing." I try not to giggle, knowing my clue gives virtually nothing away. He arches his eyebrow.

"That wasn't a very helpful clue." That was the point, babe. I grin at him and he considers it. I wait. "When do you want me to have it?" he asks with a small smirk.

"I want you to have it when you want it."

"I'll have it now, then," he smiles. I smile back.

"My present is that for 24 hours, you can do whatever you like with me. Until this time tomorrow, I'm your personal slave." I giggle a little, wondering if I should go get the presents from the trunk of the car now, or later. 


The End

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