Kyle: What Does She Like?Mature

"What do you want for Christmas, then?" I asked a while later, still snuggled up to Damien.

He thought about it for a while and smiled. "I'm not fussed. You don't have to get me anything"

I smiled back. "I'd feel bad if I didn't get you anything, doll"

He tangled his fingers in my hair. "I'm honestly happy just to be spending it with you instead of my family"

I hummed at that and he put on that Southern accent again.

"'Cause momma never told them I like boys; they'd spend all Christmas trying to cure me" he chuckled slightly.

I giggled and he smiled again.

"Stupid religious people"

I planted a baby of a kiss on his lips and he kissed back.

"I s'pose we better go to a mall, then"


I got up, slipping on some shoes and heading out to the car with Damien in tow. I spent the ride to the nearest mall in silence, trying to think of something to get Damien. I felt his eyes on me at one point but I was too busy thinking to see what he wanted. I was still deep in thought as we got out of the car though Damien snapped me out of it by kissing my cheek.

"I'll see you later then. What I'm looking for isn't in the mall" he smirked a little.

I arched an eyebrow at him but he locked the car and walked off into town. I almost wanted to follow him but then I remembered I had to get him something. See, there was a reason I suggested going to the mall; there’s so many shops I was bound to find something to get for him.

I wandered around the mall for a while, going in every single shop regardless of whether I could get something for Damien in it. Don’t judge, I was mentally buying things for the family and other friends as well. Don’t ask me why I ended up in a lingerie store, though.

“Looking for something for that special someone?” the store assistant asked, standing next to me in a way that forced me even further into the place.

“Oh, no, I just wandered in by accident” I said a little embarrassedly, trying to get out of there.

“There’s no need to embarrassed, sweetie. So, what does she like?”

“Um..” How do I get out of this one?

“Well? Does she like stuff with bows or does she prefer something a little less frilly?”

Fuck it, the direct route’ll get me out faster. “She likes having a cock”

The assistant woman arched an eyebrow at me. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t get me out faster.

“She likes having a cock because she’s a guy”

This just made the assistant smile. “Well, not many people notice it but we do have a small selection of men’s thongs”

Oh God. I felt a blush form on my cheeks and the assistant chuckled a little. As lovely as Damien’s ass is, I don’t think I could take him seriously in a man thong. I don’t think I could take anyone seriously in a man thong. The assistant led me over to their “small selection” and I had to stop myself from laughing. Oh God, there was one which I had plushie tiger head on it. The assistant carried on doing her job though I could tell she wanted to laugh too. I didn’t have the heart to tell her there was no chance in hell that I was buying one but I almost felt cruel making her carry on.

“Listen, you’ve been great and all, and I give you credit for not laughing at these monstrosities, but I really did walk in here by accident” I said softly after a while.

She nodded, giggling a little at one the man thongs, and wished me a merry Christmas as I left the store. Alright then, what to get for Damien? I gave up after wandering into at least another ten stores and went and bought myself a coffee. I hate coffee, I don’t know why I bought it. I thought back to what he said about being happy to be spending Christmas with me. That’d be a pretty lame present, if I’m honest. Maybe that’s just me, though. I drank the last of my coffee and set off again. Which was when I had an idea. I found all the stores I needed, realising that I had no way of wrapping it all without him seeing. Unless... I headed back to the lingerie store and found the girl that had tried to serve me.

“Can you do me an absolutely huge favour and wrap these? I’m not gonna get a chance to and I’ll totally pay for it”

She smiled and took Damien’s present off me, wrapping it in some Christmas wrapping paper that appeared out of nowhere. Unless they were wrapping things like that already. She stuck a few bows on it and tied a couple ribbons around it all before handing it back to me. I pulled out my wallet to pay but she shook her head.

“It’s on the house” she smiled.

I smiled back, handing her a couple twenties. “Consider this a tip, then”

She took it without complaint, wishing me a merry Christmas again as I left. I just had to hope Damien liked what I’d picked.

The End

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