Damien: Christmas EveMature

I sat back, smiling as I wiped my lips and was pulled in for a kiss. I kissed back, kind of wondering how I did. It's been a while since I gave anyone head, to be honest.

"I don't think you quite beat me, though," he said. I huffed and tutted as he gave a giggle. I guess I'll just have to practice, then.


I drive us to a motel so we can do our hair sooner rather than later. Sure, I got off on the adrenaline rush after those cops nearly had us, but I'd rather not risk being dragged back home. As much as I love my mom, it's really not gonna help my mental health. I don't think she understands that.

"Try not to get recognised," he says with a small smile as I get out the car. I return his small smile and head off inside to book a room. When we get inside, Kyle goes straight to the bathroom, and I follow already expecting him to need help dying his hair. "I might need a hand with this," he tells me, emptying the box. I smile and get to work.

Once it's all rubbed in with one of the motel's towels around his shoulders, he goes and sits on the bed, watching TV while I battle the clippers out of the plastic. He ends up watching me, though, as I start attacking my hair.

Before long, I've given myself short backs and sides and left it a little longer on top. I think that'll be enough to satisfy most people at a glance. I certainly don't look like the Damien most people would've seen, at any rate.

He runs a hand through my hair when I'm done. It's not perfect, and not as even as it could be, but it'll do for now. "It's not as fun to play with now," he tells me. I peck his cheek, sighing a little.

"I know, but it's not our fault they called the cops on us." He huggles me from behind and I put my hands over his, doing my best to ignore the eye-watering smell of the chemicals on his head.

"I think I'm s'posed to wash this stuff out now," he says, giving me a little kiss on my neck.

"Can you manage that, or shall I help you do that too?" I ask with a giggle, grinning when he sort of glares at me a little. Rolling his eyes at me, he goes and washes it out.

"Tadaa," he says, re-emerging from the bathroom. I smile up at him from the bed, already missing his blond hair. "How does it look?"

"Good," I nod, "but you don't need me to tell you that I prefer you blond."

"Don't go cheating on me before this grows out," he laughs a little and I lift up my arms. C'mon, Kyle, what are the chances of me cheating on you? He just looks at me. I wiggle my fingers and he giggles a little. Okay, babe, chances might start going up soon. I pout at him and he gives in, cuddling me. I cuddle back, kissing the top of his head when he buries it in my neck. He hums.

"Love you."

"Love you too," I smile a little, tilting my head when he starts to kiss my neck. I cuddle him a little more as he keeps kissing my neck. I feel him give me a small hickey and instead of whining, like I usually do, I hum, privately enjoying the possessiveness. We kiss, and I press my forehead to his as he strokes my cheek. I smile at him, shutting my eyes as his own lips curve upwards.

After a while I move my head to his shoulder.

He looks at me. "You okay?" I nod, smiling. He smiles back and I lay down, pulling him with me so we're cuddling. "My hair's gonna make the pillows wet," he says, but it doesn't look much like he actually cares.


I don't really remember falling asleep, all I know is at some point I'm waking up, squinting in the light from the window. He kisses the top of my head, and kisses back as I plant a little kiss on his lips before I shuffle down and rest my head on his chest. He tries to play with my hair, but it's kinda too short to do that now.

I kiss his chest, moving my lips down over his body, smiling inwardly as he hums. I leave him with a kiss just above the waistband of the boxers before getting up out of bed, catching a glimpse of him looking at me like ‘where d'you think you're going?' before I slip into the shower.

Apparently he's too lazy to move, because he doesn't join me this time. I wouldn't mind, but showers are boring without someone giving head or having sex, it's gotta be said. Or even just hugging or something.

When I walk back in, a towel around my waist, he smiles up at me from the bed. I smile back.

"Get your ass back over here, mister."

"Magic word?"

"Bitch." I pout at that. He just grins. Gee, I love you too, man.

"I guess it'll do," I chuckle, going over to him anyways. He cuddles and kisses me, instantly making up for not joining me in the shower.

Which is when he pulls a sort of ‘oh my god' face. I give him a curious look.

"It's Christmas tomorrow." You what? I stare at him, wondering how I managed to forget about it. I mean, sure there was a lot going on, but still. "What?"

"Totally didn't completely forget about that," I mutter.

"I only just remembered myself, doll."

I giggle a little. "What d'you want for Christmas?"

"You don't have to get me anything," he smiles.

"I know. I want to, though." I just have no idea what... Apart from maybe a sex toy or something? I dunno.

"I don't mind what you get me," he tells me, giving me a baby of a kiss. I hum, wondering what I might be able to pick up for him without him noticing.


The End

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