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Why is it something has to go and fuck things up when I finally start feeling okay about running off to Hawaii? It seemed like mine and Damien’s faces had been plastered across every news station in the country and every time we had to move, I got even more paranoid that someone would recognise us. We’d come so far and all it’d take was one phone call to drag us straight back home. It was a couple days after the first news report and we were sat in a diner, trying to eat in peace. I kept my head down, wondering whether it’d be worth buying a hat to hide my hair, and Damien kept an eye on the TV behind the counter.

"Maybe I should dye my hair" I said quietly.

"Maybe" he said, his fingers tangling in my hair.

"I mean, it'd make me look different, right?" I said, glancing up at him. He looked better without the face fuzz.

He nodded. "I should probably cut my hair or something"

I smiled. "Promise you'll let it grow back, though"

"So long as you let the dye grow out again"

I nodded and he smiled. I smiled back, going back to keeping my head down. It’s surprising how difficult keeping your head down can be when you have white-blonde hair. I tensed a little as two cops walked in but as far as I could tell, they hadn’t recognised us. I nudged Damien’s foot under the table since he hadn’t noticed and nodded towards the cops when he glanced up at me. He looked round quickly, dropping some money on the table and getting up. I stood as well, keeping my eyes on the floor. I already felt like they were staring at me. Just as we started walking out, our faces popped up on the TV in yet another news report. One of the cops glanced at it and recognised me.

"Kyle Thomas?"

I sort of froze and Damien took my hand, still walking.

"Sorry, you've got the wrong person" I mumbled.

One of the cops stood up. "Excuse me, I'd like to speak to the two of you"

Damien pretended not to her him but he just spoke louder.

"Excuse me"

"Sorry, officers, we've got somewhere to be" Damien said in a Southern accent.

"This won't take more than a minute"

"My momma's due out of heart surgery in ten minutes. Can I give you a number to call later?"

Dam, he’s a good liar.

"Sure, kid" the cop said, jotting a number down and passing it to him.

"Have a good day" Damien said with a small smile, walking off.

I kept my eyes on the floor and my head down til we were in the car and a decent distance away from the diner.

"That was too close"

Damien hummed. "Time to go buy some hair dye, then?"

I nodded and Damien drove to the next town, heading straight for a drugstore. I dug through my stuff, finding a beanie and shoving it on before we headed inside. I made sure it was covering pretty much all of my hair as I looked at hair dyes.

"Pick a colour"

Damien jokingly pointed at pink before wandering off in search of hair clippers. I laughed a little, picking up a box anyway. I could always put the pink in once the other dye grew out. I looked at the various colours again, feeling someone lean their chin on my shoulder after a while.

"Black's too obvious"

Damien pointed at a brown a shade or two lighter than his own. "That one?"

I hummed, picking up a couple boxes of it.

"Done?" he asked.

"Mhmm. Unless there's anything else we need"

"Don't think so"

I shuffled over to the cash register with Damien still leaning on my shoulder. He hugged me from behind as I paid and I hummed, turning my head to kiss him gently. We headed back to the car with a smile and I played with Damien’s hair as he drove.

"I'm gonna miss your hair"

He chuckled a little. "It'll grow back soon enough"

I went back to playing with his hair, trailing a finger down his neck after a while. He hummed and I smiled, shifting in my seat a little. He glanced at me and I smirked at him. He arched his eyebrow a little and I shifted in my seat some more so I was pretty much sat facing him. He looked between me and the road, smiling as I fiddled with the button on his pants. I palmed him a little, smirking as his pants tightened. He tried to concentrate on the road and I undid his pants, chuckling as he shifted a little to get them lower. He moaned as I went down on him, his fingers tangling in my hair. I sucked harder, eliciting a louder moan from him. He swerve a little and I stopped sucking, glancing up at him from under my lashes.

"Concentrate on the road, dollface"

"It's not good head if I don't have to avoid something" he grinned and I tutted, going back to sucking him off.

He let out a cross between a hum and a moan as I kept sucking. He came with a loud moan and I swallowed, kissing him when I didn’t quite swallow it all. He licked what was left off my tongue, swallowing it and I hummed as he kissed me again.

"Love you"

I smiled. "You're only saying that cause I gave you head"

"You know that's not true" he giggled.

"Do I?"

"Well you should" he smiled and I hummed.

"You'll just have to prove it later"

He put on an innocent face. "And how would I do that?"

"I'm sure you can think of something" I smirked and he kept up the innocent face.

I mirrored it, snaking my hand down to his crotch and giving him a quick squeeze. Sue me. He bit his lip and I giggled. I gave him another squeeze seeing him trying to concentrate on the road. I kept doing it, knowing if I kept it up he’d get hard again. I palmed him a tiny bit and he bit his lip more, still trying to focus on the road.

"Thought of anything yet?" I asked innocently.

"Something that involves me not driving" he chuckled and I rolled my eyes.

"Anything else?" I asked with a tiny squeeze.

I let out a teeny tiny little groan. "Maybe"


He grinned a little. "Well, you can give pretty good head, I'll give you that, but I reckon I can give better" he giggled and I planted a small kiss on his lips.

"Prove it" I whispered when he kissed back.

He chuckled and pulled into the next lay-by we came across. C’mon then, Damien, show me what you can do.

The End

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