Damien: NewsMature

At our next stop, we were settling in our room for the night, laid out together on the bed, the TV on for more background noise than anything else. I was more interested in just enjoying the experience of us being together away from home. He has his arms around my waist, littering my neck with kisses, kissing more when I tilt my head, and I'm snuggled up to him, all relaxed, and for once, not craving anything more than maybe a sleep cuddle and morning sex.

His eyes flick to the TV and whatever's on distracts him from kissing me. I rest my head on his shoulder, not really that bothered about what's on TV. At least, I'm not til he stares at it, not looking all that happy.

"Kyle Thomas, aged seventeen, and Damien Cross, aged eighteen, have gone missing from their homes in Maryland," the reporter's disembodied voice speaks over pictures of us, one of those school photos of Kyle, and something that looks like an unedited promo photo from when I was with the band for me, but with the other guys all cut away. The reporter keeps talking, but I've already zoned out.

"Shit," Kyle mutters. We both stare dumbly at the screen, watching as the photos become thumbnail sized and slide up to the corner of the screen and we're forced to look at the plastic woman's face as she tries to look serious. She just ends up looking like they gave her too much Botox.

"What're we gonna do?" I shrug, unable to think of any answer. He buries his head in my neck, talking against my skin. "I thought Dad would've covered for us."

"Your dad?" I ask kind of incredulously. Why would his dad cover for us? I thought his dad was as bad as his mom.

He nod, "Didn't I tell you what he said?" I shake my head. "He said he wanted me to be happy," he tells me, cuddling me a little more. I feel my face pull into an almost shocked expression at that. He kisses my cheek and I hum, feeling a little relieved that someone wants at least one of us to be happy.

"Maybe we should just call them and let them know we're okay?" I suggest, giving him a little kiss as he cuddles up to me even more.

"Maybe. I'm not sure I want to deal with the ‘come home' speech, though."

"I dunno," I shrug a little, wondering if just ignoring them is a bad idea. I mean, they're worried, right? They reported us missing because they care - at least, I hope that's why for Kyle. I know my mom will just be glad I haven't run away to go back on drugs or off somewhere that'll end up sparking that weird, suicidal urge to do something stupid. Dad would probably shout the house down about how worried I made my mom. I dunno about Kyle's parents, though. His dad might want him to be happy, but I'm pretty sure that's the last thing his mom had on her mind the other night.

He lets out a sort of sighing hum and I plant a kiss on his forehead, smiling back when his lips pull up.

"Guess we'll have to be careful about being spotted, eh?"

"Maybe I'll shave for once," I giggle. He hums and I rub my few days' beard growth on him, giggling again. He whines in protest.

"Get off," he laughs a little, tutting as I grin.

"You love it."

He hums again, putting on his best poker face, "I guess." I stick my tongue out at him, licking his nose as he scrunches it up.

"Eww, get off," he complains with a small laugh.

I huff, rolling away from him. "Fine, I shall take myself and my mouth elsewhere."

"Come back, I'm lonely."

"You told me to get off you, so I did," I remind him.

"Fine, I'll go cry away my loneliness," he sniffles.

"And remember that you brought it upon yourself," I nod firmly, as if to reaffirm it. I glance over as he starts to fake cry and smile to myself a little.

"You can earn me back, y'know."

"I'm listening," he says with a sniffle.

"Call your dad and let him know you're okay. That blowjob I'm expecting wouldn't go amiss either." I look over in time to see him roll his eyes before he pulls out his phone and calls his dad. I smile, not listening in to his conversation.

"Did I earn you back yet?" he asks when he's done.

"Nearly," I chuckle, rolling back over to face him. 


The End

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