Kyle: KetchupMature

Mmm, well I have to say the shower sex was a surprise. I’d been expecting to maybe get away with getting a blowjob or something tiny like that but wow. Damien really knows how to cheer a guy up. Oh God, that makes him sound like a whore. We got dressed and made our way out to the car. I still wasn’t entirely sure that running away was our best option but I was willing to try and get used to the idea. I was kind of clingy the entire time which got a little difficult once Damien started driving so I settled on playing with his hair instead.

“Are we still going to Hawaii?" I asked.

"If you want to. I don't mind where we go"

I hummed.

"Where d'you wanna go, gorgeous?"

"Anywhere as long as I'm with you"

He smiled and I played with his hair some more, curling the strands around my fingers.

"Wanna stop and get something to eat somewhere?" he asked.

"It's up to you"

His stomach growled a little and he let out a chuckle.

"I'll take that as a yes, then" I smiled.

He hummed and pulled in at the next diner we came across. I pretty much hung off him the second we were out of the car and he slipped an arm round my waist. I leant my head on his shoulder, smiling as he kissed it. He found us a table, pulling me onto his lap once he was sat down. I kissed his nose, cuddling back when he cuddled me. He ordered for the both of us when the waitress came over and I leant my forehead against his once she left.

“Let me know if I'm being too clingy"

He pecked me on the lips, smiling as he said "It's okay"

I smiled back. "Seriously, though"

"I don't mind, really"

I hummed, burying my head in his neck. He shifted a little and I unburied my neck, seeing our food arrive. The two of us started eating and I giggled as Damien fed me some of my fries. He grinned and I picked up a couple fries, wiping ketchup on his nose. He tried to lick it off and failed epically. I giggled, eating some more and ignoring his pout. Well, I ignored it til he wiped his nose across my cheek.


He carried on eating as if nothing had happened and I pouted, wiping some more on his forehead. He pressed his forehead to mine, rubbing it around a bit and I scrunched up my nose. He gave me a baby kiss, going back to eating. I stroked his cheek, making sure I had ketchup on my hand and he glared at me. We went back to eating and I tried not to giggle as he ignored the ketchup. I dipped a couple fries into it, grinning as he tried to not laugh.

"I expect some seriously good head for this" he announced.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. 'Cause you remember who's driving, right?"

I nodded.

"You happen to be wiping ketchup all over your driver's face. So he can either wipe it off on your shirt and 'forget' to let you in the car, or he can get some really good head at our next stop"

I wiped some more ketchup on his nose. "You forget who's paying for all this, though"

"I've got enough money to get myself home"

"You'd miss Mom's car, though" I said with a tiny giggle.

"Would I really?"

I nodded and he smiled a little.

"You'd especially miss the sexy beast in the passenger seat"

He arched an eyebrow at me.

"That's me, dumb dumb"

A smile of realisation flashed across his face. "Oh. I wondered who you were on about for a moment"

I glared at him and he gave me an innocent smile. I wiped some more ketchup on his face and he bit my finger. I pretended to be about to cry but he just pretended to eat it. Cheeky fucker. I cranked up the fake waterworks, watching as he sucked on my finger instead. He bit it gently and I pretended to be on the verge of tears again.


He kissed it better and I giggled a little.

"Are you quite done yet?"

He glanced down at my finger. "Well it's not that entertaining right now, but I'm sure it could be"

I blushed a little at that, making him giggle. I cleared my throat and an innocent smile spread across his face.

"I'm sure you can find a way of entertaining me with it later on"

"Maybe. If you behave” I smirked a little.

"Depends what behaving involves" he said with a kind of glare.

"Letting me do this” I said and wiped a load more ketchup on his face.

I gave him some pretty ketchup lipstick but he just licked it off. I did it again and he leant forward, pressing his lips to mine. I kissed back and he smiled and the ketchup on my lips.

"Am I pretty?" I asked, pouting.

"Very. You should be a model"

I licked the ketchup off with a giggle as Damien finished eating. I looked at my own food and... Yeah, I kind of had like half my fries left.

"I'll bring it with me" I said more to myself than anything and Damien hummed. "Ready to go?" I asked, pretending he wasn’t covered in ketchup.

“I... need to pee first" he smiled and I rolled my eyes.

He got up, wandering off to the restroom while I picked at my fries. Maybe I wouldn’t bring them, they were starting to get cold and kind of gross. I looked up as he wandered back over with a nice clean face and smirked a little.

"I think I preferred you with the ketchup”

"Oh, well that's a shame" he chuckled.

"I s'pose I can put up with you looking like that"

"Just as well, really" he said, giving me a quick kiss.

I kissed back and slid an arm round his waist. I guess running away wouldn’t be all that bad...

The End

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