Kyle: The Right ThingMature

Oh, Damien, why do you make it so easy for me to tease you? I kept going, as if I was about to go down on him because just one look at him would tell you he was gagging for it. I licked my lips, forcing a whine out of him as I kissed his hips. I giggled, kissing pretty much everywhere except his member and making him sort of wriggle beneath me. I licked my lips again, my mouth dangerously close to his member and I glanced up at him. He shot me the puppy eyes and I gave him an evil grin. I planted a tiny kiss on his dick, making him bite his lip. I made out like I was about to go down on him but giggled and got up to get something to eat at the last second. He let out a cross between a moan and a whine and started jerking himself off. Now, that’s not allowed. I moved back over to the bed, pinning his hands back down with a grin. He whined and I put on an innocent face.


"You're evil" he half whispered and I laughed.

"No, you're too fun to play with"

He pouted and I let go of his hands with a tut.

“I gotta pee" I hummed when he managed to not jerk himself off.

He didn’t say anything, watching me as I stood up.

"Enjoy my ass as it walks away, bitch" I said and fucked off to pee.

“Damien! Dinner!" I heard Damien’s dad yell and I headed back to Damien’s room.

He quickly put his hands by his side as I walked in but it was obvious he’d been giving himself some “attention”.

"You'll go blind" I tutted and he flashed me a smile.

"Only if I jizz in my eye"

I rolled my eyes and he sat up.

"I should probably go have dinner"

Yeah, you probably should. But I should probably hug your waist. So I did.

"Honestly, you're like the worst host ever" I said as he hugged back.

He gave me a little kiss. "I'll try and use it as an opportunity to get him to not hate you so much"

"Thanks" I said, laughing a little.

He reached over for his pants and boxers but I sat on them. Well, just the pants. He got up to go get some more and I jump hugged him, laughing as he nearly fell over. I nuzzled him, earning myself a kiss.

"I gotta get dressed"

"You are dressed. You're wearing your Kyle costume" I said, kissing back.

He giggled. "I'm not sure dad would appreciate it as much as he would appreciate me wearing pants"

I wrapped my legs around his waist, doing my best to stop him getting dressed. He did his best to ignore me so I tickled him. He pulled a sort of horrified expression and I laughed, tickling him more. I didn’t give in when he tried to make me stop and I started groping him a little as well as tickling him. Next thing I knew, his mom was stood in the doorway, clearing her throat to get our attention.

“Damien, your dinner's getting cold"

"Oh, uh, hi, Damien's mom" I said kind of nervously and she smiled.

"Hi, Kyle. Mind if we borrow Damien for a bit?"

"I'd prefer it if you didn't but y'know" I shrugged since she wasn’t really giving me a choice.

"He's not seen his dad in ages. You can keep him as long as you like after"

I nodded and Damien did up his pants and shirt. I kissed him as his mom went to wait on the landing and he kissed back.

"Have fun" I giggled and he scowled.

"Kill me" he mouthed and I laughed, shaking my head.

He left with a pout and I waited, slowly getting more and more bored. What was taking so long? I heard yelling between Damien and his dad and I have to admit, I was kind of considering sneaking out so I could hear better. But then there was silence, followed by angry footsteps coming up the stairs. Damien’s dad slammed into the room, rage written on his face. I could heard Damien yelling at his mom.

"Get out"

I shot up off the bed.

"   Out    "

"Why? What did I do?"

"You're the reason my son is such a fuck up! You spend years putting him through hell, and now you want to take advantage of him?" Daddio said, sounding disgusted.

"I'd never take advantage of him"

I get the feeling he didn’t really listen. Or care. "Get out of my house, and stay the fuck away from my son"


"You    want     me to call the cops?"

"So what if you do? It won't keep me away from Damien"

"A restraining order can always be arranged" he said, a muscle in his jaw twitching.

I glared and he glared straight back. Damien came upstairs but his dad was blocking the doorway.

"You can't stop me seeing him" I said.

"Can, and will" he said, pushing Damien back.

Damien was almost in tears and I tried to get to him but his pops wouldn’t let me. He pushed Damien out of the way and sort of forced me downstairs. I tried to get to him again and Damien shoved him out of the way, hugging me.

I hugged back, giving him a tiny kiss before he leant his head on my shoulder.

"Damien, he's no good for you" Damien’s dad said in a warning tone before turning his attention to me, "you've fucked him over enough. Stop pretending you care and get the fuck out"

I glared. "I've always cared about him, asshole" Sure I had a pretty fucked up way of showing it but still.

"Sure. That's why he's told me you were the reason he wanted to kill himself before?"

"You think I don't feel guilty for that?"

"You feeling guilty about it is hardly going to make up for the fact that I've had to rush him to ER more times than I care to remember"

Damien sniffled, lifting his head and looking round. "Just fuck off, dad. D'you really think I'd have gone this long without Phil if Kyle hadn't been here for me?"

I hugged him a little more but Daddio just ignored him.

“Just get out, Kyle"


Damien wiped his eyes, fucking off outside. Daddio was all glares and I mirrored them before going after Damien.

I caught up to him, recognising the way he was heading. "What're you doing?"

"Getting our stuff"

I nodded and he kept walking, sniffling every now and then. I stopped him, smothering him in a hug. He leant his head on my shoulder again as he hugged back and I kissed the top of his head.

"It's gonna be okay"

He nodded. "Probably would've turned better if mom hadn't told him you were upstairs, though"

"She told on us?"

"She didn't mean to. She realised what she'd done the moment she said it" he sighed and I kissed the top of his head again. "Sorry about all that, though" he said, kissing my shoulder.

"It's fine"

"It wasn't fair of him" he said with a tiny sigh, slipping an arm round my waist and starting to walk again.

"It's okay. I probably deserved it anyway"

He gave me a tiny kiss. "Only people like Josh Quinn deserve shit like that"

I chuckled. "We could always set Danny on your dad. Unless you want him to be alive afterwards, that is"

"Right now, that's debateable"

I hummed. "Don't say that or you'll regret it"

He shrugged.

"Trust me"

The two of us were silent and I didn’t mind. I kind of got the impression he just wanted to get our stuff and go. We stayed silent til we got to my house and Damien seemed a little annoyed at himself.

"Shoulda got my car"

"I'll steal Mom's keys" I shrugged and he let out a hum. "It's probably best if you wait outside"

He nodded, waiting by Mom’s car as I slipped inside. Mom and Dad were nowhere to be seen but I stayed silent anyway. I wasn’t in the mood for dealing with either of them. I got our stuff no problem but my luck ran out when it came to stealing Mom’s keys.

“Kyle” Dad said softly.

I sighed. “I’m not in the mood for this, Dad”

“You don’t know what I’m going to say”

“Yeah I do. You’ll do what you always do and agree with Mom”

“How do you know she even told me?”

“I can just tell, okay”

“Kyle, just listen to me”

I sighed again, grabbing Mom’s keys in case he tried to stop me.

“I want you to be happy, son. So I think you should do whatever makes you happy”

“If being with Damien makes you happy, then you should be allowed to be with him” he pulled out his wallet and handed me what must’ve been about $200. “This isn’t much but it should last you long enough. Let me know when you get to wherever you’re going” he smiled, patted my shoulder and went back to whatever he’d been doing before.

“Thanks” I whispered, even though he’d gone, and made my way outside.

I threw Damien Mom’s keys and he caught them, opening the trunk. I threw our bags in and the two of us got in the car in silence. I stayed silent as Damien drove, thinking about what Dad had said.

"You okay?" Damien asked, glancing over at me.

I nodded and he put the radio on, switching it to some rock station and concentrating on the road. We were doing the right thing, right...?

The End

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