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When we get back, there's an unfamiliar car parked on the driveway - a flashy looking Audi, or something - which can only mean one thing. Dad's home, and has bought yet another new car from his successful business ventures. Which would be fine if I was on my own. I can't help wondering how he's gonna take to Kyle being here.

He might have had it out of me when I was high once that I hated Kyle, and I might have told him that he along with a few others was the reason I was such a fuck up.

"You're good at climbing, right?"

"Uh, I guess."

"Reckon you'd be able to climb that tree?" I point at the one nearest my window.

"Probably. Why can't we just use the front door...?"

"I can, babe, it's you that daddy dearest won't wanna be seeing."

"He doesn't like you having friends or something?"

"So long as they're not drug dealers, users or you he has no problem," I mutter.

"That's... encouraging."

I plant a little kiss on his lips, "sorry."

"It's okay, I guess I deserve it," he says, kissing back.

"No, I wasn't apologising for him, I was apologising for him even knowing your name. It's kinda my fault. But on the bright side, he never comes in my room for anything, so you should be okay in there." The house could be on fire, but he wouldn't touch my door to get me out of there, even if he knew I was in a drug induced coma and couldn't possibly get myself out of the building. He'd probably call it karma, and say I deserved it for my drug abuse. He's such a lovely man. Kyle gives me a small smile, and I return it before figuring I should probably go inside. "I'll see you in my room, then." He nods and heads off for the tree as I let myself into the house.

Mom and dad are sat in the living room having a coffee. At least they are til they hear me rummaging around in the kitchen for snacks. I turn around and nearly drop the cans of coke when I see how closely my dad's standing behind me.

"Fuck, dad. I didn't know your business shit meant you started sneaking up on people when they're not expecting it," I push past him and dump the snacks and coke on the table, leaning back on it to look at him.

"'Welcome home dad, I missed you so much,'" he mimics me, "I missed you too son, nice to come back to good news about you for once." I glare at him a little. Just because he's had to get me out of prison a few times and taken me down to ER one or four occasions when he's come back from work, doesn't mean that it's always bad news. One time he was actually called into school for something good, rather than to be told I'm suspended. I don't say anything, ‘cause let's face it, what do you say to people who say what you want them to say for you? "Got anyone over?" he asks, nodding at the snacks behind me.

"No, I just got my appetite back," I shrug, watching as he nods approvingly, looking me over as if to say ‘yeah, you look better now'. "I'm gonna put a movie on." I pick up my stuff and head upstairs before he can say anything, though I hear him grumble something to himself about youth today or some bullshit along those lines.

"Finally. I was almost considering coming to find you," Kyle says as I close the door. I look over at him waiting for me on the bed and chuckle a little, putting the snack things down on the desk. He smiles as I hand him a can of coke and sit with him. "Did your mom have anything to say?"

I shake my head, "No, but I guess she didn't tell on us, ‘cause dad didn't say anything." He nods, and I kiss him kinda softly, "so we're safe for now." He matches the kiss, humming.

"I'm guessing sex is a bad idea."

"I can be quiet," I say with a sort of innocent smile, lying down on the bed. He lies with me, smirking.

"Question is, can I?"

"You can try," I giggle a little, tilting my head as he kisses my neck.

"And if I can't?"

"You'll have to face dad after. No one will walk in on us though," I murmur, my train of thought derailing as he plants more kisses on my neck. I hum quietly, pouting when he gives me a small hickey. He giggles and sits up.

"I'm hungry." Of course you are. I point at the food on the desk, inwardly complaining at him for being such a tease. He gets up to get some food and I watch as he starts eating, coming back over to me. I smile a little. "Where was I?" he asks, still eating.

"I believe you were being a cocktease." He hums, and though I don't say anything, I really wouldn't mind if he decided he wanted to keep teasing me. In fact, part of me thinks I'd probably enjoy that more than just getting on with it. When he's done eating, he litters more kisses on my neck, giving me a proper hickey when I tilt my head for him again. I let out a tiny gasp, kind of wondering why I was even surprised. He giggles, kissing down to my collar bone, giving me another little hickey there too. "I'm just gonna be one big bruise if you keep that up," I chuckle weakly, but he just hums, undoing my shirt.

He kisses down my chest, and honestly, it's taking more effort than it should to stay where I am. He keeps moving his kisses lower south, down over my belly as he plays with the button on my pants. I buck my hips up a little, trying to either get some kind of contact, or to make him hurry up - anything. He chuckles and undoes it, biting my lip as he starts to slip my pants off. Only he takes his sweet old time, and I kind of end up whining and wriggling in an attempt to get them on the floor faster.

Y'know I said I wouldn't mind being teased more?

I changed my mind.  I shoot him a sort of glare, urging him to get on with it. Giggling, he pulls my boxers down, pinning my hands by my sides when I reach down to sort my problem out myself.

What a bitch. I can't even yell at him, or dad'll hear.


The End

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