Damien: O_OMature

I stay stretched out on the bed while he fucks off to get cookies, wondering what Hawaii's even like. I've only left Maryland like, twice in my whole life. And neither of those times was to go to Hawaii.

Kyle comes back with a couple of his cookies, and I look up, watching as he walks over and lies on top of me again. I put my arms around him again, closing my eyes.

"Any idea when you wanna go yet?" he asks, still eating.

"Whenever," I smile.

"We can go straight away or we can hang here for a few days, it's up to you."

"I wanna go today, but it's probably not a bad idea to hang around a while and let my mom see I've not gone anywhere, or she'll have the cops looking for me in no time," I laugh humourlessly.

"Shit, I forgot about that."

"About what?"


"Well it'll probably help that I've made the choice while I'm sober," I smile a little, "it's not like we're not old enough to move out now."

"True, but still." I lean up and give him a small kiss, making him hum.

"We'll be okay. We'll call it a vacation or something, if we have to." He nods and I give him a little smile. He chuckles.

"At least paying in cash'll make it harder for them to find out where we went." I hum, kissing back when he pushes his lips on mine before he eats another cookie. I shut my eyes again. Dude if you're gonna eat in my face, at least give me some. When he's done, he puts his head on my neck and I cuddle him a little tighter, earning myself a hum and a kiss on my neck. I tilt my head, knowing full well I'll probably end up with a hickey. I pout when he pretends to give me one and he giggles. "Well how else will any hot Hawaiian guys know you're taken?"

"They'll probably see you and me making out and figure it out for themselves," I smile

"Speaking of making out," he says, and I put on the innocent face. He kisses me kinda hard, and I match it. It doesn't take long before he starts making out with me. I let out a hum as he sneakily gropes me. I slide my hands down to his ass as he bites my lip a little, making him give a hum of his own.

He unzips my pants, palming me when I buck my hips up into his hand. He cuts off my small moan by making out with me again, and I grope his ass, smiling as he hums and undoes his own pants. I push my hand in, teasing him and not stopping when he moans. He kisses me hard, and though I kiss back I don't match it.

He pulls my pants off, throwing them to the floor. I don't see where they go, I'm too busy trying to pull off the wide-eyed innocent look. He palms me a little, trying to get his pants off at the same time. Holding back a giggle, I help him, returning the small kiss he gives me.

He strips me, and as much as I like subbing, that's just not fair. I tug at his shirt and he lets me slip it off. I kiss him hard, unable to resist the temptation to start jerking myself off. What? The boy got me horny. He slips a finger inside of me and starts to fuck me with it, going harder as I moan and tilt my hips up towards him. He leans down and kisses me, lubing up and fucking me. I moan, closing my eyes and dragging my nails down his back as I rock my hips against him.

Which is when I hear footsteps on the landing. I do my best to be quiet, but the door opens, revealing his mom standing there

"Are you back already? I thought you'd be-" she looks up and sees us there in bed and stares, in shock. My brain seems to have abandoned me, and all I can do is stare. See, when my mom walks in on me having sex, she just leaves. Instantly. In fact, she leaves so quickly that I bearly lose my rhythm, and can forget about it instantly.

Except that Kyle's mom just stands there and stares.

"Mom, get out," Kyle says, a horrified look on his face. "Mom," he says when she doesn't move. She keeps staring, just sort of standing there. "Mom, get the fuck out of my room!" she turns and leaves, and I stare at the now empty doorway as both me and Kyle fall into an embarrassed silence. "Um..." I feel my cheeks light up a bit. He gives an embarrassed chuckle that I return with a small smile. "That's one way to meet someone's mom." Certainly is... I laugh quietly, though I'm not sure if it's the shock of having someone I'm fairly sure is homophobic just walk in on me and her son having sex or whether it's because I actually found what he said funny.

He plants a small kiss on my lips and I kiss back.

He sighs, "I should probably go check on her." I feel my cheeks heat up again and nod. He I hadn't even realised he hadn't moved until he pulls out of me and gets off the bed. I watch as he puts some boxers on and goes downstairs to check on his mom. After a little while, I sit up and pull my own boxers back on, and my pants, waiting for him to come back.

I mean, as much as I'd love to go down with him, I'm not sure that she would react too well to it.

He comes back after a while, blushing, and I look up, waiting to hear what happened.

"Mom's taking us out for dinner tonight," he mumbles. I arch my eyebrow and he shrugs. Sorry, what? His mom's taking us out somewhere? After that? He sits down with me and cuddles me. "She'll no doubt be like "use a condom, don't get STDs". That kind of stuff."

"I thought she was like, homophobic ‘n' shit?"

"Sort of."

"Sort of?" Define ‘sort of' for me, babe.

"I dunno, sometimes she's okay with it and sometimes she isn't." Well that's... weird. He nuzzles me, apparently able to hear all those rusty cogs in my head beginning to grind for the first time in... fuck knows how long. "I try not to think about it too much. You'll give yourself a headache if you do." Have I ever needed an excuse to stop thinking? No.

One last question before I make my brain stop working again, though: "what the fuck am I gonna wear?"


The End

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