Kyle: I Won'tMature

Why did I get the feeling Damien’s mom was overly suspicious?

"How're we gonna do this?" I asked quietly in case she was still hanging around upstairs.

Damien shrugged. "Go over yours for a while and steal your mom's car?" he said just as quietly and I nodded.

"Could work"

"I'd take mine, but mom's banned me from leaving town" he said a little grumpily and I chuckled. "Shall we go over yours, then?"

"As long as your mom won't stalk us there" I said, kissing his nose.

"She trusts you to look after me" he said with a tiny smirk and I smiled.

He leant over, planting a small kiss on my lips and I kissed back.

"C'mon then, lover boy"

He got up, grabbing his bag and I put an arm round his waist. I kissed his cheek when he leant on me a tiny bit and the two of us headed downstairs. Damien had just opened the front door when his mom called me back. Damien waited outside while I went to see what it was his mom wanted.

"I overheard Damien saying I trust you to look after him" she said, her face serious.

Can’t say I was expecting that. "And?"

"And I do. But reluctantly. I trusted Phil, too, and you can see for yourself how that turned out. I want you to    promise     me that you'll take care of him"

"I promise" I smiled.

Yeah, she didn’t smile back. "Good" she said, trying to relax the serious face. "Have fun. And make sure you don't let him have his methadone when he's not supposed to. Y'know the drill"

"Don't worry, I'll take good care of him"

She nodded, flashing me a tiny smile and fucking off somewhere when I smiled back. What a cheerful woman. I made my way back to Damien, kissing his cheek as I shut the door behind me.

"What did she want?" he asked with a smile.

"For me to promise I'd look after you"

"I'm not a little kid" he huffed and I giggled.

"Yeah you are"

He glared at me and I huggled him.

"My little boy. You've made Daddy proud, son" I tried not to giggle, grinning when he scowled at me.

He put his forehead to mine, kissing me as I shut my eyes.

"Let's get out of here"

I nodded and we disappeared back to my place. Luckily Mom wasn’t around so we just went straight up to my room. I kind of hadn’t exactly mentioned to them that I’d had two boyfriends in the space of about two months.

"When should we go?" he asked.

"Whenever you want"

"I don't mind" he shrugged.

I flopped onto the bed with a hum. “We should save up and go travelling or something"

"You say that like I'd ever be able to get a job to save up from" he chuckled slightly, lying down next to me.

"You could always be a porn star" I said, rolling on top of him.

He cuddled me. "Could do"

"I wouldn't complain"

"Why's that?" he chuckled and I smirked.

"Well I'm hoping you'd pick up some tricks"

"Is that a hint?" he pouted and I chuckled.

"Maybe, maybe not"

"Am I really that shit in bed?" he asked, sounding a teeny bit worried.

I leant down and kissed him, smiling as he kissed back.

"You're not shit in bed"

He hummed quietly and I ran my finger across the skin on his face, drawing random lines and shapes on his face with my fingertip. He tried to watch my finger but ended up going all cross-eyed. I laughed, still doing it and laughing more when he kept going cross-eyed. He pouted and I prodded his pout. He gently bit my finger and I giggled, wiggling my finger as much as I could. He sucked at it, licking my fingertip every now and then and I smirked a little.

"Enjoying that?"

He nodded with a smile, not letting go of my finger. I watched him for a second and he let go. I looked at my finger, seeing him watching me this time.

"I'm covered in slime"

He grinned and I looked at my finger again. He leant up and licked my face.

Eww" I laughed and he flashed me a pervy smile.

I arched an eyebrow and he did it again. So I licked his nose. He wrinkled his nose up and I chuckled as he wiped off my spit.

"I should be offended" I said.

"If you're gonna slobber on me, I'd rather it was because you were giving me head"

I laughed. "Even though you're totally the woman and therefore should be giving    me     head?"

"Women are allowed head too, thanks very much"

"Not when they have horny boyfiends" I winked and he huffed.

"I think you enjoy me being such a sub a bit too much"

I grinned, drawing lines on his face again when he started sulking. He tried to watch my finger again and I switched what I was doing, changing the lines for random shapes. We stayed like that for a while til I stopped, realising what shape it was I’d been drawing. A heart. Over and over again. I felt heat spread across my cheeks and Damien shot me a curious look.

"What're you blushing for?" he asked with a slight smile.

"Nothing" I said innocently.

"What?" he asked suspiciously.

"I started drawing hearts"

He giggled a little and I blushed even more. He leant up and kissed me.

"Cute" he smiled and I buried my head in his neck.

"M'not cute"

"You are now, babe" he giggled.

I whined and he kissed the top of my head.

"I'll take it to the grave"


He giggled again and I prodded him. He grinned and I prodded him again.


I shrugged, prodding him. He prodded back and I prodded him once more, earning myself another prod back.

I pouted. "Screw you, I'm getting cookies"

"Get me some"

I grinned. "I won't" I said and hopped off him, jogging down to the kitchen and wondering when we should leave.

The End

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