Rayn: My puppy.Mature

“I want a puppy,” I announced. We were standing in a pet shop, looking for a new pet. I’d given in to Kyle’s bribery, and now I was stood in a shop that I would quite happily spend thousands of dollars in. It was like being taken to a candy store. Except the candy is alive and I wanna cuddle it all instead of eat it. Maybe a candy store isn’t the best thing to compare it to, but whatever. I wanted everything I saw.

Kyle kissed my cheek, "Anything for my gorgeous husband," he said. I resisted the urge to nag at him to leave porn again, since he said ‘anything’ but I didn’t wanna push my luck. We wandered over to the puppies together and I was instantly in love with every single one of them.

“I want them all,” I told him, making him laugh.

"I'd love to buy them all for you, but we can only really fit one in our apartment.”

“We can move,” I said, earning myself a kiss.

“Puppy first, house later,” he insisted, but I was already distracted by the Labrador puppies over in the corner. They’d spotted us and were all pressed up against the glass, doing these cute little barks like they were trying to be big, brave dogs. I squealed a little bit and rushed over, plonking myself down in front of the glass, making Kyle chuckle.

"One of those, then?"

“All of them,” I told him, too excited to care that we couldn’t fit them all in our apartment.

He let out a laugh. "Maybe once we've found somewhere bigger." I bounced around on the floor, already imagining a big house full of various furry things running around causing havoc. Kyle waited while I watched them all, trying to decide which one to take home. In the end I pointed out the chocolate coloured one that kept jumping and running around, making mad laps of the space they were given before pushing its face up against the glass, wagging its tiny little tail at me.

“That one,” I said, watching it leaping over one of its siblings and crashing into the water bowl. Laughing, he agreed and went off to find someone so we could buy it. I stayed where I was until all the paperwork was done, watching my new puppy playing. When Kyle told me it was all done, I hauled my ass up off the floor and wandered around the shop, picking out a collar and bowls and toys for the puppy. Kyle didn’t stop me and he didn’t seem to mind that I was spending his money for him, even when I ended up with a huge basket full of stuff. He paid for it all without a fuss, and I was hardly going to complain. I mean I didn’t want my sofa getting destroyed.

We took the puppy straight home and I tipped the bag of toys out on the floor, put the bowls in the kitchen and started chasing the little fucker around to try and get his collar on. Kyle just watched, laughing when I tackled the puppy to the floor.

“I win!” I yelled, fastening the collar around his neck. "You shall be called Benny, and you and Scruffles will be best friends,” I nodded to myself, grinning up at Kyle when he flashed me a smile.

"D'you think Benny'll like me more than Scruffles does?" he asked.

"If you spend enough time with him."

"Does that mean I get to steal him?"

My jaw dropped in horror at the thought. My puppy. "No.” Kyle took him from me, cuddling him. I gave him the big eyes, whining. “My puppy,” I said, watching him plant a kiss on Benny’s head before giving him back. I hugged him in celebration, getting a big lick on the face for it. "He will keep me company when you're at work,” I nuzzled Benny’s neck, letting him go when he wriggled around, eyeing up one of the toys I’d chosen for him. I shuffled over to Kyle, wrapping my arms around him. Sure Benny would keep me company, but nothing would ever replace my husband. 

The End

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