Rayn: CopsMature

When I broke the mirror, I thought maybe I could stop them fighting by threatening to hurt myself or something. I never meant for Kyle to end up stabbing daddy. The fact I was free from him didn’t register at all. I locked myself back in the bathroom, not caring about the shattered glass all over the floor as I fell to my knees and threw up. Kyle had just killed him.

I know I’m the one that carries a gun around with me, but as it stands, I’ve never killed anyone before. And Kyle just killed someone. My husband. Someone I trusted.

There was a knock on the door and I practically jumped out of my skin. When I didn’t answer, whoever it was knocked again. I edged around the room, avoiding looking at daddy or Kyle as I made my way to the door. I opened it a tiny bit so I could see them but they couldn’t see in. It only crossed my mind then that I was still butt naked.

It was a couple of cops, stood there looking at me. Shit. "We've had a few reports of a disturbance coming from this address. You folks okay in there?" I tried to keep myself from panicking, but I could feel the tears creeping up on me again. I just nodded. “Do you mind if we come in for a sec?"

I let out a little squeak. They couldn’t come in, not now. "Why?"

"Just to check things out."

"We're fine," I lied, trying to be as convincing as possible, but they didn’t buy it.

"We'd really like to check things out, sir." I slammed the door in his face, panicking. Because that was a really smart move. I think they went away then, but they’d come back, probably with a search warrant.

I started to panic again, trying to wake daddy up. He couldn’t be dead, because we’d be in trouble and a person like me is not built to cope with prison. Kyle didn’t do anything, he was just sat there staring. When daddy didn’t move or do anything, I gave up. I just sat there crying because we’d end up in trouble.

Eventually those cops came back. "Sir, if you don't open the door, we'll have to open it by force." I couldn’t make myself move. At least, I couldn’t til they broke down the door. I squeaked again, rushing to hide under the bed.

I watched from under the bed as one of them had a good nose around the place and the other checked daddy for a pulse. He shook his head, standing back up.

"I think you two better come back to the station with us.” The other cop went and got a couple of blankets from somewhere, giving Kyle one as they took him off to the car.

I shuffled back away from them all, backing myself up against the wall and curling up as small as I could.

"Sir, we really need you to come with us," the cop that was left with me said. I didn’t do anything. I was trying to make myself invisible. When I didn’t move, the cop moved the bed and lifted me up out of my hiding spot. I started freaking out and yelling at him to get his hands off me. He restrained me, wrapping me in the blanket. I felt tears stinging my eyes again as I was walked to the car and made to sit in the back next to Kyle. I cocooned myself in the blanket, irrationally scared of the whole thing. The urge to run away and hide from everyone was getting stronger ever minute and I just wanted to get away from Kyle.

The cops put us in a cell together, where Kyle sat on the little bed thing, staring at the floor and I squished myself into the corner furthest away from him. I was scared of him.

A doctor was let in to give Kyle some painkillers and something to take the swelling in his hand down.

The door opened and without even thinking I tried to bolt out of it. I couldn’t stay here. I’d never been in trouble with the police before. The cop coming in stopped me and shut the door behind him, keeping me in the cell. I instantly went back to squishing myself into the corner and wishing myself out of there.

"Mr Thomas, we're gonna send you over to the hospital to get your hand fixed and then we're gonna try and get this whole mess sorted out, 'kay?" Kyle nodded a little and went off with the cop. I was left there on my own in the corner in my little blanket cocoon to freak out.


The End

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