Rayn: It doesn't matterMature

I pretended that it was Kyle’s arms around me when I woke up, even though it was kinda hard, given that daddy is nowhere near as skinny as Kyle. He didn’t smell right either. But it was better than just accepting that I was in bed with daddy when it should be Kyle.

Not that I was too happy with Kyle either after last night. Didn’t he understand that all we had to do was survive until the cops found us?

I felt sick. The crippling nausea of withdrawals was keeping me right where I was. I wanted to get away from both of them. I could probably persuade daddy to get me some smack, if I was good, but then I’d be left here with Kyle. He’d probably made everything ten times worse for the both of us, and usually I wouldn’t be able to stay mad at him, but as I looked over at him, I just wanted to hide away.

“Daddy?” I murmured, ready to totally whore myself out to him if it meant that my tummy would stop feeling like someone had stuck their hand into it. I brushed my lips against his, nuzzling his chest as he stirred, “daddy, I feel sick.”

“What’s wrong, baby?” he mumbled sleepily.

“I need some heroin,” I whined, kissing his neck, “can you get me some pwease?” * gave him the puppy eyes and he smiled, getting another kiss out of me.

“Will you be a good boy?” I nodded, pushing my hips into his. I could feel him getting hard as I ground against him and held back as much sick as I could. I whimpered and spat a mouthful out over the edge of the bed, catching Kyle frowning at me. I tried to ignore him and went in for another kiss, hoping that being all pukey would stop daddy from wanting it. Sure enough he shoved me back and knelt over me, reaching for the rope from last night to tie my hands. Once he was done, he palmed me and gave my thigh a playful spank before leaving.

Kyle was still frowning, but I ignored him, cocooning myself in the comforter again. I heard him sigh, but I was busy crying silently into the comforter. I couldn’t tell you why I was crying – I just was. I guess from being so dopesick and from being in a tiny bedsit locked up with my husband and daddy.

“Rayn,” Kyle said quietly.

“Mmm?” I sniffled, poking my head out of the comforter as I felt the mattress sink with Kyle’s weight beside me.

"You should've stayed with Jeanette, gorgeous," he said.

"I couldn't let him hurt you when it wasn't you he was so mad at. Not that what you did last night has made it any better,” I told him in a tone that made it clear I wasn’t happy with you.

"Sorry for trying to get us out of here,” he frowned a little, and the tears came racing back. He didn’t have to yell at me, just the tone of his voice was enough. He may as well have hit me. He sighed and apologised.

“S’okay,” I muttered, trying to stop myself from bawling again. I didn’t know if I could stay mad at him now he wasn’t over on the sofa and I wasn’t being forced to snuggled up to daddy. I looked at how swollen Kyle’s hand was and felt myself getting more upset at it. He needed to be in a hospital. “Sorry.”

He shrugged, “s’not your fault,”

I don’t think the tears had really gone away, but they felt more like they were about to start pouring out of my eyes again suddenly. "It is. He came looking for me, not you." He cuddled me as best he could and I cuddled back carefully, burying my head in his neck.

Of course, just as Kyle kissed the top of my head, daddy returned. I was pulled away from him and my hands were untied. He thrust a syringe and a small bag of powder at me and I got straight to making myself up a shot. I briefly considered making too much and stabbing daddy in the neck to try and do what Kyle didn’t manage last night but... it was too much of a waste of drugs. I ignored Kyle glaring at daddy, too happy to have that gorgeous stuff flooding my body again. It was like having a blanket wrapped around me and being put in front of a fire with hot cocoa after spending the night out in the rain.

Nothing mattered. I was in a world of my own. I felt a hand roll me onto my belly

"Now you have to be my good little boy for waking me up," the words and the voice attached to them meant nothing to me. The hand left my side and trailed down to my groin, the feeling of warmth spreading down there with it. Kyle only had himself to blame if I got hard.

“Get your hands off him,” Kyle snapped.

“Would you rather have him?” daddy asked, probably trying to provoke him.

“I’d rather you left him alone.” They were talking over me, like I wasn’t there, but I didn’t mind. I had my blanket and hot cocoa in my mind and I was happy enough.

“Tough shit.” Kyle looked away, glaring and frowning, the movement caught my eye. I just kinda smiled to myself. Didn’t he know that it didn’t matter?

Daddy filled me up and was a lot more gentle with me than I was expecting. I’m sure a few moans escaped me when he hit that spot that just makes me melt. Kyle still refused to look at either of us, looking disgusted. I wanted to tell him that it was okay because I didn’t care, but I was biting down on a mouthful of comforter, so the words just came out as muffled grunts. Daddy made me finish before him, leaving me in a sticky mess when he got up to pee.

Kyle glanced at me, staying sat where he was. I hummed and rolled over, snuggling either him or a pillow, I’m not sure which.


The End

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