Rayn: HandcuffsMature

I don’t really remember the walk to the park, or meeting daddy. He wrapped me in a hug, and told me I looked awful and that he was right about Kyle not being able to look after me. He took my hand and led me back to where he was staying in this shitty little place at the edge of what I recognised as my own stomping ground in the rough area of town.

“You understand you need to be punished for running away, don’t you? I don’t want to have to punish you, but you have to learn somehow.” I nodded dumbly, too stoned to feel as sick as I would’ve otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, I still knew I was going to regret giving in, but I just couldn’t let Kyle suffer for me. He says he’s been through worse, and I don’t doubt it, but I grew up with this. It’s me he hates, so Kyle shouldn’t have to suffer for me causing my mom’s death.

My stomach twisted sharply when we walked in and I saw the state Kyle was in. I don’t think there was much of him that wasn’t bruised.

"Get off him,” Kyle snapped as soon as he saw daddy was holding my hand.

"Baby came willingly, didn't you?" I looked up at him, confused. I didn’t really know what was going on anymore.

"I don't care, get your filthy hands off him." Daddy ignored Kyle, walking me over to the other side of the room and pushing me down onto my knees so I was facing the wall. I felt like I was in the naughty corner the way I used to be when I was a kid. He pulled a collar around my neck, positioning the little box attached to it to the right of my throat. The metal lumps dug into me as he fastened it there and I numbly wondered what it did as he cuffed my hands behind me.

"Leave him alone," Kyle demanded, but he went ignored again. I felt my wedding ring being pulled off my finger and closed my eyes. He could take the ring, it was just a piece of metal, right. It wasn’t like he would divorce us just by taking my ring away. It still hurt, though, and I felt the corners of my mouth turning down as I heard it clanging into the trash can. I risked a glance round to see Kyle glaring for America.

"I won't punish you so badly if you're good," daddy promised me with a kiss on the lips. I didn’t kiss back, feeling bile burning its way up my throat.

"Leave him alone, you fucking freak."

I heard daddy move over to him and the ugly sound of a hard kick to the stomach, "I suggest you be careful of what you say now baby's here." I didn’t need to look to know that Kyle was glowering at him. "I might have to start punishing him for what you say,” I could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

“Leave him alone,” Kyle repeated. The box on my neck suddenly buzzed and what felt like a static shock made my muscles spasm uncomfortably. With that, daddy went over to the little kitchen and started making something to eat. Kyle shuffled over to where I was still kneeling like a good little boy. "Gorgeous, I thought I told you not to come here?"

"I couldn't keep sitting at home doing nothing. He won't hurt you as much now I'm here."

"But he'll hurt you instead."

"It doesn't matter as long as he leaves you alone," I mumbled, not caring how mushy I sounded.

"It matters to me."

"Don't worry about me," I smiled a little, but Kyle just frowned. I didn’t like frowning. I snuck in a kiss on the cheek, making him sigh a little and shut his eyes. I didn’t mean to make him do that. I didn’t know how to make it better. “Jeanette called the cops the other day. They're looking for you. We'll be okay," I told him in a whisper so daddy wouldn’t hear. I didn’t want him to hear that we were being looked for and end up being moved somewhere else.

He put his head on my shoulder and since I couldn’t cuddle him, I put mine on top of it, sitting in silence until daddy bought us some food. He put the bowls down on the floor in front of us and left us to it without untying our hands. I was used to this – it was a pretty old punishment that I guess was supposed to work on humiliation or something by making us eat like animals. But since it didn’t really bother me too much anymore, I just went straight for it. I was almost done by the time Kyle gave up giving daddy’s back the evils and started eating.

"You've got a little something on your face, doll," Kyle said, pointing out how graceless I was at eating without my hands. Not that I was particularly good at eating with them either. I couldn’t help but notice how he had managed not to get any of it on his face and I had. He sort of leant in and licked some of it off for me, doing his best to clean me up. I giggled the tiniest bit at him licking my face and he smiled. I smiled back, kissing his head as he rested it back on my shoulder.

I nudged him off, lying down on my side so I could wriggle around and get my hands in front of me by pulling them under my legs. I wanted to cuddle my husband and handcuffs weren’t gonna stop me.

The End

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