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I stayed in that tent like that for fucking hours. Kyle had left me there, hadn’t he? He’d used looking for daddy as an excuse to just walk away. But I stayed there and waited for him. I’d have stayed there on my own another night to wait for him, but I was kicked out of the park after about three in the afternoon. I slunk off home with my tail between my legs, unsure of which thing was making me more paranoid – Kyle leaving me, or daddy being around. 
At some point in the night in my drug addled mind, I decided that daddy had kidnapped Kyle and started freaking out big time. I made Damien come over, thinking he might be able to help, but all he said was that the drugs were making me paranoid. Apparently he was sure nothing had happened to Kyle and that everything would be okay and that he probably hadn’t even gone missing, because he was probably doing something else and had forgotten to tell me. He had to go to work pretty soon after, though, and Phil was at work too, somewhere else. The next person that jumped to mind was Jeanette. She was nice, she’d know what to do. 
By the time I called her, I’d wound myself up so badly I thought something was gonna snap I was so tense. 
“Kyle’s gone,” I half screamed at the phone, in total hysterics. 
"Kyle's gone and I don't know where and he's left me or someone's got him or something's happened and he's gone," I gasped out around my tears. 
"Rayn, sweetie, he's probably just buying you something nice. When was the last time you saw him?"
“This morning,” I told her. 
"Have you tried calling him?" I hadn’t, actually. I hung up, not thinking to tell her that I was gonna try calling him. Not that it really mattered; I wasn’t gone very long ‘cause he didn’t pick up. 
“He’s not picking up,” I screamed at her.
"Can you get down to the restaurant?" she asked. I’d been trying to get something to drink, given that all the screaming was beginning to hurt my throat, but I squeezed the glass too hard at the mention of me leaving the apartment. It shattered, but I barely noticed. 
"I don't wanna leave the apartment,” I cried, dropping the glass on the floor. I couldn’t go out there. Daddy would get me and he’d hurt me. 
"Okay, I'll see if I can get the night off," she said. The line went quiet for a while and I sat on the kitchen floor, having what felt like a panic attack. "Sweetie, I'm coming over, 'kay?"
"’Kay.” I don’t know which one of us hung up, now, but I guess that was something else that didn’t matter ‘cause I threw my phone at the wall, yelling at it wordlessly. Everything in the apartment reminded me of him and while he wasn’t here because he’d gone away and left me, nothing could stay where it was. 
When Jeanette got to me, I was sat in the middle of the living room, still crying hysterically even though I’d near enough destroyed the place. 
"Rayn?" I jumped about a mile high as she spoke – I didn’t hear her come in. I thought for a second daddy had come to get me. "It's only me."
"Where's Kyle?" I asked, instantly in tears again. 
“I don't know, sweetie," she said, noticing something I apparently hadn’t. She checked over my hand, which had apparently gotten cut up when I broke the glass, "C'mon, let's get you cleaned up"
I glanced at the blood on my hand, "I want Kyle."
"I know, but I'll have to do til we find him." I really wasn’t much use to anyone in the state I was in, but Jeanette managed to look after me the best she could. I kept asking where Kyle was all night until I finally fell asleep. 

When I woke up at my usual stupid time, Jeanette was still here. She came in to check on me when I started freaking out. I had Scruffles, though, that would count for something, right? If daddy came, Scruffles could scratch his eyes out and bite him and make him go away. I’d cope without Kyle, if he’d left me. I curled up in the corner with him, ready to defend myself, or at least try, if he came for me. 
“You okay?” Jeanette’s voice spoke up and I looked over at her, all freaked out and wired the way I get when I come down from something cut with coke. I guess that’ll teach me not to just shoot up whatever I get my hands on first. “Rayn, what’s wrong?”
“Nightmare,” I mumbled. 
“Wanna talk about it?”
I shook my head, “Only Kyle knows what it’s about,” I looked up at her, fighting back a whole fuck load of tears that were waiting to get out, “is he back yet?”
She shook her head, “sorry.”
I tried calling him again. Maybe he’d pick up this time. 
"Hey, Baby, I've missed you," I felt daddy’s voice more than I heard it. It was like someone punched me in the throat. 
“No. This isn’t happening,” I muttered. 
"Don't say that, you've missed me too, and you know it. Now, come and meet me in the park, and I'll let him go," he told me.
I heard Kyle in the background, yelling. Oh god. This was worse than him leaving me. I felt sick all over again. "Don't you dare, Rayn,” he shouted to me. I heard daddy moving before he spoke again. 
“You won’t, will you?” I half whimpered. I could almost hear him grinning. 
"Have I ever broken a promise to you, Baby?"
"Don't listen to him, I'll be fine," Kyle shouted louder. 
“Will he?” I asked pointlessly. If I stayed at home and left him there, he’d be hurt, if I came to the park, we’d both be hurt. The latter felt fairer, though. If he had to suffer, the very least I could do was suffer with him. 
I heard him moving around again, "No, Baby. He won't be fine. We must never abandon the people we care about.”
"Rayn, please, stay away from him. Stay at home or go see Jeanette, just stay away." The next thing I heard out of Kyle was a strangled, pained noise. 
"See, Baby, he's hurting without you here. I want to see you at the park in an hour.” He hung up on me, and I looked up into Jeanette’s curious face. 
“Can you go to the walmart and get me some waffles?” I asked, sniffling and looking around for my wallet, wherever I’d thrown that. There was a twenty four hour one not too far from here, but it’d give me space to think about what I should do. I had an hour to decide, a pounding headache and a squirrel trying to eat my hand.

The End

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