Rayn: DisneylandMature

The first thing we noticed about Japan was that Kyle was far too tall. I was a much better height. Or at the very least, I didn’t hit my head on doorways as much as Kyle did. It was too hard not to giggle at him. Unfortunately, Kyle didn’t find it as amusing as I did.

I climbed on him and patted his head gently, kissing it better, but he was still grumpy. “Can we go somewhere with higher doorways now?”

“Like where?” I asked, holding back another giggle.

“Anywhere,” he replied grumpily.

“Disneyland?” I enquired slyly, trying not to look excited.

“Sure.” All control I had over my excitement was abandoned. I leapt on the hotel bed, bouncing about, yelling about going to Disneyland. "Y'know there's a Disneyworld in California, right? And Florida."

“But this is Japan,” I shouted between bounces, “it’s all different.” He sort of attempted to ruffle my hair, but I was still too busy being excited and jumping so y’know. He didn’t really get very far with it. He pulled me down so I was sat on him. So naturally, I started bouncing on him instead, making him smile. I think he was attempting to ignore the fact that I was straddling him while I was doing all this bouncing. I giggled; I knew exactly what I was doing to him.

“Tease,” he pouted when I flashed him a huge grin. His pout grew as I ground my hips into his with another giggle. I laid down on him, the giggling gone to be replaced with a teasing, sexy look, which earned me a whine. I nuzzled and face-rubbed my way down his torso, shuffling backward until I was nuzzling uh... something else. "I better be getting sex out of this," he whined again. I glanced up at him from where I was playing with the button on his pants. “What?” I just gave him the innocent face and he looked at me all expectantly.

I undid them all slowly, pulling them down. I could feel him watching me curiously, a small smirk pulling at his lips as I pulled his boxers down with my teeth. I planted the tiniest little kiss on his dick before jumping up. “Time for Disneyland,” I yelled, trying to scuttle off but Kyle pulled me back down again, pretending to be all grumpy with me.

“Not fair.” I gave him the puppy eyes and he kissed me on the nose.

“Honestly,” I tutted, “Men. They’re ruled by their willies.”

“Yep,” he grinned. I gave this overdramatic sigh and shifted back so I could go down on him. His fingers tangled in my hair while I drew as many moans from him as I could until he came. I can’t say I’m a fan of swallowing, myself. Which is why I dribbled it back on him, wrinkling my nose.

“Disneyland now?”

He nodded, “Once I’ve cleaned myself up,” he laughed a little and I giggled, spreading it around on his belly. “Eww.” Giggling again, I wiped what was on my fingers across his face, making him wrinkle his own nose. I grinned at him. "I better have a shower instead, then. Disneyland'll be shut by the time I'm done,” he told me, getting up. My jaw dropped. He wouldn’t dare. He began to walk towards the bathroom, being really slow and I whined inwardly, racing into the bathroom to grab a facecloth. I ran it under the tap for a second before attacking him with it. “No, no, I need a shower,” he insisted.

I wiped up all the jizz and threw the cloth back in the general direction of the bathroom. “No you don’t.”

He laughed, “I’m only teasing,” he told me, ruffling my hair.

"So we can still go to Disneyland?" I asked excitedly. He nodded, which only made me start bouncing happily again, which probably didn’t help Kyle make sure that I looked presentable in the slightest, but I really didn’t care. I was going to Disneyland. In Tokyo. Disneyland. In motherfucking Tokyo. With my husband. D’you know how awesome that is?


The End

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