Rayn: Happy AnniversaryMature

I made sure that we took our sweet old time about getting back home – I trusted Kyle’s judgement, but I was still kinda on edge about being anywhere near Matt again. I didn’t wanna be in the same state as him, let alone the same town.

So, instead of letting that thought bother me, I focussed entirely on letting Kyle take me back to Maryland at a slow pace and getting better at this sex thing. I was far too old to be as ridiculous about it all as I am. I had to do it for the both of us, not just Kyle. I needed to be able to be normal for him. Gradually, I weaned myself off the drug induced sex and tried to start enjoying it properly. Kyle always managed to make me feel amazing and I didn’t get nightmares after, so what was I so afraid of?

Kyle was right, though. When we got back, Matt pretty much ignored me, like nothing had ever happened. It was fucking weird, but I eventually got my confidence back around town. I was beginning to feel better than I had ever realised I could.

The nightmares were still around, but I was a lot easier to calm down these days. I think perfect proof of it would be the morning of our anniversary. I was awake at my usual stupid time, and my fidgeting and whining woke Kyle up too. He had me calmed down in a few minutes, though Quick enough that he was able to fall straight back to sleep, bless him. I wasn’t quite that far along, yet. I think falling straight back to sleep is a long way off yet.

Bored, I got up and shut the kitchen door behind me so I wouldn’t wake him up again as I passed the time by making us a cake in celebration of our time together. Kyle was working himself too hard; he didn’t wake up again til about midday, by which time I’d already been out shopping for food and had my own breakfast.

I told him off for working so hard and wearing himself out so much, which prompted him to give me the big wide eyes.

"But I'm trying to save up to buy us nice things.”

"You'll end up killing yourself before you can get any of it at this rate,” I told him, planting a kiss on his forehead.

"I've worked harder than this before,” he smiled, so I gave him the begging puppy eyes. It was nothing to smile at, in my opinion.

“Can’t you take on less hours?” I asked.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

"You'll be in no state to receive your anniversary present if you're gonna be this tired all day."

He arched his eyebrow at me, but I ignored it, saying nothing more on the matter. I presented him with a plate of pancakes that’d been keeping warm in the oven, which he shared with me. I ate what he gave me, despite having already eaten. Somehow, he didn’t manage to eat them all, even though he’d shared them with me and hadn’t eaten since dinner last night. I gave him my best begging face til he couldn’t eat anything else.

He laughed, "I've got to watch my figure, gorgeous.”

“What figure?” I asked, prodding his non-existent belly. “You’re too skinny.”

“Nuh uh.” I nodded. He was too fucking skinny. There was hardly anything to snuggle up to. He shook his head though, the stubborn bastard.

"You're practically anorexic. You need to eat more,” I stated with another nod, this time agreeing with myself.

"I'm stuffed, though,” he told me, giving me his big eyes again.

“Tough shit, skinny boy. You still need to eat more,” I huffed, dragging him out of the bed, “shower time, smelly.”

"I like being skinny,” he pouted, letting me drag him into the shower. I kissed him, turning on the water to heat up.

“You’retooskinny, though,” I mumbled, pulling off his shirt.

“Am not.”

“I don’t mind, I just want you to be a healthy weight, y’know?” pants off.

“I am,” he insisted. I shut up then. I didn’t want to argue. Boxers down. He put his hand on my cheek and I paused to look up at him, my own hands on the hem of my shirt. We shared a smile as he went ahead and stroked my cheek, helping me out of my shirt.

“Happy anniversary,” I mumbled happily, huggling his waist.

“Happy anniversary,” he said, planting a kiss on my lips. I returned it, pushing my tongue against his, pulling a hum from him. He pulled me into the shower, where I was more interested in kisses and snuggles . Kyle was more than happy to return all my kisses and snuggles, though I was aiming for uh... something else, y’know?

It didn’t take long to get him hard. He chuckled awkwardly, letting out a groan when I reached down to palm him. I climbed up his front, wrapping my arms and legs around him, hoping he’d get the hint. He laughed, so I guessed maybe not. I ground my hips against him, drawing another gorgeous groan from his lips.

“I want you,” I said in between neck nibbles.

“Sure?” he checked. Nodding, I returned the kiss he gave me and tightened my grip on him as he pinned me up against the wall.

When he pushed his fingers into me to stretch and finger fuck me, it was my turn to moan. He kept teasing me with his fingers, hitting that spot inside of me that made me feel like I was about to dissolve. I ground my hips into him again, impatient. He didn’t seem to care, and kept going, kissing my neck. I tilted my head, begging him, “please, Kyle.” He kissed me a few more times, lubing up as much as he could given that we were in the shower, and took me right there under the water. 

The End

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