Rayn: Get UpMature

I hadn’t believed Matt when he’d told me that Kyle used to be a whore. Now Kyle had confirmed it and... I dunno how I felt about it. I’d had time to get my head around the idea it might’ve been true, so I guess it doesn’t upset me as much as it would’ve done if I didn’t know beforehand. I didn’t like it, don’t get me wrong. But that’s behind him, right? As long as he doesn’t think that the fact I’ve got issues is like his punishment or anything like he said it was, it shouldn’t make a difference. He’s still Kyle, and he’s all mine.

I think the fact nothing to do with him being a whore came up in my nightmare just goes to prove I’m not that worried about it. I kept that in mind, or tried to at least, when I woke up curled into a ball by Kyle’s feet, shivering and convinced Matt was just waiting for the right moment to come get me. As per usual, I persuaded myself out from under the covers with the promise of enough smack to make myself feel human and enough weed to keep me entertained until Kyle woke up. One day, I decided, this would stop. The drugs, the fear. All of it.

I was playing with Kyle’s hair when he woke up, trying to decide how I’d actually go about becoming a normal human being.

“Hey,” he smiled. “Sleep okay?” he asked when I smiled back. I nodded, kissing the top of his head when he snuggled into me, making him hum.

"Where're we gonna go today?" I wondered out loud, still playing with his hair absently.

“Anywhere you want to,” he told me with a smile.

“Japan,” I grinned, knowing full well we wouldn’t actually go. I can dream though. I wouldn’t feel so short there.

"I don't think we can get to Japan, gorgeous," he laughed.

“We should some time,” I said, nodding to myself.

"We can try and go now if you want."

"I'd take you up on that if I had a passport," I replied, realising I was pretty much molesting Kyle’s head. I stopped, even though he didn’t really seem to mind.

"You don't have a passport?" I shook my head.

“It expired last year.” I hadn’t exactly seen the point in getting it renewed.


He wrapped me in a cuddle, "well we'll get you a new one and then we'll go to Japan." He smiled when I gave him those happy puppy eyes. I’d always been interested in going to Japan, and the thought of going with my gorgeous husband was even better.

"Well, I need a shower," I announced, booping his nose with mine before disentangling myself from his arms. I skipped off to have my shower, vaguely expecting him to follow me. He seemed to be a fan of showering together. Today, though, he stayed in bed, so I took advantage of having some alone time to exercise my neglected vocal cords.

I think I spent more time singing than I did washing. I’d totally forgotten that Kyle was probably waiting for me to get out. What? I was having too much fun working my way through Britney Spears hits to care. I remembered I wasn’t the only one who wanted to use the shower about half way through singingToxic, and turned the shower off, wrapping up in one towel, using the other to twist around my hair now it was nearly long enough for that again.

"I stole your towel,” I told him needlessly as I emerged from the bathroom in a cloud of steam.

"I've noticed."

"I can't help it. I just wanna see you all wet and naked,” I half grinned, doing my best to wiggle my eyebrows in a pervy way. He laughed.

“You and nakedness? Who are you and what did you do with Rayn?"

I threw the towel I’d had around my hair at him. "Don't be disgusting," I said with a grin, "go shower, you smell."

He pouted. "I do not."

"Smellyyy," I said loudly, dragging the word out and covering my nose just to prove my point. He kept pouting at me, making me giggle. He wrapped himself up in the duvet like it was a cocoon as I got dressed. “Get up,” I half yelled, jumping around on the bed next to him.

"Why?" He whined.

"'Cause," I shrugged, not letting up on the jumping. I was gonna get the bitch out of bed if it killed me. I didn’t make him drive all the way out to Detroit so we could sit in bed all day. We can do that at home. 

The End

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