Rayn: SammyMature

The chick’s dad took one look at me and refused to let me in. Did I really look that awful? I hovered around outside the front door, waiting for her to come back out. She said she’d take me up to her tree house nearby instead, but insisted on going and making me a flask of coffee.

By the time she got back, I’d been distracted by a squirrel. I was too tired and fucked up to chase it, but I was watching it like it was the only thing that mattered in the world.

“Hey,” the chick tapped me on the shoulder, making me freak out. She stepped back, alarmed by how badly I’d jumped, apologising.

“Sorry,” I mumbled embarrassedly, taking the flask from her when she handed it to me.

“No worries,” she gave me a surprisingly wide smile and took my free hand again, leading me off to her tree house. “What’s your name?” she asked as we walked towards this huge tree on the edge of some woodland.

“Rayn. You?” I looked up. Nestled in this tree was a sprawling, gorgeous tree house. Y’know the kind you have in movies? It was like one of those.

“Samantha. You can call me Sammy,” she smiled. She waved a hand up at the tree house, “here we are. I hope you like it; I’ve been working on it since I was old enough to know what a tree house was.” I grinned at her.

“It’s awesome.”

“Go on up.” I wandered over to the ladder and climbed up, walking along the little landing thing she had built along the length of the structure. A giggle came from her as she saw the look of amazement on my face as I went inside. “Anything else I can get ya?”

“Don’t s’pose you can charge my phone up for me? I’ve probably got a bunch of missed calls from the husband.”

“Husband?” she arched her eyebrow a little. I nodded a little sheepishly, and she grinned. “You didn’t think I’d be one of those homophobic types did you?” I shook my head, not sure what I thought her reaction might be. She punched my shoulder gently and laughed, “sure I’ll take your phone to the house and charge it up. I’ll leave you to recover for a bit, shall I?”


Kyle hadn’t called me. He hadn’t even sent me a text. I knew I’d be too flighty for him. I mean, I’d only done this two or three times now, but it was clearly too much for him. Sammy found me curled around my phone staring blankly at the wall of her tree house, a needle on the floor next to me. She kicked the needle aside and sat down next to me, a concerned look on her face.

“Rayn?” she pushed my hair out of my face. I blinked. “Rayn, honey, speak to me.”

“He didn’t call me,” I mumbled, “I’ve pissed him off.” Wordlessly, she curled herself around me, pulling me into a cuddle. I rested my head on her chest. It was weird doing that with someone who didn’t have a flat chest but she didn’t seem to mind, so that was how I stayed.

“Want me to try calling him for you?” she asked after a while. I nodded hesitantly, not sure how she would handle this. But I didn’t know what to say to him. I’d just dissolve into a mess of begging and tears. She kissed my forehead and battled the phone away from my hands where they’d gone stiff from holding it so tightly for too long. I told her his name and she hit the call button, putting it onto speakerphone for me. “So your husband thinks he’s pissed you off,” she said before he had the chance to even say hello. 

The End

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