Rayn: Tell Kyle I Said HiMature

By the time I got round to getting myself another job, most of the vacancies that had been around when I first looked were gone. In fact, the only one I’d gotten an offer for after an interview was at Starbucks. Yeah, I know. What are the chances? Thankfully, though, it was in that one near the hospital. The first couple of weeks there were pretty good, actually. I got a decent discount on my coffee, which kept me all happy and bubbly while I was serving other people, and not many people seemed to give a fuck that I was married to a guy. If they did, they had the decency to not show it.

And then my training ended. And I found out they used this store mostly for trainees and that they wanted to send me to a different store.

Guess which one I got. I dunno what it is with my luck if I’m honest. I always seem to get the shit end of the deal. Still, I got on with my job, keeping up the happy, bubbly thing. I mean, that’s why they hired me, so why risk my job because I’m here with an asshole? If anything happened, I’d just report him. I’d be fine.

"Fancy seeing you here," I looked straight up into Matt’s smirk. I wanted to say something calm and collected. Or, y’know, do something that wasn’t staring straight at the floor. "Couldn't get enough of me, huh?" he chuckled. “You're more of a slut than I thought."

“I just needed a job, Matt. Please leave me alone,” I said, my voice painfully quiet. Why am I so easily intimidated by people like him? At least when customers were waiting for their coffees, he left me alone. As long as I could keep around other people, he wouldn’t bother me so much.

That was easier said than done. Especially on work days while people weren’t in here buying coffee. Because he generally did his best to make my life hard when there weren’t enough people to notice. I just kinda stood there staring at the floor, making pretty much no attempt to make him stop, other than quietly asking him to leave me alone.

He slung an arm around my shoulder at one point while the shop was totally deserted. "We should hook up some time," he said, using this whispery voice. I shook my head, trying not to let my imagination show me all the sorts of fun things he’d probably have lined up for me.

“Why not?”

“I’m married,” I mumbled. I didn’t wanna say anything that’d piss him off. I didn’t think I wanted to know just how much I’d unhinged him.

"How touching," he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. I tried to duck out from under his arm, but he kind of hooked his arm around the back of my neck. Attempting to shrug him off again, I muttered something about needing to wash up the dirty mugs waiting in the kitchen. "You don't need to wash anything up, bitch. Now, I don't care if you're married, you give excellent head, so I really think we shook hook up some time" he squeezed on my throat a little.

"Can't I just pay you off with money or something?" I squeaked, trembling a little when he shook his head.

“See, when there's a cocksucker as good as you around, I don't need money for it."

“I’m sure there’re better than me around, that don’t need threatening.”

"Well until I find them, you'll have to do,” he told me. I hadn’t even been forced to do anything yet and I already felt disgusting.

“Please get off me,” I whimpered.

"Why should I?"

“I need to pee,” I said. I needed to throw up, more like. He let go of me and thankfully didn’t follow me out to the toilets. I practically launched myself into one of the cubicles, my guts turning themselves inside out and emptying into the bowl. I got the feeling I wouldn’t be eating very much all the time I was working at this store. Eventually, I had to go back in there. Once I was sure I’d gotten everything out of me, I heaved myself up with a sigh, cleaned myself up and wandered back out to the front.

“You don’t look so good,” Matt said. I didn’t feel it, either. I wonder why that is, genius. "Need me to be your doctor?" he smirked a little, watching me flop down at a vacant table and cradle my head in my hands. I wanted to go home. Fuck it, I wanted that porter job back. I’d take all the homophobic abuse they could throw at me if it meant being away from Matt.

“It was the thought of you being anywhere near me that made me puke,” I replied kinda snappishly.

"You love me really.” If it weren’t for the fact I’d just thrown up everything to have passed my lips from the last few days, I’d have been sick all over again. He glared at me a little when I didn’t react. "Get back to work. They don't pay you to sit on your ass." I shuffled back behind the counter, feeling drained as I got to work. I spent the rest of the day being picked on and feeling like crap. The only thing I ingested at my lunch break was a glass of water, which resurfaced about five minutes later.

When it got to the end of the day, I finally felt a little relief as I got my jacket and thought of getting back home to Kyle. Maybe I’d be able to stomach something.

Of course, my life is never that simple. Matt grabbed me on my way out and I didn’t really have the energy to resist as he dragged me into the toilets, grabbing my shirt. He forced a kiss on me, his tongue finding its way into my mouth when I didn’t respond. I cringed away from him a little, but he kept kissing me and held me in place. I could feel the urge to sink into my quiet place growing, and my mouth began to respond of its own accord. It made him hum and pull away.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?"

“No,” I mumbled, feeling his hands on my ass. His lips pressed against my neck and I bit down on my lip, closing my eyes against it all. He nibbled my skin a little.

“Tell Kyle I said hi,” he said, letting go of me. 

The End

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