Rayn: Best Day Ever.Mature

I insisted on the way to the venue that we should walk down the aisle together. Thankfully, Kyle agreed with me, so as we started heading down together, I grabbed his hand, holding onto it kinda tightly. I was kinda nervous. I dunno why I was. Kyle wasn’t nervous in the slightest. I was so excited before that I didn’t have any worries about anything going wrong or anything, but suddenly I was running over every little detail in my head, wondering if we’d forgotten to book anything. He squeezed my hand a little and we shared a smile as we reached the front.

We’d agreed that Damien should be our best man and I grinned at him as the pastor guy or whatever he was started reading out his little speech. He smiled back, nodding at me in a silent reminder that I was supposed to be paying attention. I looked back around at Kyle, trying not to fidget with my excitement as we said our vows, ending up holding Scruffles to stop myself from wringing my hands impatiently. He’d eventually been persuaded into his waistcoat, by the way.  

When we were allowed to kiss, Kyle’s tongue sneaked past my lips and we ended up making out. I giggled as I felt him squeeze my ass, making him hum. I climbed up Kyle’s front, making him carry me outside. I couldn’t physically stop smiling. I’d never been so happy in my life.

Kyle planted kisses on my neck, suggesting that we slipped off somewhere for a few minutes. Giggling, I told Damien to look after Scruffles for a bit and we snuck off, kissing the second we were out of sight.

I stayed attached to Kyle’s torso, mostly because my height didn’t let me down from where I was. I was in the perfect position to push our hips together. I tilted my head to let him kiss my neck easier, grinding our hips together as his lips met my neck. He moaned quietly into my skin, drawing a hum out of me as he kept kissing.

"You look fucking gorgeous," he said, still kissing up and down my neck.

 “Not as gorgeous as you,” I grinned. He chuckled.

"Neither of us are as gorgeous as Scruffles." That made me giggle.

"I hope he isn't too mean to Damien," I muttered, wondering if he’d chewed his waistcoat off yet.

"I hope he doesn't run away," Kyle said with a little laugh. Why are you laughing? My eyes widened, vaguely horrified at the thought of him running away. "I'm sure he won't," he tried to back track, and I looked at him, my eyes still all wide. He kissed my forehead and went back to paying my neck plenty of attention as he started undressing me. Apparently I was easily distracted from the thought of my pet running away, because I got down to let him get my pants off. I pulled his jacket off and ever the impatient one, Kyle stripped himself even as I was helping him.

I climbed up onto him again, holding on tight so I was in the perfect position for him to fuck me. I felt vaguely like a slut as he smirked at me, but I didn’t care. He’s my husband. Being eager to feel good like that with him is okay. He took me more roughly than usual, earning himself a lot of scratches again and a huge neck hickey. I let go of myself as I felt him come, making a mess over both of us. I hardly even noticed as I smacked my head on the wall. It felt too good to care.

I buried my head in his neck, trying to catch my breath. He was just as out of breath as me, but he still managed to kiss the top of my head and ask me if my head was okay.

“Yeah,” was all I could say, half biting his shoulder in the perfect aftershocks of my orgasm. The afterglow clung as tightly to me as I was to him. I never wanted to let go, or move from where I was ever again. Kyle didn’t seem to want to move either. He looked as content as I felt. We only moved to kiss and snuggle.

"Think you can go again?" he laughed. I nodded, giggling. He hummed, lubing up when he was ready to go. I bit and scratched him so hard that time around and he was a lot rougher. I’d drawn blood long before he was done. I could feel his skin under my nails. We both pressed ourselves back together in post-sex euphoria, his head buried in my neck. I let my own head flop on top of his, resisting the urge to go to sleep. “Don’t go to sleep, gorgeous,” he said, nudging me a little. Was it that obvious? I groaned a little and he let out a chuckle. “C’mon, get dressed.” I did as I was told, reluctantly letting go of him to go get back into my suit. I was all sleepy and happy and apparently it showed, because it earned me a smile and a kiss. Once we were both dressed, I asked him to carry me again, this time more ‘cause I doubted my ability to walk without waddling or falling asleep standing up. 

The End

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