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After what had happened, I basically reverted back to my childhood self. Y’know, the one that was totally emotionally dependant on Cody. Well, about maybe an hour after Kyle had fallen asleep, I called him up and begged him to come over. Kyle was amazing and all, but after so many years of dealing with this shit with my brother, it just felt too weird. I’ll get used to it. Hopefully Matt will one day leave me alone and I won’t ever have to deal with it again, but until then...

Anyway, while Kyle was out at work, Cody helped me plan the wedding. We managed to find a venue that was free that weekend, and he took me out shopping for my suit. I’m pretty sure he dragged Kyle off to get his fitted, too. Mind you, Kyle’s a normal size. Mine had to be tailored because I’m so freakishly small.

By Friday, we were pretty exhausted, and thankfully had the whole of Saturday to recover, given that the wedding was late Sunday afternoon. Our plan for Saturday was pretty much to slob around the apartment all day.

Which was exactly what we did. Cody and Kyle both sat on the couch with a beer each, while I sat snuggled up in between them, playing with Scruffles. Kyle watched me as I tried to persuade Scruffles to wear the little waistcoat I’d made for him. The fucker was coming to the wedding with us whether he liked it or not.

"I don't think he's that into it, babe," Kyle said as Scruffles backed off a little. The furry little asshole sunk his teeth into my finger and my lip wobbled, tears suddenly smearing my vision. Kyle kissed my cheek.

“Want a band aid?” he asked. I nodded, looking down as blood leaked out over my skin. While Kyle went off to get me a band aid, Cody took Scruffles off me and went to put him away. Kyle cleaned up my finger and stuck the band aid on. “Poor baby,” he said as I let out a sniffle, trying not to squeak as I bent my finger, which only made it hurt more.

"I only wanted him to be pretty," I told him, my eyes wide.

"Maybe we can try again later," he smiled and I nodded, snuggling up to him as he returned to his place on the sofa. Cody watched me resting my head on Kyle’s chest and him planting a kiss on my mess of too-short hair. He was smiling at us. A light blush crept across Kyle’s cheeks when he realised he was being watched.

“You’re really good with him, y’know. I’m glad he found you.”

"Thanks. I'm glad he found me too," Kyle replied and I felt a contented smile settle on my lips, noticing him smiling too before I yawned. I really hadn’t had enough sleep these last few days. I couldn’t tell the difference between Matt and my dad in my dreams anymore and the thought of being so close to someone else like that scared the shit out of me. “Go to sleep,” he said, still smiling.

“No,” I mumbled, shuffling myself into his lap, where I half leaned on him, half curled up.

“Why not?”

“Dun wanna.”

"I don't want you being all tired, though."

“He’ll be out like a light in a minute, just you watch,” Cody laughed. I opened my eyes to glare at him. I didn’t even remember shutting them. Kyle chuckled too and just out of spite, I did my best to stay awake to prove him wrong. I failed. I was vaguely aware of being moved at some point, but other than that, I was out of it until the next morning when Cody woke me up, rambling on about me having to get ready for my big day.

We had our familiar argument over how attached I was to the bed in the mornings, and he told me I’d been so excited all week that he didn’t get why I wasn’t already awake. I’m sorry, did you not witness me pass out from exhaustion yesterday? That said, I was looking forward to finally getting married to Kyle. I could hear him making himself something to drink in the kitchen and I smiled to myself, squishing the duvet in a sort of hug crossed with an attempt to stop Cody from ripping its warmth away from me.

Fuck the duvet, I wanted Kyle’s warmth. I hurtled out of bed and launched myself at him, hoping that he’d manage to catch me before I smashed into the counter. He did catch me and as he tried to stay on his feet, I littered his face in little excitable kisses, attaching myself to him. I wrapped my limbs around him to hold myself up and he laughed.

"Someone's in a good mood.”

“Why wouldn’t I be? We’re getting married today,” I grinned, feeling like my heart was about to explode I was so excited. I held onto him tightly, rubbing my face against his shoulder. I had no idea how I was gonna cope with standing still later on. He hummed. I grinned widely again and jumped down, bouncing off to go and attack Cody.

“Get in the shower,” he told me as I knocked him over. He landed on the bed and I bounced on his chest, making him shove me off.

“Can’t. Too hyper,” I told him, bouncing around on the bed instead.

“I’ll give you a lollipop if you go have a shower.” I am so easily bought.

“Can I take Kyle with me?” I asked, giving him the puppy eyes.

“If he wants to.” I squealed and bounded back over to Kyle to nag him into showering with me. 

The End

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