Rayn: Don't CryMature

It didn’t take me long to get bored of being on my own. Scruffles fell asleep on my shoulder, so I put him back in his cage and wandered around the apartment, trying to decide what to do.

I figured I’d go visit Kyle at work, but by the time I decided to do that, I’d already clipped in the hair extensions I’d bought for myself and put some make up on. I’ll admit that what had happened last time someone figured out I was in drag had made me a little paranoid, so as I got dressed, I clipped my gun to the side of my leg under the dress I put on. I smiled, noticing again that the ring Kyle had gotten for me was feminine enough to fit in with whatever I wore when I was in drag. It was gorgeous.  

I admired it for a moment longer before heading out into the night. Given how hard it is driving in girl’s shoes, I opted for walking, confident enough that I wouldn’t run into anyone that would give me trouble. Even if I did, I had a gun with me. Maybe I was being a little too cocky. I swung my hips as I walked, not figuring anyone but me would care.

Someone did care. They wolf-whistled me. Looking around at them, I giggled a little, not recognising them. If they don’t know me, I’m safe, right?

"Can I buy you a drink somewhere?" the guy asked. I twisted my hair around my fingers, looking at him kinda shyly.

"I'm sorry, doll, I've got a date tonight."

"Maybe some other time?" Y’know, he’s kinda familiar, now he’s closer to me.

"Maybe,” I tried not to squeak in fear as I realised just who was flirting with me. Of course I’d managed to attract Matt. I hadn’t seen him since he tried to cut my dick off, but the knee jerk terror he’d left with me hadn’t faded one iota.

"What's your name?" he ask, starting to walk with me.

"Honey," I told him, hoping he wouldn’t realise

"Honey...I've heard that name before. Wait, weren't you that chick from a while back? At Starbucks?" I nodded and a smile pulled at his lips. "I thought I recognised you. So, how've you been?"

 “Good, thanks,” I said with a small smile, “you?”

"Good. I ran into that guy I told you about"

“Did you? I hope you didn’t hurt him.”

"Nah, I just scared him. He pissed himself, the little coward."

“Oh,” I could feel my face going red. Fuck. “Are you gonna leave him alone now, then?” He shrugged. “You should. Frightening someone that badly’s gotta make up for whatever he did to you.” I told myself that I sounded like I was being a compassionate female, instead of the terrified little coward he’d scared in a bad disguise, which was definitely how I felt.

"Doesn't seem like a fair punishment for trying to kill someone.”

“You made the poor guy piss himself,” I said in a reproachful tone, hoping I’d be able to persuade him to leave me alone next time he sees me out of drag.

"Yeah, and he tried to kill me." I know he had a point, but to be fair, I hadn’t scared him so bad that he avoided going into coffee shops just so he didn’t have to see me. In fact, it wasn’t just coffee shops I was scared of because of him. I was generally uncomfortable with the idea of being out in public on my own because of him. He sort of shrugged. "I'll leave him alone when I get bored."

I stayed quiet, fiddling with my hair in the hope that he’d get fed up and go after someone else. Except that I was so nervous, I ended up pulling too hard on the extensions and they came unclipped. I tried to reattach them without him noticing, but he arched an eyebrow at it.

“Sorry,” I smiled weakly, “I got my hair cut short, but I didn’t like it so I’ve been wearing extensions,” I told him, hoping like fuck that he wouldn’t recognise me with them half hanging out. Yeah. He recognised me.

“You little freak,” he said. Oh crap. I tried to get away while I had a chance, but I was wearing heels, and they weren’t the kind I could just kick off. I didn’t get too far in them before he grabbed me. I struggled against his hold, hoping that someone would come out into the street and see what was going on. It was like a bad repeat of what happened as he slapped me and dragged me once more into an alley. Wincing, I tried to kick at him. Stilettos make a mean weapon if you get it right. I would know, my dad used to throw my mom’s old shoes at me sometimes. They really fucking hurt, y’know.

He slapped me again, but I just kept trying to kick him. I had my gun this time. I’d be okay.

He grabbed painful fistfuls of my hair, forcing me onto my knees despite my best efforts to not let him. Even if someone saw now, they wouldn’t help me. I probably just looked like a cheap hooker who had refused to do something he wanted.

"If you're gonna dress like a girl, you might as well act like one," he told me, unzipping his pants. I clenched my jaw, refusing to open my mouth. I’d moved here to escape people like my dad. He pinched my nose shut, waiting out me holding my breath like a stubborn bitch. Eventually I had to open my mouth to breathe. Matt grabbed the opportunity and forced his cock into my mouth. Don’t cry. He had his knife with him again. "If you even think about biting, I'll slit your pretty little throat," he informed me, holding the blade against my neck. I closed my eyes and went straight to auto pilot.

I’m not sure how long I spent with my lips wrapped around him like that. I’d slipped off into my own little bubble in my head where none of this was happening. The way he pulled on my hair and moaned as he shot his load in my mouth dragged me back to reality though. I felt sick. I tried to spit it out, but he stopped me, grabbing my face and telling me to swallow it. Apparently the part of my brain that controlled self preservation had switched off, because I spat it out all over him, earning myself another hard slap.

"I can see why Kyle keeps you around," he said. I was too busy sulking to reply. I know he didn’t care, but I was feeling pretty crappy about myself. I even felt like I’d cheated on Kyle. I’d thought about pulling my gun on him already, but for some reason, the thought of killing someone, even a scumbag like him made me feel almost as sick as the taste in my mouth did. "I'm talking to you, freak." He pulled me back up by my hair.

“I know,” I mumbled quietly.

"Was your mom on drugs when she was pregnant or something?" I glared at him, thinking more seriously about shooting him this time. Why does she always fucking come up like that? No one ever says anything good about her, they just ask if she was retarded, or on drugs or something. "Or let me guess, your dad's your uncle as well?"

“You don’t know jack shit about my family, leave them out of this,”

"They're probably all inbreds as well. Does your grandma like dressing up like a guy?" he laughed. I saw red. My gun was in my hand.

"I suggest you shut up before I do a better job of killing you than last time,” I said, my voice a fuck load calmer than I was. He glared. “Take back what you said about my family.”

“Make me.” I stuck the gun between his teeth before he’d even finished talking. He shot me another glare. I flicked the safety off. "Your family are fucking inbreds," he said, somehow managing to talk about the barrel of the gun. My hand shook as I forced my finger against the trigger.

I tried, I really did. I wanted him to go away and leave me alone forever and this was the only way I could see that ever happening. But I couldn’t do it. He smirked at me. “Pussy.” I gritted my teeth, whacking him around the side of the head with the butt of the gun instead. He crumpled to the floor, unconscious, and I followed him down. My legs were shaking. What the fuck had just happened?

The End

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