Rayn: Shut UpMature

It’d been nearly a month since I quit the porter job. I’d stayed long enough to steal from them a few more times, then resigned before they caught me out. After that, I did look for another job, but until I got hired somewhere, I focused pretty much entirely upon pushing drugs, even if it meant doing a few more risky deals where we measured in kilos instead of ounces.

Kyle came to a couple of the deals, probably to make sure I didn’t end up getting hurt or something. He was with me on one such deal where I was trying to push a couple kilos of heroin. It was good quality. I’d tried it, and decided to keep some of it for myself and a decent cut to sell on for my own profit. Other than that, the rest was being sold to a bigger dealer from out of town so I could put the money towards our wedding fund.

It wasn’t going brilliantly, unfortunately. I’d proved the quality already on a willing junkie and weighed it for them. Despite my best efforts, they were trying to get it for about half of what it was worth. I noticed Kyle frowning a tiny bit out of the corner of my eye as I insisted that it was worth way more than what they were offering for it.

Kyle, at this point, produced a lollipop from apparently nowhere, unwrapped it slowly and began to suck on it all sexily. I glanced over at him, not sure what he was hoping to achieve with that, before going back to trying to get what I knew this was worth. He let out a quiet moan, swirling his tongue around the lollipop casually. He didn’t even look like he knew he was doing it, but the dealer I was trying to sell to was apparently a little distracted by the show Kyle was putting on.

“Look,” I said, maintaining my calm face. I wasn’t calm. I was fucking annoyed. I’d spent about fifty grand of my savings on this, and it was worth a shit tonne more than that. Per kilo, heroin is worth about $70,000. Here, I had two kilos. It was a profit of around $90,000 in total, and it’d be more than enough for us to have a decent wedding. With a profit like that, I wasn’t too bothered about it going for less than that, but I was not having this asshole but it off me for just a couple grand over what I paid for it all in the first place. “We both know this is worth more than double what you’re offering me, so why don’t cut the crap and settle on a higher price, hmm?”

“Because what you have here is cheap import. I agree, the quality is good enough, but why should I pay so much extra when you got it so cheap?” I couldn’t really think of an answer off the top of my head. ‘Because I will end you if you don’t pay up’ will spark a drug war, and ‘because I wanna hurry the fuck up and get married’ probably wasn’t gonna earn me much sympathy either.

"It'll be worth your while," Kyle promised him, the lollipop resting against his bottom lip. I was beginning to wonder if one of Kyle’s old jobs used to be whoring himself out, because he was way too good at this. The dealer started checking him out and in turn, Kyle looked at the guy all innocently from under his lashes. I gritted my teeth a little. I know I said having a pretty face around might help business, but I didn’t mean Kyle should fucking flirt with people.

“I’ll settle for $100,000, but nothing less,” I told him, resisting the urge to punch him and his lecherous eyes. He didn’t reply, apparently too busy staring at my fiancé and probably imagining all the ways he could have him in the back of his car parked round the side of the building. Kyle bit his lip, looking seductive and innocent at the same time.

“Deal,” he nodded, looking away from Kyle long enough to count out my money. We made our exchange swiftly and he packed away the drugs into a bag, and I checked the money wasn’t counterfeit, just to give me something to do besides attacking him for staring at my fiancé like that. “Now, how’s it gonna be worth my while?”

"What would make it worth your while?" Kyle asked innocently.

“I think you know full well, you little whore,” the dealer said. I may have snapped a little.

“Get out,” I growled, standing up. “You are not fucking my fiancé, now get the fuck out of here.” Yeah, I just got laughed at. Because I’m tiny, and I didn’t really have any way of forcing him out. Actually, I did. Kyle watched all this with vague amusement. I didn’t think he’d be so amused if I pulled my gun on the guy, but I didn’t really care. I pulled it out of my pocket and flicked the safety off. “Go,” I told him angrily. He made a hasty exit, just about making it out with his life.

Instead of the disapproving reaction I’d expected as a response to pulling a gun on someone, Kyle pulled me down for a kiss, which I returned possessively. He hummed as I straddled him, taking that fucking lollipop and throwing it across the room where it shattered against the wall. I barely noticed as he gripped my hips, too busy biting at his neck. Plenty of the bites left marks and a few of them had ended up being hickeys.

He laughed a little, “Is someone jealous?” I put my hand over his mouth.

“Shut up.” I pulled his shirt off and threw it on the floor. He looked kinda curious. I tugged on his nipples, using them to pull him forward so he was leaning into me. "You're mine. Don't you ever fucking let that happen again."

"What if I do?" he smirked a little. Whore. I twisted on his nipples kinda hard. “Ow.” He looked up at me with wide innocent eyes.

"Don't let it happen again," I repeated angrily, not letting go. I was pissed off and upset that he’d come too close to getting fucked by a dangerous stranger in the back of a car just because I wasn’t getting a price I wanted. And maybe I was a little more jealous than I’d like to admit.

“Okay,” he said, his eyes still all innocent. I let go. "You know you can get people to pay more that way though, right?" I nodded.

“I figured out what you were doing, but you came stupidly close to having to go with him. If I hadn’t had my gun with me, he’d have made you his sex toy. Stupid Kyle,” I punched his chest a little for emphasis. He just shrugged. What is fucking wrong with you?

"I could've just blown him."

“Stupid,” I repeated, punching him again.


"I don't want you going anywhere near anyone else's dick, even if it's to help make money," I told him kinda angrily, but some of that jealousy slipped into my voice. He giggled. I was getting hard.

"Someone's jealous.”

“If by jealous, you mean pissed off,” I retorted, shifting in his lap a little. My jeans were getting too tight. I stood up and peeled off my skinny jeans, tearing Kyle’s off him. He reached up to put his hands back on my hips but I slapped them away, earning myself those puppy eyes of his. Ignoring them, I got his boxers off, managing to rip them in the process.

“Kinky,” he commented. I tore the elastic off them and used it to tie his hands behind his back, before using what was left of them to gag him.

“Shut up.” He did as he was told. I sucked him off long enough to get him hard and lubed up enough for me before slamming myself down on him. Fuck was I jealous.

The End

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