Rayn: SquatMature

I knelt on the floor of the drug den I’d commandeered. I’m a lovely person to know in person, but when it comes down to business, I’m an asshole. I picked on the main dealer in the town, stole most of his customers and then kicked him out of his squat.

Yet here he was, sat before me, holding out his arm. I pushed the air bubbles out of the needle and tightened a belt around his arm until a vein stood out enough for me to push the sharp point through his skin. He smiled, watching me.

“I can see how you ended up getting me out of business,” he said as his blood reacted, turning the contents of the needle a dirty, translucent red. “I’m almost kinda glad. Don’t have to worry,” he let out a low moan as I pushed the mixture into him. I watched it take hold of him before throwing a cushion under his head. As I was putting the guy’s money away, my phone started ringing.

"Rayn, where are you?" Kyle greeted me.

"I felt sick so I skipped work. I'm just at the park,” I lied. I figured he’d probably have gone there and asked around for me. It wouldn’t have been hard to find out I wasn’t there any longer than ten minutes. I wasn’t too far from the park, but I was already stashing my gun away and making sure I didn’t look as well as I had this morning. I made a dash for the park, seating myself on one of the swings. Not long after, Kyle joined me, sitting down on the swing beside me. I flashed him a smile, but the one he returned was kinda small.

"How come you didn't go to work? I know you said you felt sick, but you don't look bad enough to be off work.”

I shrugged a little, “I just didn’t want to be there, so I grabbed the first excuse I could to get out of it.”

"You can't just skip work, gorgeous."

“I don’t like it there, though. Yesterday was crap even before Matt showed up. You promised it wouldn’t be so bad.” I looked at him, pulling out the sad puppy eyes. The corners of his mouth turned downwards.

"Sorry, gorgeous. I thought it'd be better.”

“I don’t wanna have to go back there.” He didn’t seem to know what to say. “I’ll look for another job,” I promised him. He sort of nodded. “Sorry,” I sighed, “it’s pathetic, isn’t it?”

"No it's not, gorgeous."

“It’s not that much different to what I had to deal with in school, but... I dunno, I guess I just hoped they’d be grown up enough here to not bother.” He offered me a hug and I slipped off my swing, managing somehow to sit on his lap to cuddle him. “Either that or I’d gotten too used to not being picked on because when I’m dealing, no one fucks with you,” I laughed a little.

"You can go back to it if you want," he said quietly.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind getting a job. Maybe I should just look for one that isn’t right at the bottom of the ladder.” I mean, if people won’t fuck with you because you’re in control of something, I just need to get a job where I’m in control of something, right?

"It's up to you. I just want you to be happy."

“Well, I won’t give up yet. I’m not that pathetic,” I smiled, glad when he returned it properly this time. “Oh, I’ve got a little to add to the wedding fund. Like you said, I’m hardly ill enough not to be earning today.” I reached into my pocket and handed him all I’d gotten from dealing. “That’s if you don’t mind using drug money for it,” I mumbled, blushing a little, knowing how he didn’t exactly approve of the dealing. He put it in his pocket, and I leaned into him, letting out a hum as he kissed my shoulder. I breathed in his familiar scent, tilting my head to let him litter more of his little kisses up my neck. Letting my head drop onto his shoulder, I opened my mouth, my teeth latching onto the muscle gently. He giggled a little, a hum slipping out of him as I pushed my hand under his shirt to trace a few of the wounds I’d left on him the other night.

I was vaguely contemplating maybe, possibly trying it again tonight, but sober, when my phone rang. By the time I hung up, I was feeling vaguely grumpy. I was wanted back at the squat, but I didn’t wanna have to go anywhere. Kyle noticed and tilted his head a little.

“I’m afraid I’m needed elsewhere, gorgeous.”

“Okay.” He had the puppy eyes on. That was my job.

“You can come with me if you really want.”

"If you don't mind. I wouldn't wanna get in the way or anything,” he let out a little laugh, and I kissed his cheek.

“You won’t,” I told him. A pretty face might not be bad for business, anyway. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt if he came. He smiled and I got up, pulling him with me. We reached the squat and I unlocked the padlocks on the door. The guy before me had put those on. There were a couple on the inside too. I guess he was paranoid or something. I let Kyle inside and shut the door behind me, sliding the chain lock across behind me, waving an arm at the vaguely well kept apartment. “The squat. I’ve been in worse,” I flashed him a smile, wandering off to the kitchen and leaving him to make himself at home.

The End

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