Kyle and RaynMature

Kyle and Rayn are back, with more drama and sexytimes.

A few weeks had passed since I’d proposed to Rayn and we hadn’t really put much thought into the big day aside from deciding to start saving now. Did you really think he’d say no? And needless to say, aside from him saying yes, I got a more that satisfactory reward.


I was relaxing on the couch on my day off, watching Rayn as he sat on the floor weighing out little bags of drugs.

"You should get a proper job" I said, almost without meaning to.

He looked up at me. "Why?”

"The one you have now is kinda dangerous"

"Only if I get caught, but look at me" he grinned. "I don't exactly look like a dealer, do I?"

"No, but what if you do get caught? What if you get hurt?" I said and he shrugged. “Sorry. Forget I said anything” I said with a faint smile.

He shuffled everything over, leaning against the couch between my legs. "It's okay. I've just been doing it so long I don't really know how to do anything else. It's not like this is a marketable skill"

"I've done okay being a waiter and I can't do shit" I laughed. Since proposing to Rayn, I’d been promoted to head waiter.

Rayn hummed. "I'll have a look if you want, but don't expect me to get hired by anyone"

"I'd say I'd put in a good word where I'm at but they filled the last vacancy yesterday" I said, ruffling his hair. "We can go look together, if you want?"

"Okay" he said, smiling up at me.

I smiled back, humming as he rubbed his face against my thigh. And then he went ahead and leant his head on my crotch.

“I’m bored” he said innocently, apparently not noticing.

"Uh... Play with Scruffles?" I suggested, doing my best not to get a boner. He kept looking up at me innocently and all attempts to distract myself failed, leaving me with a semi. “Or we could go look for jobs?”

He rubbed his face against my crotch slightly, noticing my predicament and lifting his head up. "You're not going outside in that state, mister" he said, prodding my semi as I bit my lip. "You are terrible"

"I can't help it" I said and he giggled. "What?"

"You" he said, pulling me down by my shirt for a kiss. "Go sort yourself out. I'll get dressed" he said, since he’d been lazing around in boxers.

I have to admit, jacking off in the bathroom hadn’t been part of my plan for the day. Rayn had gotten dressed and hidden all the gear by the time I was done, and I found him messing about with his hair in the mirror, looking at his reflection grumpily.

"Stupid hair" he said as I snuggled him from behind.

"What's wrong with it?"

"Too short. Won't grow. Looks stupid"

"It looks fine"

He grabbed a hat, putting it on and I tutted, taking it off and messing up his hair. He squealed, running and hiding behind Scruffles’ cage.

"Scruffles, he attacked me" he said innocently.

"I didn't attack you" I laughed, smiling. "I made you look nice" Rayn prodded his hair a little. "It looks nice"

"If you say so" he said, shuffling out from behind the cage.

"I do say so. You look gorgeous" I said, kissing his forehead.

Rayn nuzzled my chest before climbing up on my back. I laughed, carrying him off in search of jobs. I s’pose the one good thing about living in a smaller town is that there were always jobs available.

"Faster pony, faster" Rayn yelled, and I ran a little, making him giggle, neither of us caring about the strange looks we got.

"Ooh!" Rayn said excitedly after a while as we went past the hospital. We’d been avoiding coffee shops like the plague, but unfortunately that was where most of the vacancies were. There was, however, a vacancy for a porter at the hospital. "Do I get a white coat and the heart listeny thingy?"

I laughed. "No, doll, that's a doctor"

"What's that then?"

"I'm not really sure"

Rayn climbed down and went to ask someone, a look of disappointment on his face as he came back to me. "It's a cleaning job"

"It's still a job though"

"Can I be a pretty nurse?"

I nodded. "If you go to med school"

"I didn't like school much" he pouted.

"Poor baby"

"Can I be something else that's pretty?"

"Sure" I smiled.

"What else is pretty?" he asked innocently.


He blushed and I kissed him, humming as he kissed back, the blush not fading from his cheeks. I went with him as he went to apply for the job, the two of us skipping and holding hands. We must’ve looked like the gayest couple on the planet. Rayn grinned, filling out the application in his girly handwriting as I played with his hair. He got an odd look from the woman on reception and I shot her a glare, though Rayn was blissfully unaware. He hummed as I kept playing with his hair, til he finished the form, handing it in with a grin. I smiled and he clambered up on my back again.

"You think I'll get the job?" he asked and I nodded.

He hummed, resting his chin on my shoulder and I turned my head, kissing his cheek. We wandered around for a while, and I kind of got the impression Rayn wanted a coffee, but he still didn’t want to go in any coffee shops. The poor guy attempted to stare out a Starbucks.

"We don't have to go to a Starbucks, gorgeous. He doesn't work in that one, anyway" I said and he kept staring, clinging to me a little.

I cuddled him as best as I could, taking him home and making him a coffee. He smiled up at me brightly, drinking the scalding liquid. I ruffled his hair and started on the beer I’d grabbed for myself. Rayn sat between my legs again and I switched on the TV, settling down for a quiet night. Unfortunately for me, Rayn had other plans. He spent the night sexually frustrating me and selling drugs. Remind me why I’m marrying him again?

The End

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