Hikari: In Full Bloom

I bowed, then turned to each of them, "please excuse me, I need to get home, my grandmother will be waiting," I smiled, before running off down the street at a break-neck gait, I was already late! I panicked as I checked my watch. My bag flew behind me and I hurriedly ran as quickly as I could without changing. I didn’t know if they followed me or not, there was no time to check.

I got to the shop just in time and smiled, almost tripping over the step. Today was the day that the lilies began to bloom and I wouldn’t miss it for the world, tiger lily’s (as you might’ve guessed) are my favourite flower.

 “Tadaima obachan!” I called, just as my grandmother walked down the stairs.

“Konnichiwa, Hikari,” she replied, with a wide smile, “I hope you didn’t get into any trouble while you were out... no, don’t answer that,” She hugged me softly and I hugged her back.

“Did I miss it? Have they opened yet?” I asked, placing my bag down beside the door, she could see the eagerness in my eyes and waved me away.

“You’ve not missed anything, Lily-chan,” I blushed as she mumbled that name, my mother called me that when I was younger. I always had a fascination with the flowers. It would all become clear to you, if you just saw this. If you just saw this as I do, the bright, flaming orange that bursts from the Lilly as they finally open to full bloom. I smiled, before finally remembering what I had done. I had ignored the other zodiacs, which I had wished to see for so long, just for flowers.

The End

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